The Conte of John Rabe


His name was as innocuous as the man – John Rabe. Just another German, Just another “Nazi” with his Swastika armband (Gasp!) and his typically correct German manner. None of this “Jolly good, old man”, “let’s rob them some more” puke here. Simply a man doing his job. No one on earth would remember him with the exception of his immediate family had it not been for fate, which thrust this man into one of the most horrific situations imaginable.

You see, Herr Rabe was a Nazi party official in the Chinese city of Nanking, that beautiful, ancient city of Chinese Royalty a city famed for its magnificent mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Chinese revolutionary (not in the communist sense) who attempted to bring this ancient land into the 20th. Century over 90 years ago. Amongst the dozens of historically important sites, one must not forget the tomb of the first Ming emperor which is approached by using the majestic, yet peaceful Spirit way.

In this tranquil, idyllic setting some of the most horrific crimes against humanity were committed by Japanese troops in the year 1937. What had happened was, that China, hopelessly split into different political fractions, wrecked by civil war and ruled by corrupt power-hungry war lords had become easy pickings for imperial Japanese interests. Kind of like India versus the British empire. They didn’t stand a chance either. Only the British didn’t murder on quite the same scale, even though they did their fair share, that’s for sure.

Japan attacked and commenced to conquer the Chinese mainland with practically no opposition, the communists under Mao-Tse-Tung having escaped under appalling conditions into the north and the Nationalists under General Chiang Kaicheck being as corrupt, cowardly (this goes hand-in-hand with corruption, see the present day German government) and incompetent as any military force has ever been.

The Japs fairly walked over whatever pitiful opposition existed. I am sure the average Chinese soldier is as brave as the next guy, it’s just that the Chinese leadership ( such as it was) inspired no confidence in its troops. The almost identical set of “corrupt, incompetent leadership versus the common soldier” existed within the Italian forces during WW2. Italian troops under German leadership fought bravely as was attested to by no less an authority than Field marshal Rommel who conversely was appalled at the total corruption of the Italian officer corps.

The Japanese were well, even if brutally led, well equipped and were imbued with the spirit of superiority and destiny, much like the latter day German SS troops. Such men can only be overwhelmed by numerically vastly superior forces, as was demonstrated in the Pacific war and on the eastern front.

Obviously one of Japans goals was to capture the ancient symbolic city of Nanking, something they achieved with a minimum of military effort.

Almost at once a terror campaign started which has had its equal in history only once, namely 8 years later when the Russian hordes, under Jewish-corrupted leadership laid waste to Berlin and mass raped, plundered and murdered on a scale, exceeding that of Nanking. In Berlin there was more to rob, there were more women to “rape until death do us part” ( her death of course) and there was no Herr John Rabe to stand up to the foul hordes besmirching forever the name of their country.

To be sure, there were others who helped protect the Chinese women. This protection was afforded under the risk of their lives to the point of utter exhaustion, both physically and mentally but none of them were officials of any government!

Only John Rabe was a semi official of Nazi Germany. There were no Frenchmen, Italians, Americans or British or others with any governmental authority. They were strangely silent. I suppose they decided to leave humanitarian, life-threatening deeds to those Nazi Germans. “Let those German morons take all the risks.” “Later we’ll blame everything on them anyway, dumb shits“.
Those other foreigners who went way beyond the call of duty were private citizens, more often than not belonging to missionary societies and the like. One of the greatest heroes was the American doctor Robert Wilson, another one Minnie Vautrin, an American missionary, called the “The Goddess of Nanking” by the Chinese whose lives she saved. She very nearly collapsed due to the horrors she witnessed and not to forget another German, that Nazi (Gasp!) Christian Kroeger, who suffered from recurrent nightmares for the rest of his life due to what he had seen and had helped to prevent in numerous cases. Not only that, but Kroeger served as treasurer of the International Committee.
John Rabe organized a protective zone in which, during the high points of the terror over 300,000 Chinese sought refuge. Rabe himself would don his suit, prominently displaying his Swastika armband and go into the city, stopping rapes, admonishing Japanese soldiers, screaming at Japanese officers in fury, while pointing to the Swastika on his arm. This had the desired effect.

