The New Religion of Holocaustism

Most people have heard the names of German concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Majdanek. They have also been inculcated by the Jewish media as to the existence of so-called “gas chambers” at many camps where “Jews and other undesirables” were supposedly exterminated en masse. What most people do not realize is that the supposed eyewitnesses and holocaust advocates, who are Zionists, have provided little or no valid technical details regarding these alleged instruments of mass extermination. Their contentions are to be received upon faith and without question. In their new religion of Holocaustism, the Jews have set themselves up not as a pope but as a god, and are far more ruthless with those who would dare disagree with them than any European or English inquisitioner. Because their absurd contentions are to be received with blind faith, without any scientific or rational evidence, their poor Jew contentions can only be described as a new religion. This new religion has been used to invoke pity for the Zionists, and that has translated into trillions of dollars and the furtherance of the world Zionist vision of Jews ruling the world.

The more consideration given to the details on this topic, the more questions arise, and the more that the entire tale as told by the Zionists makes absolutely no sense. Questions that only produce more questions, never giving any solid answers, is a classic attribute of a fraud, swindle, hoax, or con-game. Today’s Zionists are well aware of this fact, which is the very reason that they have, so far rather successfully, utilized hysteria, pity and other such emotional tools of deceit to attempt to elevate themselves to a level above reproach.

This can be demonstrated by their habitual pretext of slinging vicious accusations towards anyone who questions their unproven overall claim of an extermination policy within or administrated by National Socialist Germany. The Zionist Jews are experts at psychological warfare and manipulation, and they use these tactics so that they might avoid ever having to meet the relevant issues head on. They have passed laws in other countries which make it a crime to question their version of so-called history. This can only be called tyranny.

According to modern Zionists, there were six so-called death camps: Auschwitz, Majdanek (Lublin), Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec and Chelmno (Kulmhof). All six, coincidentally, came under the occupation of Polish/Soviet forces. These forces were the initial investigators and the gatherers of any so-called physical evidence. Although the camps that were ultimately occupied by the Imperialistic Allied forces, such as Dachau and Buchenwald, were originally claimed by Zionists to be extermination camps, only the six mentioned above are still alleged to be death camps in Zionist circles.

These camps just mentioned, we should add, were all captured by the Zionist Jews themselves and the Jewish-controlled Red Army at the end of the war, and thereafter they were shielded from serious intellectual investigation by the “Iron Curtain”. So, in actuality, it is little wonder that the western camps, after the initial Talmudic Jew-contrived rumors and calumny, were soon exonerated from the death camp allegations, but the Polish camps were not.

Of the six “death camps” that the Jews claim, the most infamous of these is, of course, Auschwitz. According to the Zionists, Auschwitz and Majdanek employed hydrocyanic acid gas, emitted from the insecticide Zyklon B, to exterminate degenerate Talmudic and Communist Jews. The Zionists also claim that canned carbon monoxide (CO) gas was later employed in some of the alleged chambers at Majdanek.

A Jewess Zionist by the name of Simone Veil, who is said to have been a former President of the European Parliament, as well as a former internee at Auschwitz, has conceded that: “There is neither proof, nor traces, nor witnesses to the gas chambers.” She then attempts to qualify this statement by claiming: “everyone knows that the Nazis destroyed these chambers and systematically eradicated all the witnesses.” [1]

Actually, the first statement is only partially true, in that there have been parties claiming to be eyewitnesses, as long as they were provided the unprecedented privilege of being immune to cross-examination. This virtual immunity lasted some forty years until the early 1980’s. On April 26, 1983, after a year long study, an association [2] in Paris made up of politicians, historians and former deportees, failed to provide any proof of the existence and the operation of any supposed gas chambers. [3] The absurdity of Veil’s above second remark will be discussed below.

Purported witnesses to “gas chambers” have profited immensely from their testimony and/or statements in one form or another. Some were Germans who the Jews accused of committing atrocities. Interrogators threatened to deport, or murder, many of these individual’s families if they did not testify in a manner prescribed by organized Zionist Jewry. Others were promised leniency, or their lives, in exchange for certain declarations, and still others were brutally tortured by Allied/Soviet investigators. [4]

However, the overwhelming majority of alleged eyewitnesses claimed to have been prisoners or forced laborers at the camps. This particular variety of witness has gained and received assorted benefits tremendously through unwarranted reparations, payoffs in the form of high paid speaking engagements, and media attention that led to other monetary compensation such as book deals and film contracts. Some of the profiteers have even had monuments and museums named after them.

One thing that those in this category all have in common is that they struggle to perpetuate the Zionist Jewish fabrication that has become known as the World War II Jewish holocaust. These unscrupulous, vile profiteers are nothing but a bunch of mongrel tricksters. Since the mid-1980’s, these self-proclaimed “gas chamber witnesses” have systematically restricted their appearances almost exclusively to the friendly confines of holocaust museums, Jewish synagogues, or outlets of the Zionist Jew controlled media, where they have no chance of being questioned or challenged by people who are intellectually serious and doubt their overtly delinquent credibility.

Prior to a 1985 court proceeding in Toronto, [5] no Jewish gas chamber witnesses were ever exposed to normal cross-examination. Neither “witnesses”, nor the so-called “experts” who supported them, were ever asked to effectively detail these tools of supposed mass killings. One such “expert” who appeared in Toronto was Raul Hilberg, [6] a famous holocaust fiction writer whose works are perforated with crazy, ranting buffoonery. This preposterous individual has reaped phenomenal personal profits as a holocauster.

While on the witness stand, defense lawyers exposed his works as puerile foolishness to such an embarrassing degree that he refused to reappear for the prosecution at the retrial three years later. His testimony did establish that no one has actually had any physical evidence or expertise as to the alleged gas chambers, “gas vans”, or an authentic autopsy of an alleged victim.

As for the eyewitness variety, a “Dr.” Vrba appeared on the witness stand at the same proceeding. Vrba is the man who claimed to have escaped from Auschwitz in 1944. His statements comprised the basis of the famous World Refugee Board Report, [7] the first widespread publicity identifying Auschwitz as a death camp extermination center. In other words, Vrba is the premier witness supporting Talmudic Jewish propaganda concerning Auschwitz. He has even been credited with co-authoring a book detailing [8] his supposed “experiences”. Now get this, on the stand in Toronto, Vrba broke down and declared that his previous lies were the result of his resorting to poetic license.

