The American Breakfast: An Undertaker’s Delight

Last week, I asked that you think about the American breakfast. Certainly, the fried glue and hot cup of poison that many Americans eat at a donut and coffee shop cannot be considered a breakfast. It can only be classified as a form of suicide. The same goes for pancakes and syrup. Such a breakfast is lethal.

Dead Good Job

Well, how about bacon and eggs or ham and eggs for breakfast? I have heard many times in the Jewish Movie Media that various things are “as American as ham and eggs.” But whenever the Jews are telling you how wonderful something is, it is better to look for the hidden swindle that is sure to be there than it is to look for a sweet surprise.

Mankind has the teeth and the digestive tract of a plant and grain eater. We can eat meat, too, but most of the foods that our bodies are designed to digest should be grains and vegetables. These are what keep us healthy and disease-free. A good breakfast of hot porridge was all that was required for Mankind to build his great civilizations. Boiled wheat or barley or rice with some beans, peas or lentils thrown in was the basic breakfast food of all of Mankind. As we gained more control over our environment, more and more variety was added to our diet. But always, without exception, these foods were naturally grown and naturally preserved. The good health of the ancient people that resulted from a natural diet can be seen by the teeth of their skulls that the archeologists have dug up. Perfect teeth without decay, was the normal rule.

An archeologist digging up an American or European or Australian graveyard in some future time will find skulls with teeth that are completely missing, or with teeth filled with metal and porcelein fillings, metal screws, wires and false plates. So, are modern people healthier than were the ancients? No matter what the lying Jewish doctors say, the answer is no.

Now, in modern times, not only have we developed many unnatural ways of preserving food such as canning and freezing, but the foods themselves have become commercial items controlled by the Jewish bankers and the corporate farms. Profit for the Jews is the main goal of the food industry. And whatever increases that profit even if it decreases the quality and health of the food, is the way that the food industry follows.

In the old days, food was grown and raised first of all to eat and any surplus was sold — so profit was secondary. Today, because of corporate farming and the purposeful Jewish bankers’ destruction of the small family farm so that they can monopolize the food supplies like Joseph of Egypt, food is grown first and foremost for profit and eating comes second.

Food is not what is called a “high ticket item”. It is not like selling automobiles where the profit is realized in the thousands of dollars for each unit sold. With food, the profit is realized in pennies per unit. But since the number of units is in the millions and billions, then the total profit is enormous. And so, the corporate farms and the Jewish grain cartels make their billion dollar profits by selling large quantities of grain. The more grain they sell, the more money they make.

All of the grain cartels are owned by the Jews. And in collusion with their relatives in the farm loan industry, they have forced the farmers to accept whatever price that they set for buying grain. The farmer cannot sell his grain at a fair market price — which is normal for any other commodity — but he must sell it at whatever price the Jews tell him to sell it for or his farm is foreclosed. And since the Jews control the banking industry, the farmer cannot get loans from anyone else when he needs seeds or equipment.

So, when it comes to feeding the people of the earth, not only do the nations of the world produce enough grain and vegetables to do the job but they produce far, far more than the people can possible eat even if every person on earth was fed until they were so full that couldn’t stand up. To take a few quotes from the “The Cousteau Almanac”, page-591, “The world produces enough grain to provide every person with 2 pounds of grain a day, which would provide 3,000 calories.” Actually, 2 pounds of grain would produce a lot more than 3,000 calories but not very many people can eat two pounds of grain in a single day.

It is a Jewish lie that there are too many people on earth and that there isn’t enough food for all. In fact, there is plenty of food to go around but because food is not grown to be eaten but is primarily grown to produce a profit for the Jews, then this causes sleepless nights for these stalwarts of the banking industry.

