The JOYOUS News which saddens the Jews

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There were 1,092,000 Jewish survivors in 2004 worldwide. See: [defunct] [still works 2013]

The JOYOUS News which saddens the Jews–1,092,000 “Holocaust” survivors alive today

The joyous news that 1,092,000 jewish Holocaust survivors were still
alive in the world in 2004 should have been a front-page headline in
every New York newspaper. But that’s not what happened. Isn’t that
amazing? Why didn’t it make the front-page headlines anywhere? Why
didn’t it get onto every American TV station with prime time news?

If even one “survivor” were to emerge today from the rubble of the
World Trade Center, it would be sensational–and it certainly would get
enormous coverage and publicity. That survivor would be a guest on
every talk show in the country.

But with the Jewish “survivors” it is totally different, of course.
Although more than one million “survivors” have been discovered sixty
years after the war, their resurrection gets next no coverage at all.
Isn’t that amazing!!

Can anyone guess why? My guess is that the jews are more than smart
enough to know that the abundance of Jewish survivors undermines their
enormous scam, not only of Germany but of the entire world. As more
and more people realize that “the Holocaust” is indeed a monstrous hoax
with little basis in reality–the Jews might even be pressured, or even
forced, to give up all the land they stole from the Palestinians.

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Friedrich Paul Berg



Source: k0nsl-archives.

Dated: 7/10/05.





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