Why Jews Hate Spam

Whenever there is a Big Media Splash about anything — anything at all — it is not enough to ask the age-old question of “Who benefits?”; but you must refine this question to “What do the Jews get out of it?” After all, the Jews own the Media, so they get a free podium from which to broadcast their opinions and they get free advertising for anything that they want to promote or demote or to ridicule.

One of the topics that is on every radio station, in every newspaper and on every TV, is the subject of spam and how awful it is and how “WE” must do something to stop it. With all of these Jewish-owned media screaming in one unified Jewish voice concerning this subject, let us ask the question: What do the Jews get out of this?

Spam is, of course, a trademarked and canned pork product that was featured in a Monty Python skit. And being pork, it is something that Jews all in a bunch abhor and distain and refuse to eat. “Spam” is also a smear word that is used describe “unsolicited email”.

So, the word “spam”, being a pork product, is something that Jews would automatically reject. And this word was coined and promoted on the Jewish-owned media to describe something that they don’t like and that they don’t want anybody else to like, either. After all, the Jews own the Media and they make their money by selling ad space to you and to anyone else who wants to advertise in their newspapers, radio, magazines and TV. And if you have an opinion that the Jews don’t like, then they don’t allow you to broadcast that opinion since the Jews have the final say about what kinds of information that they will allow you to publish. It’s usually called “censorship” but the Jews call it “freedom of the press” which means that on THEIR presses only THEY have any freedom.

But the Jews don’t own the Internet. So they don’t make any money from all of those people who get free advertising for their products. And they can’t restrict the Freedom of the Press or the Freedom of Opinion on the Internet like they can through their ownership of the other medias. And because the Internet and email are free without anyone having to pay the Jews for permission to use it, then the Jews are opposed to such Freedom of the Press and have vowed to put a stop to something that they can’t control and can’t make money from. The Jewish philosophy is: “If the Jews can’t make money with it, then nobody else is allowed to make money with it, either.” And so, the great chorus of screaming Jews began their irritating squeals in unison with a word that they could count on for all Jews world-wide to hate: Spam! Spam! Spam!

Regular junk mail, as you know, arrives in your mail box asking you to buy something. As you sort your mail, you throw away the junk mail that doesn’t interest you, you keep the junk mail that catches your eye, and maybe you buy something out of these commercial offers — something that you would never, ever have found by yourself without these unsolicited advertising offers. In this way, like it or not, junk mail improves your life by opening new vistas.

Junk mail is a part of the free enterprise system. It is useful in introducing you to new products and services that you would never have found without it. But do you hear the same screaming and whining in the Jewish Media about junk mail in your mail box? No, of course not! And why? Because with regular junk mail, the Jews make money. The Jewish advertising agencies design the ads for Jewish direct marketers and Jewish advertisers. Jewish print and fulfillment houses distribute the mail pieces and products. Jewish mailing list brokers control the prospect databases and mailing lists. And usually the products themselves pass through the hands of Jewish middlemen and importers. And if you have a product or service that the Jews don’t like, you can still send your offers through the mails in an amateur sort of way, but you won’t have access to the huge promotional capabilities that are controlled by the Jews.

But with the Internet, a whole new area of advertising was opened up for free without having to pay the Jews for any part of it. So, since the Jews couldn’t control it, they wanted to shut it down and restrict it until they could gain total control for themselves. If the Jews couldn’t profit from it or control it, then they wouldn’t let anyone else profit from it, either. Thus, the word, “spam”, was applied to what they didn’t like. The Jews used all of the evils of slander, vilification, and deceit at their command to squash this new media that they didn’t control. Since they couldn’t stop unsolicited email, themselves, they have deceived the People into abhorring it, instead.

Granted, no one likes their email box filled up with unsolicited ads that they aren’t interested in reading. Ads that are in line with one’s interests, however, open up new vistas of goods and services. No one likes scrolling through and deleting the countless ads for pornography and sex products, get-rich-quick schemes and financial services — which, strangely enough, are usually sent out by Jews. It all takes time and patience to sort through all of this junk E-Mail. But instead of passing laws requiring ethics and honesty among E-Mail advertisers, the Jews want to pass laws against spam, itself. They are not interested in truthfulness in advertising since they, themselves, use deceit and lies in their own advertising. Deceit and lies make them money but freedom and truth does not. They are not interested in Freedom of Speech or Opinion or Press, since they, themselves, want to be the sole authorities and opinion-makers in what is published or broadcast with no non-Jewish opinions allowed.

And of course, with freedom of the press and freedom of opinion and freedom to distribute one’s opinions and publications all for free, the enemies of and the victims of the Jews have been able to get past the Jewish-owned Media censorship. Christians and Muslims, White Nationalists, National Socialists and Fascists, British Nationalists, Russian Nationalists and Christian Identity groups all have had a chance to tell the people of the world their own opinions without censorship and without Jewish interference. And they were able tell their stories to the harassed and brainwashed people of the world who were benighted by Jewish propaganda, Jewish lies, and Jewish swindles. And they could do this all for free. This, more than anything else, frightens the Jews into their present foaming-at- the-mouth, rabid hatred of spam. The freedom of the Internet is a direct threat to the oppressors and the betrayers of Mankind, the Jews.

And so, whenever the Media is opposed to or in favor of ANYTHING, ask yourself, “What do the Jews get out of it?” And then please remember: “If the Jews hate it, it must be good.”


William Forrest

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