The Bush-Hitler Comparison

Friends! Today I received a link to two stories comparing Bush with Hitler. This is nothing new, but it is as annoying, as, let’s say, seeing a brilliant black medical doctor with dim-witted white side-kicks in emergency room dramas or the occasional –“Did you know, Hitler had a jewish grandfather?” Only dim-witted individuals would give any credence to such garbage or pay any attention to it. So here is my take on the Bush-Hitler comparison: 

  • 1) Hitler was volunteer in WW1 and a certified war hero
  •     Bush is a deserter and a certified coward

  • 2) Hitler developed a hugely successful economic miracle
  •     Bush has bankrupted the USA

  • 3) Hitler’s love of things automotive sparked total domination of all motorized racing events worldwide 
  •    Bush has a chauffeur and watches baseball

  • 4) Hitler had impeccable taste in music, drama, opera, literature and art.
  •    Bush lacks any and all of these qualities to a spectacular degree.

  • 5) Hitler was well versed in world history
  •    Bush doesn’t know how to spell the word.

  • 6) Hitler was an unfailingly polite man
  •    Bush is an impolite, rude  bully whose behavior is so bad, that in Santiago Chile, President Lagos CANCELLED the farewell dinner prepared for him in 2004

  • 7) Hitler was openly AND privately admired by men such as Britain’s Lloyd George, Lord Rothmere, Americas Charles Lindbergh, Sweden’s Sven Hedin, Norway’s Knut Hamsun, France’s WW1 hero Marshall Petain, Slovakias President Dr. Tiso—a virtually endless list of ”who’s who” of the 1930’s world.
  •   Bush is scoffed at and disdained as a useful tool of the jews and is admired by Britain’s Tony Blair, another certified slime-bag. That about covers his fan club.

  • 8) Hitler was a reader of complex technical texts, which he absorbed and understood better than many ”experts”.
  •   Bush has prided himself in not being a reader.

  • 9) Until 1939 Hitler’s political life was crowned by one stunning success after the other.
  •   I can’t think of even one political success of Bush’s.

  • 10) Hitler was the finest orator in the past 200 years. He wrote his own speeches, he spoke flawless German.
  • Bush’s speeches are written for him by jews, he peppers them with horrendous grammatical mistakes and only a certified cretin will watch this man speak and believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

  • 11) Hitler told the truth and kept his promises.
  • Bush doesn’t know the definition of truth and keeps no promises. None

So, to compare Hitler with Bush is more than a stretch. It’s absurd.

Source: k0nsl-archives

Author: Gerry Frederics

Dated: 3/3/05


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