Since the mid 1980’s, Zionist prosecutors have for the most part adroitly evaded calling any of their so-called gas chamber witnesses to court. An exception to this normal modus operandi was the “Ivan the Terrible” trial of John Demjanjuk in Israel, where the holocaust promoters were again exposed as unabashed falsifiers. This indicates that Zionists themselves know well that their claims are untrue, and that their so-called eyewitnesses to the non-existent gas chambers are nothing but frauds. This of course has not caused the Jews to abate their onslaught through their fantasyland movies, TV, etc.

One such character is Elie Wiesel, the head of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council in Washington D.C. Although he does not actually claim to have seen the “gas chambers” in operation at Auschwitz, Wiesel refers to an on-going program of murder that everyone knew about while he was interned at Auschwitz. In the 1960 English edition of his book Night, he describes his deportation to and confinement at Auschwitz as well as his relocation to Buchenwald.

The book is comprised of absurdity piled on top of absurdity, and it leaves its readers wondering at the author’s arrogant audacity in writing such fatuity as fact. He does indirectly explain this question by stating that he was reared on the Talmud prior to his deportation.

Among its plethora of filthy passages, the Talmud states: “It is permitted to deceive a Goi”, (Babha Kama 113b); this it but a mild and tiny example. The Talmudic Jews go much, much farther than that. While most folks that go to church go there to learn how to be better people, the Zionistic Jews do the exact opposite. When they go to synagogue, they are going there to learn how to be more wicked, perverted and deceitful. Lying to non-Jews is not only permitted, the rabbis teach and encourage it. The Zionist Jews think that all non-Jews only exist for them to manipulate, use and destroy.

If you don’t quite understand that, just remember what the Zionist Jews have done to the defenseless Palestinians. The Jews invaded their land and have stolen it. They have continually murdered and tortured people, even young children and babies. These poor, helpless people have been tormented and abused by the Zionist Jews to the point that the little children will desperately throw a hand full of dirt or a piece of gravel at a battle tank in an attempt to defend the lives of their families. The Zionist Jews’ crimes against humanity are greatly compounded when it is realized that the Zionist people who are calling themselves “Israel” are for the most part Khazar people from the Jewish pale of Russia, and they have absolutely no kinship to the Israelites of old. Moreover, their so-called “religion” is not based upon the Western Old Testament, as is supposed by the deceived Judeo-Christians. Rather, it is based upon the Jerusalem and Babylonian Talmud, which, according to their own authorities, takes precedence and carries more authority than the Scriptures.

The wickedness and lying of the Zionist Jews are not by any means contained to the Middle East. Just look at what the Jews did to the New York City World Trade Center Towers on September 11th. They blamed that on the Arabs too, did they not? Remember, most of the Jews stayed home and had been told to do so by Jewish newspapers. The American CIA knew of the plot, and most important, none of the perpetrators who actually committed the heinous crime were members of any known terrorist group. They came to the United States with false identities. It is more likely that they were suicidal Zionist Jews or being manipulated by the Zionists. Mr. and Mrs. Non-Jew American, Can you still afford to sit by and say, “How does that pertain to me? I am not a Palestinian.”?

With the Talmudic Jews’ diabolical lying tongues in mind, let’s go back to Wiesel’s ridiculous tirade. His book speaks of massive flames and smoke from a crematorium and/or burning pits that he claims he viewed from the train platform upon his arrival at the Birkenau camp of the Auschwitz complex in the spring of 1944. He claims that this continued on a daily basis. Yet all of the Allied intelligence photos of the precise area that he is talking about that were taken during the same exact period of time show nothing of the kind. This holohoax lying bastard stresses that anyone who was unfit for work was gassed, but then delineates on page 74 how he was taken to the hospital for his foot, and was permitted to hang out there until the camp was overrun. He never once offers the slightest explanation for this prominent inconsistency.

Weasel Wiesel continually accuses the SS of atrocities and cruelties throughout his book. Yet when the SS gave him and his father the choice to retreat with them or to stay behind and wait for “liberation”, they voluntarily jumped on the chance to proceed along with the bloodthirsty Jew-killing SS. If this piece of genetic refuse had an ounce of truth in his declarations, Why did the SS show him and his father the kindness of offering them a choice? Why did they not just kill them then, when it was the perfect opportunity?

In the book, he also makes the asseveration that the “exterminations” were carried out right up until the abandonment of the camp in January of 1945. Even Weisel’s own Jew contemporaries in the holocaust industry agree that there were no exterminations at Auschwitz after the summer of 1944, October at the latest. [9] The retreat Wiesel describes from Auschwitz to Buchenwald was essentially a long march. The distance between the two points is approximately equivalent to the distance between Philadelphia and Detroit, but he fails to provide any meaningful description of the landmarks or towns along the way. During this march, he tells us that the SS were “changed” (p.83) when they became tired, while the prisoners were forced to continue. Changed to what? Were they changed to relax on the side of the road in the snow and just await the party favors that the advancing Red Army was going to bring them? Were they changed to stop being considerate of Jews?

After describing the entire march as having taken place in the snow, Wiesel carelessly threw in one too many details: He tells us that the SS were racing up and down the formation (p.88) of prisoners on motorcycles. Anyone who has ever tried to take a motorcycle for a spin in the ice and snow knows the score. This maniacal Jew’s effrontery doesn’t end there. He goes on to describe a scene (pp.95-96) where German civilians amuse themselves by throwing bread crumbs into a crowd of starving Jews, who were supposedly his fellow prisoners. He depicts Jewish sons killing their fathers over the crumbs. If you were starving, wouldn’t you rather go after the person holding the whole loaf? Something Wiesel seems to conveniently forget is that in January of 1945 the German people were themselves going hungry and would not have had the bread for the amusement.

In yet another work, Weasel Weisel’s bamboozling again surfaces when he glibly states, “In Buchenwald they sent 10,000 to their deaths every day.” [10] This is quite an amazing statement considering that Zionists such as Martin Broszat generally acknowledge that: “Neither in Dachau, nor in Bergen-Belsen, nor Buchenwald were Jews or other prisoners gassed.” [11] Super swindler Simon Wiesenthal has even admitted that as early as 1975, “There were no extermination camps on German soil.” [12] What we have seen in the above paragraphs, then, is a head of the U.S. government’s official Holocaust Memorial Council exhibiting treacherous deceit towards his unsuspecting readers and audience.

