The ‘Suicide’ of Gustav Franz Wagner

Gustav Franz Wagner was an SS-Oberscharführer from Vienna, Austria. Wagner was deputy commander of the Sobibór transient camp near Lublin in Poland.

Deputy Commandant Gustav Franz Wagner lived in Brazil after the war. After the bogus ‘nazi hunter’ Simon Wiesenthal initiated a hunt for a man falsely identified as him, the real Wagner voluntarily handed himself over to the Brazil special police. Wagner reportedly told police “I never saw any gas chamber at Sobibór”. A year later, in 1980, Wagner allegedly committed suicide by stabbing himself to death in the bathroom of his rural home.

The former Sobibór inmate Stanislaw Szmajzner believes that Wagner was in fact killed by Jewish “avengers”.

If the viewer takes into account the absurd circumstances (in effect: stabbing himself to death, hacking off finger and more) surrounding Wagner’s alleged suicide would you still think his death was suicide? I do not think it was suicide.

I have archived this comment from Thomas Kues in 2008.

Hello everyone,

Pardon me for not writing in Portuguese. My knowledge of your beautiful language is still to scarce for me to write detailed messages.
I’m Thomas Kues, a revisionist researcher (some of my articles may be found on the CODOH Online Library Unfortunately, I have not the means to visit Brazil and do research there.

I am looking for help regarding the case of Gustav Franz Wagner, born 1911, an Austrian citizen who was posted at the alleged death camp Sobibor in Poland during 1942-43, where supposedly 250,000 Jews were gassed with engine exhaust and then burned on primitives pyres. Wagner carried the rank of SS Oberscharfuehrer. After the war, Wagner emigrated to Brazil, where he lived and worked under his own name as a farmhand in the small town of Atibaia, about 60 kilometers from Sao Paulo.

In the end of May 1978, a number of German expatriates convened at “Hotel Tyll” in the small Brazil town Itaita to celebrate the birthday of Adolf Hitler. During the festivities, police was called in by someone mistaking the event for a communist rally and the people gathered were arrested. A photo of them appeared in a major Brazil newspaper. In Austria, “Nazi hunter” Simon Wiesenthal got hold of this newspaper and “identified” a man in the photo as Gustav Wagner. Followingly, Brazilian newspapers published articles on the “Gustav Wagner” identified by Wiesenthal.

On May 30, 1978, the real Wagner left his home in Atibaia and contacted an acquaintance with “Dops” contacts, asking for the secret service to pick him up on a certain São Paulo street corner. Wagner was taken to a police station and questioned. According to a longer article published in the German magazine “Der Spiegel” (no. 24/1978), Wagner immediately told the officers that he indeed was the real Wagner and that he had been at Sobibor, but that no Jews had been killed there, whether by himself or by others. After Wagner’s identity was verified, he was taken into custody.

In custody the same day, Wagner was confronted by Stanislav Szmajzner, a “Sobibor survivor” living in Brazil. [Stanislaw] Szmajner lived in Brazil until his death a few years ago. He was a close friend of Goiânia Senator Pedro Ludovico, who wrote the foreword to Szmajzner’s book “Inferno em Sobibor. A tragédia de um adolescente judeu”, published in 1968.

At this time the press also showed up, and photos published in “Der Spiegel” shows that Wagner was interviewed by them.

Later, Wagner was for unknown reasons transferred to a mental hospital in Brasilia.

On June 22, 1979, the Rio Supreme Court dismissed the Israeli, Polish and Austrian extradition claims and Wagner was set free.

On October 30 1980 Wagner was found dead on the farm in Atibaia where he worked, stabbed in the chest. Reportedly Wagner’s lawyer told the press that it was suicide, but a photo of Wagner’s corpse viewable on Sobibor “survivor” Thomas Blatt’s website ( shows that it was possibly murder. A possible suspect would be Sobibor “survivor”, Stanislaw Szmajzner.

So, this is in short the story of the Wagner case. Now to my question for help.

Very little appeared about Wagner’s arrest in Western newspapers and magazines. We know from photographs and other indicia that Wagner was interviewed at the time, but it seems virtually nothing of this appeared in foreign media.

1. However, it seems probable that there were several articles published in Brazil newspapers and magazines, such as “Jornal do Brasil”. They would likely have appeared between June 1 and 15, 1978. Old issues of newspapers are usually archived at research libraries as well as larger city libraries.

If anyone could provide me with transcripts or preferably scans of newspaper or magazine articles containing interview statements from Gustav Wagner (at the time of his arrest or from a later date). I also need the name of the newspaper/magazine, the date and/or number of issue and the number of the page(s) the article appeared on. In case of longer articles, relevant parts only will do. I will take care of translations myself.

2. I am also interested in getting access to any newspaper articles reporting on the death of Wagner on October 30, 1980.

3. Any general information on Wagner’s stay in Brazil is also of interest to me.

4. I would also appreciate links to any webforums, websites and electronic newsletters directed at Brazil citizens with interest in Holocaust revisionism, “white nationalism” or the Brazil-German community.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Please contact me via pm first.

Best regards and thanks in advance,

/Thomas Kues


Author: Thomas Kues
Text above has been slightly edited by k0nsl, original can be found in the ‘Sources of Information’ below.

Sources of information


  1. I believe the following quote is quite revealing..

    At the police station Stanislaw was able to confirm Wagner’s identity. Extradition requests by Germany and Israel came too late, because according to the Brazilian authorities Wagner committed suicide in October 1978. Stanislaw was always secretive about the true cause of death, but he hinted he knew more about the matter. ‘Some things,’ he said, ‘are difficult to talk about.’


  2. A jewish person named Howard Blume wrote this in 2012:

    That was no suicide folks. An Israeli assassin plunged the blade into Wagner chest. Justice, that’s how it went down. Chances are that’s how it went down.

  3. Those people who question the holocaust are not normal. How many proofs do you need to believe it? I am from Europe and know the truth. Nazis need to be hunted down one by one and killed! MOST people who question the holocaust are, let’s admit it – Jew haters. Israel is the only democratic country in that region. Think about at. If you another democracy in that region,name it!

    • Hi “Jozef” (

      One “proof” would be good for me. Can you please give it? It’s only been over 70 years now, but maybe you can be the one to provide this “one proof”. Can you do it?

      You’re posting your hate message from Clearwater in Florida (IP: So I won’t hold my breath about your “holocaust proof”…

  4. R.I.P. Gustav Franz Wagner, murdered by the self-proclaimed eternal victims.

  5. Né. Ao meu ver o fato se sucedeu após acordos diplomáticos por baixo dos panos para que o assassinato ocorresse e o inquérito fosse porcamente apurado. Como já diria Júlio César: Ai dos vencidos!
    Moral da história: o ser humano é hipócrita, não negue essa natureza.

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