Wherever he appeared, the raping stopped, the plunder stopped and Rabe had the opportunity to have the badly mutilated women transported to the hospital, where Dr. Robert Wilson, as the only surgeon in town performed medical miracles saving the lives of these unfortunates. Dr. Wilson worked tirelessly patching up seemingly hopelessly mutilated women, repairing their bodies as well as he could. Another angel, this American.

Herr Rabe kept a meticulous diary and sent a personal letter to Hitler describing the horrors. Hitler had just concluded a pact with the Japanese and had no desire to admonish what he mistakenly thought to be a valuable ally and ordered Rabe back to Berlin.

Lest anyone think Hitler was the only cold-blooded bastard, FDR, that virtuous example of Americanism ( in reality he was a corrupt, crippled Jew, Rosenfeldt) used his considerable influence to kill any stories which might have been printed in the American press. For his particularly odious political reasons, he didn’t want the reputation of the Japanese to be besmirched at this point.

The general consensus in the Western world seems to have been, “Let the yellow bastards butcher each other. There are too many around anyway.” Of course that evil Nazi John Rabe didn’t seem to have thought so, all he did was save tens of thousands of Chinese lives at considerable risk to his own life and well-being. Herr Rabe and some of the others worked tirelessly, frequently 20 hours per day saving lives. They stopped when they dropped and only then.

The Chinese dubbed John Rabe “The Angel of Nanking”.

Once back in Berlin, Herr Rabe received a midnight call from his friendly, local Gestapo agent, who hauled him off to headquarters. While there he was grilled extensively (no, he wasn’t tortured, this wasn’t Nuernberg 1946, and the interrogators weren’t American Jew-scum torturers). When the Nazi government was satisfied that he would keep his mouth shut, he was put out to pasture.

In 1947, someone in Nanking found out that “Their Angel” was suffering from starvation under the benign American occupation ( sorry “Liberation”) forces and sent him food parcels.

When the Red Chinese, many years later built a memorial to the Chinese men and women who had been murdered wholesale by the Japanese, the name John Rabe, a hero by any standard, wasn’t even mentioned.

After all , he was only a German.

  •  Had he been an Englishman, they’d have yearly parades in his honour and there’d be a monument in Trafalgar square complete with the Alzheimeresque Queen Mum making an appearance winking at the ecstatic British crowds not to forget the cretin Queen giving a 5-minute speech written by one of Steven Spielberg’s script writers, replete with references to the holocaust and “how we have suffered”.
  •  Had he been a Jew (can anyone in their wildest dreams imagine a JEW doing what Rabe did?) the Japanese would be paying trillions of Yen into a memorial fund for the Chinese victims, a fund administered by a bank in Tel Aviv for administrative costs of 95 % of the take of course.
  •  The monument to the Jew would be on a very prominent spot in Washington D.C. It would have been paid for by the American taxpayer under a bill introduced by Senator Lieberman, that paragon of present-day American honour, honesty, sincerity and not to forget, cultural diversity (“Keep those Niggers out of my neighbourhood”), religious tolerance (“Thank you God for not making me a woman, dog or a Goy”) and family values (“Crush that 6 months old fetus!” “Hell, it’s only a Goy anyway!”)
  •  “The Lieberman Improve-America’s-Roads Bill” would of course have had something to do with the side walks in East Overshoe, Montana, the monument to the Jew, well that would have been only an afterthought in small print. East Overshoe, Montana would have received $ 2.28, the monument, well that would have been slightly higher at 48 million bucks before the cut for the senator, another 5 million. That’s show business folks!

Alas, the Jews missed a chance to embezzle another few trillions more, the English missed a chance to erect another monument ( Jolly good fellow, that John! He showed really stiff upper lip!) and the Germans, well they have been stolen from once again without raising a whimper, those grovelling cowards in Berlin.
If this miserable collection of traitors in Berlin had any decency, just an iota, they would tell the Chinese to build a monument with the true story to this German hero, or forget any economic investments from here on. The Chinese would jump at once. Want to bet?

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Gerry Frederics

Source: k0nsl-archives

Dated: ?

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