Another member of the Zionist camp, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, had this to say regarding Wiesel:


“(He) talks any rubbish that comes into his head …it suffices to read certain parts of his descriptions in Night to know …he commits an injustice to historical truth.” [13]


The shameless “witness” Wiesel also once described “mass graves expelling geysers of blood.” [14] Lies and calumny have precipitated millions in personal profits for this monstrous charlatan, who, as we have noted, is a top man on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, and is one of the most revered and exalted so-called signatories that the Zionist Jews have. Professor Robert Faurisson has summed up the “witness” situation succinctly – “There are no witnesses” to “Nazi gas chambers.” [15]

The alleged physical evidence regarding alleged gas chambers is in at least as bad, if not worse, shape as the Jews alleged eyewitness testimony under cross-examination. The Jewess Veil was certainly well aware of this. That is why she resorted to the preposterous claim that, “Everyone knows that the Nazis destroyed these gas chambers and systematically eradicated all the witnesses” when dealing with the matter. When is the last time you heard somebody relying on “everyone knows” as an explanation? It is rather similar to a little child’s evasive response of, “Just because”, when asked the question “Why?”.

Let’s go out on a limb here and assume for a moment that the gas chambers could have existed. If they were in fact destroyed without a trace, and absolutely every single witness was liquidated, then how could ANYONE, let alone everyone, know, or even suspect, that such witnesses or gas chambers ever existed? This is Zionist Jew logic at its best!

How could any reasonable thinking person fail to see exactly how insane crazy Zionist Jews are? Lunatic Jewess Veil’s declaration, at face value, is nothing but more typical incoherent nonsense, completely out of touch with reality, and totally beyond the outermost realms of possibility. There is no legitimate documentary evidence of an order, plan, budget – not a single solitary corpse, nothing, that indicates any organized plan for the extermination of all Jews. [16]

Let me speak objectively and say that I am not denying that the National Socialist regime arrested enemies of their state. It so happens that a great majority of the Talmudic, Zionist Jews were Communists and staunch members of the German Communist party and dedicated followers of Karl Marx, who came very close to enslaving the German nation under Communism. Moreover, I am not denying that thousands of Communist, Zionist Jews died during World War II. The point is that they died of diseases or lack of good nutrition, as did thousands of non-Jews, such as white German Communists, gypsies, and fanatic religionists who opposed the lawful policies of the state government.

If war crimes are to be charged, then the blame must be put on the Zionist Jews in the Allied military who manipulated the bombing policies of the British and Americans to destroy non-military targets such as railroads and cities such as Dresden. The record shows clearly that the German army treated all their prisoners humanely and with human decency, and were giving them adequate shelter and food until the Allies bombed the railway supply lines and cut off the supplies, not only for the prisoners but for the German civilians.

The problem with Zionist propaganda is that it is a web of absurd lies that claims false numbers such as 6 million and ignores the historical records of the International Red Cross and other reputable agencies. The Zionists want to focus everybody’s attention on the poor Jew as a means of conning the American tax-payer out of money to build and support a terrorist state built upon totally false contentions, while ignoring the true holocaust of the admitted 45 million legitimate fatality victims of World War II, most of whom were white Christians, both German and American. The Zionists dishonor and belittle the great atrocity and tragedy of World War II by lying and exaggerating their sufferings. Moreover, they use the deaths of the Jewish people who died in World War II as an excuse to steal land, destroy other people’s homes, and to rob all nations of their money.

Hilberg’s testimony unequivocally exposed the fact that there was no systematic plan instituted by the Third Reich for organized extermination of Talmudic Jews. How could the Nazis eradicate all knowledge, all physical evidence, (assuming that that would even be possible) and all the witnesses of the supposed killing of Jews, without all of them slaying each other and/or committing suicide?

Individuals who have in the past, and who are still appearing in the Zionist Jew-kept media, as “eyewitnesses” of mass gassings at Auschwitz, usually indicate that the so-called extermination took place at one or more of the seven locations in and around the Auschwitz complex. Five of the locations were allegedly contained within the crematoria buildings, and the other two are said to have been in converted farm houses. Crematorium I is located in the main camp, or Auschwitz I. Crematoria II through V are located in the Birkenau, or Auschwitz II camp. The locations of the farmhouses was allegedly west, or some say northwest of Birkenau, but the exact locations unsurprisingly are “unknown”.

An engineer named Fred A. Leuchter, [17] who came to the service of the defense in the second Toronto trial, inspected those buildings that were still in existence, and that supposedly housed the “gas chambers” at Auschwitz and Majdanek. Mr. Leuchter was a designing professional, and manufacturer of execution equipment. He has worked for or with practically every state which had capitol punishment, as well as the federal government.

The forensic samples that he took showed no significant traces of the compound formed from the hydrogen cyanide gas which Zyklon B emits. His samples of the delousing chambers, which were separate facilities in the Auschwitz complex, did in fact show huge amounts of the chemical iron cyanide. This is of special interest, since the “gas chambers” were supposedly exposed to much greater quantities of cyanide gas.

Leuchter also found that the construction of the alleged gas chambers was completely lacking in all the essentials necessary for carrying out mass executions with hydrogen cyanide gas in Zyklon B. His evaluation included: a) There were no measures for preventing condensation of gas on the walls; b) There was totally inadequate ventilation and exhaust; c) There was no explosion proof lighting; d) There were no measures to prevent the highly explosive gas from leaking into the crematory furnaces; e) There was no means to introduce the chemical into the chambers; and f) There were no measures to protect the individuals who supposedly would have been operating the chambers.

In a word, this expert found the claim of homicidal mass gassings at Auschwitz and Majdanek to be illogical and completely absurd. Sometime later, others noted that the doors opened the wrong way. If indeed the chamber had been used, and bodies piled up, there would have been no way of getting in. Because of his findings and testimony, the ADL, along with several other Zionist Jew organizations, such as the Klarsfeld Foundation, have since viciously attacked Fred Leuchter, not only verbally, but physically as well. They have hounded him, firebombed his home, and even had him held in solitary confinement in a Mannheim jail. These actions constituted the Jewish community’s “informal response” to Mr. Leuchter’s work.

