The Year of the Monster

The “Year of the Monster” continues on the German TV networks with Jewish pimp Guido Knopp’s documentary “Picture Storm – The Art Robberies of the Nazis.” Guido Knopp is the ZDF’s (one of the largest TV networks in Germany) chief historians, and just received the humanitarian award from the German Jewish Congress.

The documentary will be shown on the two largest networks and it portrays Reichs Kanzler Adolf Hitler as a crazed maniac, whose revenge for being turned down at the Vienna Art School as a student, is to steal Europe’s most valued artworks and antique treasures.

Throughout the documentary, the Fuehrer is referred to as a “dictator.” Knopp’s report alleges that the original painting of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was stolen by Adolf Hitler, and has still not been found. He alleges that the one that hangs in the Louvre today is a fake. However, it is true that the Louvre has denied experts to examine the painting, since the end of WWII.

Of course, the documentary is, as usual, full of inaccuracies and lies. All Adolf Hitler wanted to do is preserve these treasures for the public to see.

Let me digress. I believe strongly that antiquities and art are documents of people’s heritage and culture and belong into a museum owned by the public. Hitler was trying to display all of this at the Fuehrer Museum that he was planning on building in Linz, the capital of Upper Austria.

The documentary continues to tell the fairytale that the Fuehrer had stored all these treasures in a salt mine in Salzburg, Austria. Guarded by 17 SS men. A special murder commando stormed the mine and killed all 17 guards. Ever since, most of these treasures have disappeared. However, they keep popping up as the private loot in Jewish households. The Jews have even been so bold to petition governments to return the people’s art to them, which they claim to own.

Adolf Hitler’s idea of displaying all this art in a museum was the right one. Calling him a thief is right out ridiculous.

The real robbers were the Allies. They are the ones that divided the “loot” amongst themselves. On top, of course, is the United States, which still hides Germany’s artwork and treasures in the cellars of the Pentagon.

In my trips to look for German artifacts and antiquities, I have seen outrageous things. Pictures of fallen German soldiers, not older than 16 or 17. Their medals, their personal belongings, all for sale for big money. These things have been stolen, obtained through blackmail and force. A lot of these things have been exchanged by desperate mothers to save their children’s lives. A can of beans, or soup was the price that these American soldiers paid for it. How do we know that? We know that from Victor Gollancz’ book “In darkest Germany.” After the war, mostly women and children had no food, no shelter, and no medical attention. Children were going through garbage cans to survive and entire families lived in bombed-out ruins.

We just saw the same thing in Iraq. Again, the Americans looted and stole all the treasures. Precious antiquities are now showing up at antique auctions, where they are sold for thousands of dollars.

[Editor’s Note: Actually, the looting of the Iraqi Museums was a Mossad operation designed to not just steal precious artifacts but to destroy historical records. It is a Jewish method for destroying a country by demolishing its history and heritage. You can observe this same technique being applied to the history and heritage of the people of the United States today.]

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