TT, a very desperate kid

This is from the ‘k0nsl-archives’ — dated circa 2004.

This is what I wrote:

I am not the one in the wrong here, I’m a very open minded person unlike so many other people.


Now, “TT”, is going to prove that the “holocaust” happend:

Yes, [IMAGE] sure looks very nice. This is what the Nazis did to Jews

(Sorry about posting the picture, I just find the views of morons like K0nsl incredibly pathetic)

So what was the image “TT” posted? It showed a German family trapped in an air raid shelter — very literally roasted to death because of the immense heat from the bombs which were dropped by Allied bomb planes.

This is the original caption for the photograph:

German civilian victims of Allied bombing attacks. Payload dropped: 2,767,000 tons. Only a few cases of roughly one million German Holocaust victims. One tends to forget that the fate of the normal Germans, soldiers and civilians, was sometimes even worse than that of the hundreds of thousands of inmates in POW and concentration camps.


And the photograph itself should still be accessible at VHO in the essay “Do Photographs Prove the NS Extermination of the Jews?” by Udo Walendy [1]:

See, “TT”, you can’t just post photographs and wildly claim that the victims depicted are Jewish and that they were murdered by the Germans. People actually look these things up – just like I did now. So much for your desperate attempt of “proving” the “Jewish holocaust”. Better luck next time!


1. Udo Walendy is prolific German researcher, writer and publisher of numerous books and a series of popular booklets called “Historische Tatsachen” — (“Historical Truths”) including the German version of “Did Six Million Really Die?” and the German language version of the Leuchter Report #1 — Walendy was dragged before the courts numerous times. His home and offices were frequently raided by the police. Business files, books, printing plates and computers were confiscated. Zündel advisor and witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.

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