As a formal response, the Zionist community, rushing for a cover-up, released a book by a French pharmacist named Jean-Claude Pressac in 1989 and another in 1994. [18] Since Pressac, there have been several additional detailed studies by individuals such as Germar Rudolf, [19] Hans Jurgan Nowak & Werner Rademacher, [20] along with Carlo Mattogno & Franco Deana. [21] Through samples and so forth, these people have elaborated in minute detail exactly why a claim of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz and Majdanek is absolutely preposterous, and they have in the process exposed Pressac’s piece of work (pun intended) as not only being ridden with errors technically, but filled with statements that fail to make any sense whatsoever. [22]

You are probably wondering what a pharmacist is doing writing about engineering observations, conclusions and such in the first place. That is a very good question. The Jews must have had trouble finding a real engineer to write what they wanted, so they used Pressac, hoping that he would sound important or like someone in a position of authority to discuss engineering.

Each of these so-called eyewitnesses gives different details, but the general picture painted by them, or people claiming to have at least been in the camps during the period in question, is that – Groups of prisoners destined for the “gas chambers” were periodically selected. After the selections were made, the doomed prisoners were stripped in a somehow orderly fashion, then somehow herded into the chambers. In Auschwitz and Birkenau these “chambers” consisted of converted mortuaries, one of which was contained in each crematorium. In the cases of the farmhouses, a converted room was supposedly used. The number of people in a room during a “gassing” varies with “witnesses”, but a low end average is one thousand.

Once a chamber was packed to standing room only, Zyklon B pellets were purportedly somehow introduced into the room. The allegation is, that when the poison gas coming from the pellets was released into the room’s atmosphere sufficiently, then death resulted. The workers then somehow ventilated the room, somehow opened the door, somehow removed the bodies, and then somehow cremated each and every one of the dead bodies. And remember, all this without harming themselves, or leaving a trace of the action, just because everybody knows.

As already related, the Auschwitz delousing stations were separate from the structures which supposedly housed these death chambers. There is no question, that in order to help people, the SS did employ Zyklon B for delousing purposes. Although air tight, gas tight, hermetically sealed doors are not a necessity for delousing chambers, [23] they would have been absolutely mandatory for homicidal gas chambers, if the chambers were located within a building where workers were present and performing duties, or else they would themselves be exposed to the gas. This is especially true when the explosive gas would have been able to make its way around crematory furnaces, and also, where it is necessary to contain many people in an atmosphere with a certain level of the gas in order to kill them.

Nowak & Rademacher explain in meticulous detail that the doors featured in Zionist photos, as well as those described by Jews, and available documents having to do with the doors at Auschwitz, were not airtight. Some of the deficiencies of the doors presented in the photos from Auschwitz are: a. Doors constructed of wood, which is prone to warping, thereby making them not gas tight; b. Felt gasket material, not gas tight; c. Doors’ hinges inadequate to facilitate gas tightness; d. Not enough wedge locks to uniformly press the door into place; e. The required height of the threshold, not present.

According to the experts, these doors, which are obviously not air tight ones, could not have been used in the manner that Jews have described. Aside from the observations of the experts, just plain common sense dictates that there is a strong contradiction between reality and the gibberish that we are served up by the pill-pusher Pressac.

Some of the buildings used for delousing at Auschwitz are still intact today. One is the west wing of the building 5a in the “A” compound at Birkenau. The other is in the east wing of building 5b in the “B” compound. The original building plans identify the rooms as “gas kammer” (gas chamber). According to the intricate study conducted by Rudolf, these rooms each contained ceiling openings fitted with intake and exhaust ventilation, three chimneys and three furnaces. These features make up the minimum requirements for conducting the safe elimination of infestations.

Rudolf’s legitimate work, done after Pressac’s garbage, shows that the chambers where people were allegedly gassed did not contain the bare minimum requirements even for delousing. In the case of the mortuary in Crematorium I at the main camp, which was supposedly converted into a gas chamber, there have been many major alterations that were done by the camp’s Communist Jew administration after the war was over.

The breaches now contained in its ceiling were added after the war. The Zionist Jews say that this was because the original hatches were sealed in the spring of 1942 [24], but since there are now absolutely no traces of those “sealed hatches”, we discover that it is not possible for them to ever have existed. The holes that have since been broken through the concrete, and which now comprise the hatches that are shown to the public, are so crudely fashioned that pieces of concrete reinforcement rods are sticking out. The holes are fitted with sloppy wooden frames sealed with tar, reflecting neither German workmanship, nor the precautions associated with the administration of poison gases.

It is also interesting to note that since the war, a wall which previously divided the mortuary and an adjacent washroom has been removed. This removal effectively added the washroom’s space to what can now only be described as basically a showroom for tourists. The input hatches of today, that we mentioned above, are spread evenly over the entire ceiling, including what used to be the washroom ceiling, as it now exists. So, these four input hatches would not have provided even distribution of Zyklon B over the original chamber. [25] Someone may ask, “Why does that matter?” Because even distribution is critical, especially in allocation and conservation of Zyklon B expenditures. With uneven distribution, much of the chemical would have just been wasted.

What it all boils down to here is that there were no input hatches for the induction of Zyklon B at the time of this chamber’s supposed use for exterminations. What’s more, there was no door that had direct entrance from the outside, which is critically important because all the “eyewitness” accounts claim that there is such a door.

Today, tourists are shown an outside entrance that was in reality a bomb shelter airlock. More smoke and mirrors! In summation, Crematorium I had no means of introducing Zyklon B, no direct entrance from the outside, and only might have contained a feeble means of ventilation. It most definitely was not equipped for any exterminations, and was in all probability not even capable of handling delousing.

The purported gas chambers in Crematory II and Crematory III, also said to be converted mortuaries, are in a similar condition. The ceiling opening that now exist are butcher jobs that were obviously broken through after the roof was poured. The reinforcement bars are not even removed; instead, they have just been amateurishly bent back. In sharp contrast are the original genuine ventilation holes cut cleanly into a ceiling of a separate and smaller mortuary room in Crematory II and the ceiling of the oven room of Crematory III.

Since the holes in these so-called gas chambers were broken through after the original construction of the roof, which was poured in the winter of 1942-43, no holes in the concrete could possibly have been added until at least the spring of 1943. This means that the holes were added after the “mass gassings” were, according to the Zionist’s and so-called “witnesses”, in full swing, which simply is not in the realm of possibility.

