The Holocaust in New Orleans–Americans should finally apologize to the Germans

Hurricane Katrina, compounded by gross incompetence and neglect, perhaps willfull, is an American disgrace. Especially after New Orleans, Americans should finally apologize to the Germans. New Orleans has become Bergen-Belsen on the Mississippi.

The horrific conditions in and around New Orleans are a flash-back to conditions in Germany at the end of WW2. In Germany, the calamity was far worse-but one should understand what occurred there in light of the catastrophic circumstances Germany had been enduring. The natural catastrophe in New Orleans has been compounded by the monumental arrogance and incompetence of America’s leaders.

The great irony is, of course, that America has also been lecturing the entire world for nearly an entire century on how countries, which are nearly all far less endowed by nature than America, should solve all of their problems. Those lectures have again and again been enforced with military adventures and mass murder unmatched by anyone. For days, in New Orleans “command-and-control” were totally absent even though every squad of marines and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan seemed to be in almost constant electronic contact with command in the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

To make the comparisons between Bergen-Belsen and New Orleans even more poignant, Tom Brokaw should get some heroic veterans from his “greatest generation” like Chuck Yeager to climb back into their P-51 Mustangs and strafe the civilians and refugees as they line up for food, or try to get on buses, just as they had in WW2. Donald Rumsfeld should get some B-52s and bomb whatever infrastructure is left in and around New Orleans. Speaker of the House Hastert should then be quite pleased with the results–no need to rebuild New Orleans afterwards.

Just imagine how different things would be if the “survivors” of Katrina had been Jews instead of Blacks. As soon as the hurricane had ended, Bush and Cheney and most if not all Congressmen and Senators would have been lined-up to get the fastest planes to the g-r-e-a-t human tragedy. And regardless of whatever would have been done to help them, the lawsuits from Jewish Katrina “survivors” would be filling the courts for decades. In reality, however, no Jews could be seen anywhere unless they were well-paid reporters like Scott Cohn from CNBC. Thank God the “victims” were only Blacks. God must love America.

By contrast, in Bergen-Belsen at the end of the WW2, SS Kommandant Josef KRAMER and Dr. Fritz KLEIN were at their posts doing what they could to mitigate and control the disaster that had been unfolding there in the very last months of the war. For weeks before the British actually took over, the SS had tried to turn Bergen-Belsen over to the Allies in good order. (See my essay: “Typhus and the Jews.”) Nonetheless, both KLEIN and KRAMER were hung by the British even though the catastrophe had been caused by British and American bombing and strafing.

Will Americans ever apologize to the Germans for the insane lies they continue to spread about the Germans? Will Americans ever apologize to the Germans for the horrendous crimes they, the Americans, inflicted upon the Germans during and after World War 2? Will Americans ever thank the Germans for saving America and the world from communism when there were still no nuclear weapons to give western civilization a military advantage over communism? The answers to all these questions is: “probably not.” The Americans, in general, are far too depraved and stupid. They actually think they were the good guys in WW2. Shame on America!


Friedrich Paul Berg

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