Teutonic Women

According to the Roman historian Tacitus the Germanic or Teutonic tribes allotted important roles to their women. Unlike in Japanese or Chinese societies, not to forget the sub-Saharan disasters or Arab societies, we Germans looked upon our women as equals long before the word became fashionable. Womens council was regularly sought by the elders and women had no social restrictions in term of marriage contracts, inheritances or political prominence. The role allotted to them by nature was clearly established and accepted. The only European societies in which women ended up second class were those of the English speaking world, were a woman’s property transferred to the husband immediately following marriage, clearly an unjust, unfair and wholly immoral feature of what we know as ”English”. The USA went so far as to take away a woman’s first (!) name such as in: ”This is Mrs. David Borne”. It is that tradition of fairness amongst us Germans which spawned the numerous heroic and high-achieving women of the 20th. century.

After World War 2, it was the women who cleared the destroyed cities of rubble with their bare hands, who did the heaviest of manual labor (the men were imprisoned or dead) and who rebuilt our country under the most horrid circumstances.


Gerry Frederics

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