As for Allied “surveillance” photos from the time in question which seem to show input hatches on the roof, these clearly are not hatches at all. [26] Not only do they fail to correspond to the location of the holes that are now hacked in the ceiling, they are irregularly situated and shaped, incorrectly aligned with the shadows, and entirely too large. They observably are shoddy unprofessional touch-ups that have carelessly been done to those pictures.

It is also apparent that at some point after the German retreat these chambers in Crematoria II and III were blasted, [27] according to Rudolf. If the holes were present when the rooms were blasted, stress cracks would emanate from the corners of the holes. This basic law of physics is one with which a pharmacist might be unfamiliar, but would be well known to engineers. In fact, none of the many cracks in the ceilings of these two chambers (II & III) run through the makeshift holes, conclusively demonstrating that the holes were made after any explosions.

Photos published by Pressac and Czech [28] which were taken of Crematorium II from ground level at Birkenau in February of 1943, also show objects on the roof of the mortuary. These Zionist authors claim that the objects are hatches. Once again, physical laws and mathematics prove the Zionists wrong. There are no traces of holes ever existing under where these objects would have been located, [29] which would not be the case if they were really Zyklon B hatches. The objects are also not all the same size, are bunched together on one part of the roof, and their shadows indicate an unrelated arrangement. Most of all, they are not visible in comparable photos taken in both January and the summer of 1943, [30] which would show that they were possibly some kind of construction material.

Mortuary I of Crematorium II is of great importance because, according to Zionists, it is the chamber with by far the highest number of deaths. It is also,


“…an engineering certainty that, contrary to all eyewitness testimony, these facilities had no Zyklon B input openings in their ceiling during the time of their alleged operation…this room cannot have been used as a site for mass murder with poison gas.” [31]


Nothing remains of Crematoria IV and V, except the blueprints. There is no evidence of any ventilation system in any of the rooms other than a purported blueprint that Pressac presents, one which he was unable to provide a source. [32] He claims that this was installed in Crematorium IV in May of 1944, and that its shaft opened into an added chimney, but several surveillance photographs from May through September of 1944, show no such chimney. None of the rooms alleged to have been gas chambers in these buildings had adequate ventilation, which would have been a given prerequisite for the gassing of people. Pressac even concedes that because of technical inadequacies, gassing procedures in these buildings probably resembled ludicrous circus acts, [33] and that is straight from the mouth of a holocaust promoter!

As with Crematoria I, II and III, the farmhouses supposedly operated with no heating. Zyklon B consists of gypsum mixed with starch formed in 1/4 to 1/2 inch chunks, which are saturated with liquid hydrocyanic acid. When these pellets, or chunks, are introduced into a room, they begin releasing the substance into the air through vaporization. As with regular evaporation, heat is an important ingredient in expediting this vaporization. The process slows down drastically with an increase of humidity, as would be the case with unheated, thus probably damp, underground rooms filled with people.

All these unfavorable conditions existed in the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz. The rooms in the farmhouses also lacked any ventilation. According to the expertise of the engineers, the bottom line is this, the so-called gas chambers at Auschwitz lacked even the bare essentials in the basic engineering requirements for the gassing of people. [34]

Iron cyanide compounds, such as Iron Blue (IB), (from the elements iron oxide and cyanide) form most readily in the presence of moisture and alkalinity. A cool damp wall at fifty degrees has a ten times greater tendency to be enriched with IB than a dryer wall of sixty-eight. Plaster and cement are both highly alkaline, especially when fresh. Once IB is formed, it is extremely stable like the iron oxide (rust) from which it is formed. It resists disintegration in the presence of water, sunlight, and acidic rain. A single gassing would suffice to develop detectable traces (blue stains) of IB where a surface was wet, porous and alkaline.

The experience of gas execution chambers in the U.S. has determined that about .5% hydrocyanic acid (HCN) per m3 (.6g/m3) is necessary for a definite death to result within ten minutes. Auschwitz “witnesses” on average claim that everyone was dead in ten minutes, but in that time the Zyklon B would have only released ten percent of its HCN content. So, the Germans would have needed to use at least ten times the amount of Zyklon B that was really necessary to do the job in order to kill people in ten minutes. Assuming that an approximate free air volume of 413 m3, (the bodies would take up the rest, 30 m x 7 m x 2.3 m [room volume] minus 1,000 x 0.070 m3 [volume of the alleged victims]), then this works out to about 33 pounds of Zyklon B per gassing, according to Rudolf’s calculations, and 44 pounds in order to guarantee that the gas reached its targets quickly in an overcrowded room of this size. [35]

This shows that the phenomenal amount of HCN, ninety percent, would be left releasing in such a chamber after the first ten minutes. Had adequate ventilation existed, it still would not have effectively purged the room until the release was complete. With the inadequate ventilation that was present in these facilities, this massive amount of HCN could linger in the cool and dampness for days.

Even if Zyklon B were not releasing for 1.5 hours, or more, the mortuary ventilation system that was said to be in I, II and III, would not be sufficient to clear the area in twenty to thirty minutes as claimed by the so-called witnesses. What is even more bizarre, is that the witnesses attest to workers entering the chambers after twenty to thirty minutes with no gas masks! Not only were these supposed workers immune to all emotions, if we believe what the Zionist Jews are telling us, they were immune to hydrogen cyanide too. In assessing the cyanide concentrations, those of less than 10mg/Kg are not reliable. [36] The fresh cement mortar in the mortuaries of Crematoria I and II was highly alkaline, and would remain so for months. As such, it had a better chance of absorbing gaseous and liquid compounds than the lime mortar used in the delousing facilities.

Further, the underground mortuary walls are cool with a relative humidity of 100% compared to the warmer, dryer walls of the delousing chambers. Those conditions would more than compensate for any shorter duration of exposure, if there can even be a claim of shorter exposure in the so-called gas chambers. Taking the above into account, the walls of the delousing facilities were saturated all the way through with HCN so that IB stains are apparent on, not only the inside, but the outside walls as well. Inside walls which were since added to the delousing chamber are white, and more importantly, free of HCN traces. Out of all the samples done by Leuchter, Rudolf and Clive Ball, [37] the so-called gas chambers show the same concentrations as the walls of random buildings, in this case some inmate barracks.