The problem is supply and demand. Because the farmers of the world produce more than enough grain to go around, then this causes a drop in the price of grain and a loss of profit for the Jews. It is often the case that the storage silos run out of space and the grain and corn must be piled into huge mounds out of doors. So, the problem for the Jews is not enough food for the People but not enough money for the Jews. But their problem is solved if they can create as much demand as possible so as to keep the prices high. But if there is too much food for people to eat, how can the bankers increase their profits? And for a banker, more profits equals more power and more of everything else that his greedy little heart desires.

And so, to solve this terrible banking problem of there being too much food for the people and not enough money for the bankers, all of the finances and Jewish advertising ingenuity has gone into such phrases as “American as ham and eggs”. By convincing the People that they will feel more patriotic and more American to eat more ham and eggs and more meat and milk, in general, then several additional profit points are created for the Jews.

First, “to produce one pound of meat protein, one must feed cattle 16 pounds of grain; pigs, 6 pounds of grain; turkeys, 4 pounds; and chickens, 3 pounds.” Thus, the Jews were able to increase their sales of grain by not feeding it to hungry people but by feeding it to hungry animals. And since the Jews control the meat industry, they again profit by then feeding these poor animals to the hungry people. And since the Jews monopolize the health industry they again profit from all of the sick people who come to them with heart disease, tumors, cancers and a legion of other evils caused by over-consumption of meat by an grain-eating Human-being. Meat, milk and eggs! How often has the average American been presented with this advertising ploy that is foisted upon us by the Jewish doctors and Jewish advertisers as being “Good for you!”

Meat, milk and eggs, we can all eat in small amounts and it creates good food and health. But eaten in the huge amounts that are being pushed upon us by the money-hungry Jews, definitely leads to diseases of all kinds. But it’s great for business … Jewish business! By eating more meat, we help the Jews sell much more grain for livestock feed than they could sell to a country full of healthy vegetarians.

I don’t have the statistics for eggs handy but the average American eats 91 pounds of bacon per year! That’s a lot of heart disease, hardening of the arteries and obesity in 91 pounds of bacon … and that’s not even counting pork sausage! And that’s six times more profit for the Jewish grain cartel to feed their grain to pigs instead of to people. The same numbers can be crunched for meat, eggs, and dairy products. All of these eaten in excess create very great health problems for a Human Being whose main digestive machinery is designed for grains and vegetables.

But don’t worry! If you have heart disease, the Jewish doctors are there to sell you all kinds of operations, pills and transplants to “treat” you for anything that your money can buy. They won’t cure you but they will “treat” you until you die. Why else did you buy Jewish health insurance if it isn’t going to pay for anything after you get sick? And you WILL get sick; it’s guaranteed, because the Conspiracy of the Jews is an interlocking arrangement of fellow members of an international network of predators and parasites engaged in the business of making money. If one product creates sickness and disease, then they offer another product to off-set the damage while continuing to sell the first product. And always, there is the Jewish cheering section of the Controlled Media to either hide their depredations or to push for and advertise in great headlines for the Next New Thing That Everybody Has Just Got To Have.

And one thing that everybody has just got to have, is a front and back yard that grows nothing but manicured lawns and flowers. It’s the America Way, they will tell you while you are indoors watching the Electric Jew spout its drivel. It’s as American as ham and eggs for you to grow nothing at all to eat in your own back yard but rather to depend on the packages and cans that the Jews sell at the local supermarket. The Jewish magazine, “Better Homes and Gardens”, will show you the most desirable way to have pretty things to own and to look at that in no way impacts the profits of their fellow Jews in the food and medical industries. And yet, in the area of the average America back yard, can be grown enough vegetables to feed an entire family and still have enough to trade with or to sell to the neighbors.

But I am telling you that there is something more American than ham and eggs. It’s called freedom, freedom from bondage. That is not something that the average America can get by depending upon the ruthlessness of the Jewish money system and the corporate farms. If you cannot grow your own food, then at least eat the good things that God gave to us when He made us People, the thoughtful creature who eats mainly grains and vegetables.


Dr. Wu Tao-Wei

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