The Jewish Defense League has imploded

Since the death of its leader Irv Rubin, the so-called Jewish Defense League (JDL) has split up into two rival factions, one led by Shelley Rubin, Irv Rubin’s widow and another by a Colorado attorney.

Bill Maniaci, of Reno, appointed himself as the Director of Intelligence and Security for the non-Rubin faction. He took charge temporarily to form a new and totally different organization. Maniaci and his comrades met at a gambling casino in Reno and voted in a new leader.

The newly reinvented JDL immediately dispensed with the grieving widow by means of a lawsuit shutting down her website ( A visit to that site indicates that it is indeed suspended. In its place, the new JDL established its own website (

The new JDL officials felt that Mrs. Rubin did not have the right to inherit the JDL after her husband’s murder. Murder? Well, not exactly. In a pathetic scene in a Southern California jail, Irv Rubin died after he slashed his own throat with a razor blade and then jumped over a railing at the jail causing his death. Up to this time, Rubin had been locked up facing criminal charges in connection with a bungled plot to bomb the office of U.S. Congressman Darrell E. Issa. It is believed that Irv Rubin resorted to suicide after deciding to plead guilty to the charges.

At the Reno meeting, attorney Matthew Finberg of Boulder City, Colorado was installed as Irv Rubin’s replacement, but Rubin’s outraged widow condemned the move. The new JDL leadership asserted that Shelley Rubin refused to attend the conference and has since maintained an unauthorized and rogue JDL chapter also calling itself the Jewish Defense League. This is why legal action was taken against the still-grieving widow.

Rogue JDL chapter? Most people believe that the entire JDL is a rogue Jewish organization in the first place. Even other Jews believe so. The Anti-defamation League (ADL), another Jewish organization, has long condemned the actions of the JDL claiming that it’s leaders have a long track record of intimidation and bullying tactics. The ADL had been monitoring the activities of the JDL for years.  They claim to cooperate with law enforcement and even applauded the FBI for the arrest Irv Rubin for alleged acts of terrorism.

Strange but predictable. It seems that when Jews have no enemies to confront, they simply turn on each other without conscience.

Inspired by AH,

BB, Woodland, Calif

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Dated: 7/13/05

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