In fact, the concentration from the wall samples of the delousing chambers averaged 2,300 times the average concentration of samples taken from the inmate barracks and so-called gas chambers. None of the barracks, or “gas chamber” samples, amounted to 10mg/Kg, while the delousing samples averaged 4,652 mg/Kg, and reached as high as 13,500 mg/Kg.

Zionists demonstrate their dishonesty by the tests that they cite, which were conducted by J. Markiewicz and two other Poles from the Cracow Institute of Forensic Research. This group claimed that they did not understand how iron cyanide (IB) could form, so they performed their work with a method which was unable to detect these compounds, as if not understanding a phenomena is a valid reason not to investigate it. Instead they basically tested for straight cyanide content.

Their original findings showed high cyanide in the delousing chambers and none in the so-called gas chambers. But, they then suppressed the results of this study, [38] and went back taking “samples”, until they came up with a low cyanide content sample from each area. This “study” was merely a smoke and mirrors exercise on the part of the Polish “scientists”. Markiewicz died in 1997, and the two co-authors of this swindle have been conspicuously silent on the topic ever since.

Let’s suppose hundreds of thousands or millions of people were really gassed, Were the bodies then cremated? If not, Where did they all go? There are no mass graves anywhere around Auschwitz.

There have been numerous calculations and some studies dating back to the 1950’s and 60’s on the feasibility of cremating so many “victims”. Carlo Mattogno and Franco Deana, [39] a doctor of engineering, have conducted probably the most thorough investigation. That study elaborates on how chemical composition and leanness of a body influence cremation time (emaciated bodies actually take longer), how much coke would have been statistically necessary, chimney and oven durability, figures from the death books, as well as the feasibility of placing more than one in an oven muffle at one time, and cremation in open pits. Their calculations and engineering conclusions are essentially as follows:


1) If two or more bodies were crammed into each muffle at the same time, the time period requirements and coke consumption would increase commensurately at the very least. [The engineer for Topf Co., Kurt Prufer, who planned and built the ovens employed at Auschwitz, was interrogated by the Soviets in 1946. He stated that the ovens at Birkenau could only cremate one cadaver per muffle, per hour, and said that he was present at an attempt using two corpses. The attempt failed.]

2) The crematoria of Auschwitz-Birkenau altogether, during the entire period of their existence were only capable of cremating the number of deceased registered inmates that have been accounted for, and that the cremation of the number of bodies claimed by the drug peddler Pressac, and other Zionist Evangelists, is technically impossible. Coke deliveries from March 1943 to October of the same year, correspond with the precise amount needed to cremate the number of inmates recorded in the exhaustively detailed death books for the period. Those records from that six month period have been perfectly preserved. So no mass killings could have taken place during that period, but this is a period when Zionists [40] say that massive gassings were taking place. [They claim a total of 24,150 people for March alone, and another 26,453 in June.]

3) If all of the crematoria had spent no time out of service for repairs, then they still could not have processed the number of bodies from even the lowest numbers given to us by the lying, Zionist Jews. We should note that the various crematoria did spend a good deal of downtime.

4) There were an enormous number of deaths at Auschwitz-Birkenau, sometimes averaging as high as 270 per day in part of 1942, at a time when the only crematorium even built was out of service (Crematorium I). Because of this, mass graves were dug at Birkenau. When those bodies began to poison the water table, the graves were opened and the bodies cremated in open pits from the fall of 1942 until March 15, 1943, when the crematoria at Birkenau began opening.


In summation, since proportionate cremations are the flip-side of mass gassings, and no mass cremations took place other than the camp’s regular death toll, then there could have been no mass gassings. [41] Incidentally, it is worthwhile to note that Zyklon B deliveries for the year 1943 at Auschwitz, the very year when the Jews claim that exterminations accelerated exponentially, increased only 160% over the deliveries for 1942. Yet deliveries to other of the camps that Zionists admit were not “Zyklon B” extermination centers increased 200% for the same period. [42]

This coincides with the fact that the death rate as was recorded in the official death books declined from 45,616 in 1942 to 36,991 in 1943, [43] a decline by the way, that was without a doubt, due in a large part to the use of Zyklon B to save the inmates lives. Did the Jews appreciate the lives that were saved? Oh no, of course not. Let the reader take notice, that this is a perfect example of a phenomenon that has been repeated over and over throughout history – Since the time of Christ, there have been imposter Israelites, who Christ referred to as snakes and who have an ungodly character. From that time, even to the present, these phony Israelites, who are most often Khazars, have long been of the character to take white man’s kindness as weakness and lie about people who had been kind to them. Jesus said they were of their father the devil, who was the inventor and father of all liars.

Unsurprisingly, there are no eyewitnesses to gassings at Majdanek. The only witness accounts are those said to have been given to people such as Soviet Communist journalist Constantine Simonov of the Red Star, who claims to have arrived with the “liberators” of the camp. Unlike some of the pretended Auschwitz witnesses, none of these phantom Majdanek witnesses ever made themselves available, nor were they ever even named, but their accounts are every bit as vague, unfeasible and bizarre.

After the camp was taken over, a Polish-Soviet committee began a supposed technological and chemical examination of the area on August 4, 1944, finishing in the same month on August 23. Their findings essentially were that five out of the seven alleged gassing chambers were originally designed and planned explicitly to be rooms for mass killings, and that the other two were used expressly to fumigate these people’s clothing. They claimed to have found “physical evidence” consisting of five canisters containing CO gas, a CO filter and more than five hundred cans of Zyklon B, ninety percent of which were empty. Needless to say, their “report” on the chemical analysis of these objects showed that the contents matched the supposed labels.

The findings of this “committee” are contradicted by the meticulously detailed camp files which prove the gassing chambers at Majdanek were conceived of and constructed solely for sanitation purposes such as delousing. [44] It is also thoroughly intriguing that the one alleged CO canister that Mr. Mattogno was able to view had CO2, carbon dioxide, inscribed on it. [45] This casts very serious suspicion, which is whether the canisters that he was unable to view were really CO canisters, as claimed by the Zionist Evangelists.

Obviously, CO2 is non-toxic, and would not be used to “gas” people. In fact, it is an excellent oxidation retardant, ideal for delaying decomposition of bodies if a room was suddenly needed as a temporary morgue because of an epidemic. Also noteworthy is the fact that the CO filter in question is readily capable of filtering Zyklon B fumes, and would come in handy for any delousing workers.

