The biggest Theft of the Millenniums

Is it mere coincidence that if you take the “-off” off of “Chertoff,” you have the Russian word for this Jew — DEVIL?


The people will never sense the devil, not even when he tightens his grip around their neck. Goethe in Faust. (You see, even Goethe knew the Jews/Teufel)

Dear Friends,

When Paul Bremer III, head of the occupational government in Iraq, left, he left behind more then 100 laws and orders to be followed by the newly formed “puppet” government. One, of special interest, :is Order no 81: “Patents, Industrial design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety Law of 2004. This law, which I urge you to read, can be found at:

This order is not only being forced in Iraq, but on other countries as well. Dear friends, I believe this is the Biggest Theft of Millenniums. I find it to be a crime, not only against nature, but also to those protecting this insensitive crime.

Who are the original owners of Seed corn?

For more then 7,000 years, farmers in various places on our planet, have been developing Seed corn to grow successfully in their particular climates as a good food; which was looked upon as a common staple to feed all peoples. A farmer’s custom was to save enough seed corn from his current harvest, for the next year’s crop; but if the year’s harvest wasn’t enough to sow the following year, he could easily purchase the corn seed, or get it from a neighbour farmer.

Among the Norse/Germanic tribes the custom was to share their seed corn to those who’s crops were less fortunate. For centuries, farmers with the largest yield, were responsible to save seed corn for the whole community. During this past century agricultural co-ops in all countries gathered large quantities of various seeds to safe guard the corn from being destroyed and to help less fortunate farmers should they have a bad crop year.

New Laws on ownership of Seed corn and Potatoes

The Norwegian Department of Agriculture recently sent a new law to various parties for a hearing, and then for their response. The law stipulates who would own the seed corn and how much each farmer will have to pay for planting. This law, intended to stop small farmers from giving away, or selling their corn seeds, and potatoes, will become effective within five years after it is signed. This Norwegian law is based upon requirements laid down by the International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties. Please read:
I also urge you to visit the web-site of the following international organizations:

– WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization: :
– TRIPS – Trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights:

Various international companies which are owned by banks, multinational companies and other huge corporations, have over the last three decades mapped the genes of many plants vital to our food supplies and lives and patented them. Among these companies are Monsanto, Sygententa, Bayer and Dow Chemicals. All are international companies who’s presidents and vice presidents enjoy dual citizenships.

You might think this new Norwegian law will not come to your country. I’m sorry to disappoint you, the law is either in place or will be within a few years, effective in other countries as well. It came to Iraq through these international companies or international organizations like World Trade Organization (WTO) ,who will not hesitate to force other countries to enforce these laws regarding ownership of all kinds of food plants. even if they must do it behind US-led bayonets.

International companies taking firm hand over our food supplies:

By studying the genetics of plants international companies have been able to disclose the secrets of the plants which have enabled them to take patents on each plants’ genetic. With these new laws farmers will be forced to pay for the right to use the plant. The question is: for how long?

The cost will be:

4 NOK per dekar for each type of corn a farmer plant. This equals to 0.75 cent in US money.

If the farmer is planting potatoes he will have to pay: 52.50 NOK per dekar or 7.25 US dollars.

1 dekar is equal to 0.25 acre

This is only the cost to the farmer to sow is farm land with any plant. The cost may not seem high for the small farmers, but if the farmer plants only corn or potatoes to feed his family, the cost over the years can become too high for him to keep farming.

The new Norwegian law states that the farmers and their co-operations can only keep the same seed from one year’s crop for 10 years after the new law has been signed. The law also states that one country can not buy seed corn from another country; it has to buy the seed corn from the international companies holding the patent rights.

What about Third world nations and Black Africa?

Black African countries will not be asked to sign these new laws because the international companies do not look upon Black Africa as ever being capable of growing enough corn to feed its own population, much less to sell to the world.

The following step is to make the world dependent upon global International Companies

Many Iraqi farmers will not be able to save from one year’s harvest for next year’s crop. The seed corn they have bought from these international companies has been genetically engineered to be good for one growth season, or harvest. The corn and grain farmers now buy have already been genetically altered. Within ten years the world will have to buy genetically engineered seed corn from these greedy companies who claim world citizenship, and do not respect any country’s boundary. What will happen in the next year, 2006? So far, we know little of what the long term effects from eating genetically altered corn and other grains or potatoes, will do to the people.

How did these international companies get started?

Through false propaganda the brainwashed and scared politicians, many with dual citizenship, and the number is growing, especially in the US, have allowed international companies to patent control of our food supply. This is happening even though many published articles tried to make the politicians and heads of governments aware of what such patents would lead to. No one should be able to profit on human life in this respect. In order to get out of the mess we find ourselves in, we must first get rid of the immoral politicians and rulers. Second, all patents on food plants must be abolished. We have lost what our forefathers gave to us.

Who is paying?

People, picture all the dekars (acres) of land around the globe to plant any kind of corn, potatoes or grain. With the control government gives to these international companies they will rake in more money than any of us can count, and they will do this year after year. Big industry, through the governments of each country, will ask them to come to the “cashier” with their payment.

These international companies have grown so big and independent, that they will not have to do business directly with each farmer, but only with the governments, for governments can not refuse to pay, unless they wake up to the fact they are being used to do the dirty business of collecting. It will be the government who will have to shut down a farmer it he can not pay. The international company’s presidents or vice presidents with dual citizenships will not have their fingers dirty by taking farms away from farmers, unless the farmers learn who is in control.

What will be the end?

Since it is known what international companies own these patents they must be watched closely on how they intend to use them. If a farmer can not pay what these international companies require for the right to plant, such control can easily lead to famine in any country, then a small group of internationalists can buy up farms and huge land acreage and put a country under tyrannical slavery.

A Historical back flash

In 1694 the Bank of England was set up, and instituted a National Debts, securing for the Jewish moneylenders a right to charge taxes or interests on their loans. The right to print money was transferred from the Crown to the “Bank of England”.

In 1907 the first edition of “The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion” was published. In this book, which the Jews have always claimed is a fraud, laid open their want of power over our world.

Between 1913 and 1917, the US Congress set up the Federal Reserve System, giving a few Jewish bankers control over the printing of money. Then, in 1929, a Great Depression happened in USA. which lasted until the beginning of WWII.

Now a hand full of One Worlders are ready to take the ultimate step to control our world. We can only wrestle out of this grip with strong national thinking politicians. We must search for people willing to keep their country and their nationalism, and act on behalf on mankind as a whole instead of being lackeys to a small group with only one thought: World Power.

In the face of Chutzpah , Jewish audacity and outright lies, resistance must be a national duty.

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Randulf Johan Hansen



Dated: 5/7/05

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