The Babylonian Talmud

The Soncino Press, London, 1935
First Edition, Red binding with gilt edged pages on top edges only. Printed in the Netherlands by Joh. Enschede En Zonen, Haarlem. Translated into English under editorship of Rabbi Dr. I. Epstein.

The volumes included are:

  • Nezikin I, Baba Kamma
  • Nezikin II, Baba Mezia
  • Nezikin III, Baba Bathra I
  • Nezikin IV, Baba Bathra II
  • Nezikin V, Sanhedrin I
  • Nezikin VI, Sanhedrin II
  • Nezikin VII, Abodah Zarah Horayoth
  • Nezikin VIII, Shebuoth, Makkatoh, Edduyoth, Aboth

Scan photo is of spine and cover of two volumes.

The rabbis teach that raping a little girl is okay for a Jew to do IF the girl is YOUNGER THAN THREE YEARS OLD! The rabbis teach that sodomizing a little boy is okay for a Jew to do IF the boy is YOUNGER than eight years old! The rabbis teach that it is okay for a Jew to rape a non-Jewish woman but afterwards he should kill her because since a non-Jew is nothing but an animal and it is unlawful for a Jew to have sex with an animal then the woman should be killed in the same way that an animal is to be killed after a Jew sodomizes it. The rabbis wrote this in the Talmud! The rabbis teach that it is “holy and pious” for a Jew to steal, lie, swindle, betray, murder, deceive, rape and slander a non-Jew!

The teaching of the rabbis, as found in the Talmud is this: if a non-Jew asks what is contained in the Talmud, then the Jew is supposed to lie to deceive the non-Jew about it. So, you will not get the truth about the Talmud from a Jew but you can read for yourself what the Jews actually teach and believe.

The Jews wrote it, they believe it. This is the most revered and “holy” of all the books that the Jews have written, ever.

You can judge a people by the books they most admire. So, if you want to understand the true evil of the Jews, then you must read the Babylonian Talmud. The Jews wrote it; the Jews follow it; the Jews believe in it, but it is an evil book containing blasphemes and malice against all of Mankind. So, if they like it so much, what does that say about the Jews? Saints? Or devils?



UPDATE, response by C.W.P:

See also THE JEWISH RELIGION: ITS INFLUENCE TODAY by Elizabeth Dilling (hundreds of pages of pages photocopied from the Talmud, in English, permitting every possible kind of filth and degeneracy (for example: sexual intercourse with girls three years and one day old, boys at least nine years old, but not one day younger, bestiality, etc. etc., photographically reproduced, with underlining. It is not true that these passages have been quoted out of context by anti-Semites. The same material has been posted on the Internet with a search engine and index — in both graphics and html; see


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