The Zionist Jew asseverations for Majdanek are generally the same as those for Auschwitz, in that the so-called victims were supposedly stripped, packed into the extermination rooms, gassed, and then the bodies were removed after a few minutes for cremation. The serious difference is that the alleged gas chambers are the exact same rooms as those in which the delousing was preformed, so IB is present. Certain of these chambers are said to have been converted to facilitate mass poisoning with CO gas. The results of some technical studies and examinations conducted by Mr. Mattogno are similar to those reached by Mr. Rudolf at Auschwitz. Even a Zionist such as Pressac was forced to come out and admit that some of the alleged chambers were impractical for the Zyklon B gassing of Jews:


“On the grounds stated above, I do not believe that Room A could be used for homicidal purposes using Zyklon B. In rooms B1 and B2, this does of course appear technically possible, but it is unlikely that these premises were really used for this purpose.” [46]


The litany of problems and inconsistencies, except for the presence of IB, is certainly familiar. The rooms have no effective means of evenly introducing the Zyklon B once they were filled with people. The openings in the ceilings today were unprofessionally hacked in following the German retreat. Several of them still have the reinforcement bars showing. Those in which shafts have been installed have no IB stains on the plasterwork around the shutes, or in the shutes themselves. They are all white as snow, indicating that they were definitely created after the Germans had left for the benefit of the world Zionist Jewry, the Polish-Soviet Committee, and future Zionists. They were falsely created as a shrine for the new Zionist religion. This act was no different than embalming Lenin’s body and putting it on display for worship.

Additionally, ventilation is inadequate for Zyklon B gassing throughout the various rooms. Some of the chambers even contain observation windows which are not only incapable of being hermetically sealed, but are accessible to those who would have been inside the rooms for purposes of busting them out and/or removal. Zionist religionists attempt to sweep this under the rug with a ludicrous claim that the windows were probably added for show after the camp was overrun. (Like the openings the Jews made in the ceilings?) Once again, the tell-tale IB staining the framework of the windows proves wrong the Zionist contentions. Of the two doors in one of the chambers (IV), only one of them opens outward. Since the doors were the chamber’s best chance at ventilation, this arrangement effectively stifled even that. A door which opened inward could not have been opened with piles of bodies stacked against it.

As for the use of CO gas, Zionists claim that two of the rooms (I & III) were converted from Zyklon B “extermination chambers” to CO poison fume chambers by the installation of pipes. The Zionists assert that CO was injected into the rooms via these perforated pipes, pipes which ran along the wall of each room, by connecting the CO cans to an end of the pipe outside of the chambers.

One immediate problem with their postulation is that the IB staining intensifies along the strip of the wall where the pipes ran, indicating that the piping had acted as a catalyst in the formation of the IB. This demonstrates that the pipes were there when the insecticide was being used. Zionists never bother to explain why, if Zyklon B was “so deadly”, Majdanek officials would even want to switch from Zyklon B to CO in the first place. Remember? According to them, Zyklon B was a whopping success at Auschwitz. Could it be that Eli “weasel” Wiesel is a Zionist evangelist who has spread his ability to exaggerate at the expense of truth?

There is nothing sinister about any of the Zyklon B orders placed by Majdanek officials. The correspondence between the Majdanek administration and the distributing of Tesch-Stubenow continually mentions disinfection and epidemics. Since there is no question that typhus epidemics ravaged Majdanek at a time when Zyklon B was one of the most efficient available means to fight it, and the orders correspond extremely close to the camp’s disinfection needs, Zyklon B orders can by no means be considered as evidence of mass exterminations. [47]

Simonov issued his “report” supposedly based on a compilation of purported interviews with former inmates after the camp was overrun. In it, the methods of so-called extermination are described as follows. It reads like a speech written by Elmer Gantry, when an intelligent person is given only a few contradictory facts. Thus, the Zionist preacher says:


“Where does the little window lead? To find the answer to this question, we open the door and leave the chamber. Next to the chamber there is another small concrete chamber. This is where the little window leads. Here, there is an electrical light and switch. From here, looking outward from the little window, you can see everything in the first chamber. On the floor are a few round, hermetically sealed cans labeled Zyklon B, and, in small letters: ‘for special use in the eastern territories’. The contents of these cans was introduced into the adjacent chamber through pipes when the chamber was packed full of people.

“The naked people stood closely next to each other; they didn’t take up much room. 250 people were packed together into 40 square meters of surface area. They were driven inside. The steel door was shut, and the cracks stuffed with clay to provide a hermetic seal. A special team wearing gas masks introduced the Zyklon B contents of the round cans into the adjacent chamber through pipes. Zyklon consists of small blue crystals, harmless in appearance. Upon contact with oxygen, however, it immediately begins to release poison gas, simultaneously affecting all the vital centers of the body. Zyklon was introduced through the pipes. The SS man directing the operation turned on the light switch; looking through the little window, the SS man watched the entire suffocation procedure, which, as gathered from various eyewitness reports, lasted between 2 and 10 minutes. Looking through the window, he could see everything without danger; the cruelly distorted faces of the dying, the gradual effect of the gas. The peephole for the executioners is located in just the right spot, at eye level. When the victims died, the observer didn’t need to look down, since the victims didn’t fall down after their death. The chamber was in fact, full to the brim, so that the dead stood standing motionless.” [48]


Ridiculous statements like that one from unidentified “inmates” along with the Zyklon B invoices, and the rooms themselves, constitute the entire body of evidence designating Majdanek as a death center.

If you have a room that you can actually seal up airtight, What would you need the Zyklon B for? Why waste all that time, manpower and money. All you would have to do is put the Jews in there by themselves. They would suffocate on their own in a short time with no poisonous gas, no gas masks, no hazards to the workers, etc. I guess nobody in all of the whole nation of Germany, scientists and physicians included, was smart enough to figure that out.

First, there existed no special label for Zyklon B having to do with “eastern territories”. Also, there is absolutely no mention of worker-executioners on the roof with gas masks and Zyklon B cans pouring pellets down shafts. That’s something that should have been visible to many people – if it were true. I guess that the executioners were just too busy with the circus act of plugging all the holes with clay to worry about introducing the Zyklon B. Remember that Zyklon B is hydrocyanic acid on pieces of gypsum, which is a calcium derivative akin to alabaster or plaster of Paris, not a loose liquid or pressurized gas. Being thus, it was not “piped” anywhere. Look at this also, How come there was no mention of CO being piped? Maybe this unidentified person who supposedly provided this statement was ingesting a “crystal blue” substance when he came up with all this inane babbling.

