“Shall we try to move on?”

Gawd – this is STILL going? Shall we try to move on?

Do you think it is we – the Revisionists – who bombard the TV, newspapers and various comic books with the “gas chamber” stories? It is not. In any case, the reason why the “holocaust” hubbub is “still going on” is because there is money to be made, people to hang and people to put in prison and many Germans to further defame, as if they haven’t been denigrated enough. If you are upset over people like myself who stand up to the incredible lies of the “holocaust” then I can only say that I regret more people isn’t doing the same. Wherever you can, question the allegations contained in the “holocaust” story. I am just an amateur writer and I have not nearly touched the subject yet, but the stories are so easy to refute, even for an amateur writer like myself. The stories literally collapse upon themselves. When they invented this hateful “holocaust” garbage I don’t think they ever reckoned that there would be people who would eventually dig deeper into their stories – and they certainly couldn’t imagine that we would have the Internet which simplifies research a lot. It probably never even entered their minds that it would be found out eventually, as it have today. But if we think back on other historical lies, we realise that most have been found out, so I guess it is only a matter of time before everybody in this world understands that the “holocaust” with it’s alleged “gas chambers” are in fact nothing else but crude lies.


OK, so let’s entertain the Revisionists for a moment: the figures are in dispute.

The figures has assumed mammoth proportions to shore up the myth of German guilt, as Eberhard Wardin wrote; yes. The figures are definitely not the only subject of dispute. What I dispute are the scientifically impossible “gas chambers” which are alleged to have been used to kill millions and millions of people, mostly Jews, in very small rooms which they quite erroneously call “gas chambers” when the room in question was either a morgue or an air-raid shelter, none of which served a murderous purpose. If they just had an iota of intelligence they could have said the “gas chamber” was one of the fumigation chambers which really did exist in most of the camps, to rid inmates from disease and lice. But they couldn’t even figure that out, instead they opted for calling the morgue a “gas chamber” and sometimes they call the air-raid shelter a “gas chamber”. It really becomes a big mess when one decides to investigate their claims. They simply cannot keep their stories straight, not once. Sometimes it is also alleged that people were “gassed” in farmhouses, but the museum director Dr. Piper of the Auschwitz Museum said gassings occurred in the bunker which were later converted to an air-raid shelter, and in turn was later converted into a “gas chamber” by the Soviets at the end of the war. So if the Soviets convert an air-raid shelter at Auschwitz into a “gas chamber” does that mean the Germans gassed millions of Jews there? I’ll throw in one of my ill advised comparisons; if I build a “steam chamber in Moscow and later convert it into a farmer’s hovel, does that mean Stalin steamed to death 8 million Soviet citizens? The answer is of course “no”; likewise, if the Soviets converted a building at Auschwitz into what they called a “gas chamber”, that would not mean the Germans “gassed” four million Jews there or even one million. Not one Jew was “gassed” by the Germans, not one hundred, not one thousand and definitively not six million. That’s it, like it or not.

Scientist, researcher and publisher, Germar Rudolf has dealt with the “gas chamber” subject very throughly, but he is now in Germany awaiting his trial:

(PICTURED: Germar Rudolf, Chemist)

Germar Rudolf’s Expert Report may be read here; http://www.vho.org/GB/Books/trr/.


WHY did the Allies/Jews lie about the figures? Why is there such an anomaly?

This is a question which is asked quite frequently and I believe Carlos W. Porter has a answer for it at his website. Besides, people lie for all sorts of reasons. It is a rather illogical question if you will; http://www.cwporter.com/letter6.htm

Exerpt from Carlo’s website:


The soldiers “knew” it was a homicidal gas chamber because it had “Vorsicht! Gas!” with a skull painted on the door! Now, most of these GI’s and common soldiers may not have known any German, but they did not need to, as the word “GAS!” was clearly stenciled on the door! They later saw the “homicidal gas chamber” at Dachau similarly designed, along with a notice which read “Gaszeit: etc. Thus, the GI’s were absolutely convinced that the gas chamber stories which emanated from the Soviet Union were true and factual. They had seen evidence of it with their own eyes and SHAEF had told them so! They had seen the chambers and the bodies with their very own eyes! They had seen the ovens used to cremate the “gassed” victims. Even at Buchenwald, the liberators were told by the Communist dominated welcoming committee of inmates that a homicidal gas chamber was under construction, but the point is, the rumors were already rife and being spread about everywhere–usually by Communist cells. Did not the British and Americans find thousands of corpses in the camps? Had they also not found “shrunken heads,” human skin lampshades and books bound in “human skin” as well?[…]

Finally, we have the statement made by American prosecuter Telford Taylor in his recent book reflecting upon the course of events at Nuremberg where he stated that the allies had insufficient evidence of mass atrocitites, so the soviet representative flew to Moscow to obtain for them all the info they would need in that regard! Thus, it was no active collusion, but one based upon necessity and upon appearances….such as the horrible condition of many of the camps upon liberation along with the ever ubiquitous cans of Zyklon for delousing and the mandatory fumigation facilitites which were part of every camp.[/quote]


You see, I am pretty confident that a lot of people would have believed the Pilgrims killed six million Wampanoags by feeding them continuously with excess amounts of wheat, had it been repeated to them every day, in school and on TV; but it wouldn’t necessarily mean they did kill them – because repeating something endlessly does not make it so.


Franz Holtzhäuser

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