When it comes to explaining specifics of the so-called gassing procedures, watch how a director of the Majdanek Memorial tactfully evades the topic of his “official” history of the camp:


“The concrete gas chambers built for utilization with Zyklon B at Majdanek were put into operation in October of 1942. This gas had already begun to be utilized for the killing of Soviet prisoners of war in a provisional gas chamber using the experience accumulated at Auschwitz. [49]

“The technique of killing with gas was described as follows by Perry [sic] Broad, an employee of the political division of the Auschwitz camp. A similar technique was utilized at Majdanek.” [50]

If you don’t think it’s a little strange that a director of the camp’s memorial would avoid a direct description of the main event in such a fashion, consider that Pery Broad, while testifying before an Auschwitz show trial in the 1960’s, disavowed large portions of his earlier 1940’s testimony and the statements to which this Zionist con-man “director” is referring. [51] This premier Zionist evangelist might be technically correct in his comment regarding the “techniques” applied at the two camps being similar; since what they are lying about isn’t even reality, they both wreak of a Zionist Jewish sham! The motivation behind such a colossal flimflam as the Jewish holocaust is obvious in some respects, but I recently ran across an interesting quote by F. Grimm explaining how all the necessary parties came together for its creation and promotion:


“With no ‘holocaust’ to take their place in the columns of the world’s newspapers, the many surreptitious, undercover activities, plans and responsibilities of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his pro-United Nations co-conspirators prior to, during and after the war, today still, too little publicized, would have come under immediate, murderous, and lasting scrutiny. This would have resulted in the United Nations wartime charges and the (still vulnerable) ‘integrity’ of this organization being ripped asunder in a manner which would have made the revelations about Allied lies found in the World War I Bryce Committee Report on propaganda charges look by comparison like reports on a love feast. If the many plans already formulated diplomatically and formally or informally in war conferences were to be fully, irreversibly implemented as the planners wished, the ‘New’ United Nations organization would have to have the full support of those who might otherwise strongly oppose it. The wartime ‘atrocity propaganda’ charges made by the victors to inflame their soldiers and citizenry, and to justify and condone their own use of progressively more violent, ruthless measures against Germany and Japan, simply had to be sustained after the war. There was emphatically to be no ‘Peace Without Victory’ this time, no ‘Forgive and Forget’. And no ‘coming clean’ about wartime propaganda charges.” [52]


So to put it in a few words, the fraudulent Jew “holocaust” is the centerpiece of the New/Jew World Order and religion. The scientific and historical experts that I have cited have already proved conclusively that there were no mass gassing exterminations at Auschwitz or Majdanek; I recommend their works to anyone seeking more detail than I have presented herein. On top of that, the Zionists, through their evasions, self-contradictions, and imaginary descriptions, demonstrably presented a solid case against their own claims for these two camps, as well as their pretended holocaust religion in its entirety.

The real focus at this point is the outrageous and ongoing cover-ups of which the stinking rotten Zionist religionists and their committed global lackeys are capable of perpetrating on a gullible and apathetic public through the use of smoke and mirrors. What this means to us in our everyday lives is that there is really no limit to what other monstrous scams they will attempt, or have already perpetrated upon us.

The thinking man must be aware that the Zionists have manipulated and exaggerated the facts of the so-called holocaust to present a false view of World War II, all for the purpose of manipulating the white Christian west into either going along with their deceptions or neutralizing those who would oppose them. This has resulted in their using the power and the might of the government of the United States to steal Palestine from the Palestinians, and have continued to financially rape and gut the USA, stealing billions upon billions from the American taxpayer, turning the white Christian taxpayers into wage slaves for Zionistic Imperialism. The Jews and their Zionistic and plutocratic ambitions are responsible for all who died in World War I and World War II, and we could also include Korea and Viet Nam.

If we as American people do not return to American principles of Constitutional government, the Zionists who have now seized control of the government of the United States will follow the dictates of world Jewry headquarters in Tel Aviv. George Bush is but a Zionist puppet, along with Dick Cheney. If these Zionist fellow-travelers are not checked by our Congress, they will lead us into World War III. The Zionist Jews have been preparing the people of the United States with propaganda, both religious propaganda with Judeo preachers and Jewish preaching in the form of television programs about Nostradamus, all designed to lead the people to believe that their future enemy is to be the Arab world. In order for the Jews to completely dominate the east, they must bring the Arab world to its knees in complete defeat.

The record shows clearly that no UN sanctions against so-called Israel have been carried out; that the Zionist state has totally ignored any sanctions against it and does not even listen to its so-called “ally” the United States. The Zionist Jews do as they damn well please. They are murderers and thieves, and perhaps most important, they are people who have no right to the territory of Palestine whatsoever. They are not the Israelites of the Bible, nor do they even believe in the God of the Bible.

When your sons and grandsons and daughters are asked to become victims in a war fighting more than a billion Arabs, perhaps then you will speak up in the interest of justice and ask yourself, Why should a Christian state of Christian people support an atheist state of Zionist Jews whom the world sees as thieves and robbers? You will find the answer is that America is not a Christian nation, and the secular forces within are seeking to turn America into a secular, humanist state, with humanism as its official religion. For all intents and purposes, this is already an achieved fact. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light. No man comes to the Father except by Me.” Jews hate Jesus Christ, and one cannot come to the Father, Who is the true God, except through Jesus Christ. Anyone calling himself a Christian who does not believe this essential truth of Christianity is not a Christian. That is the acid test for America’s future.

We must not allow our schoolchildren to continue to be indoctrinated with the neo-Zionist, holocaust religion. Write the editor to find out how you can represent truth in your community. With their virtual monopoly over every mainstream news outlet, their stranglehold on advertising agencies, their grip on super-scams such as the insurance industry, them pulling off the corporate scams recently in the headlines, including their underhanded manipulation of the stock/commodity exchanges, and their absolute control of U.S. currency through their ownership of world banks and Federal Reserve branches, it is somewhat remarkable that any knowledge unfavorable to them even emerges at all. But like a blade of living grass that breaks through the non-living concrete because it refuses to be covered, the lies and injustices of the Jews, in the end, can never prevail. That fact alone in itself should give us some hope when contemplating the future.



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