Revealing a Jewish Lie About the Kaiser

We begin with two revealing quotes:

“American Jews have their ideal, it spell `Washington is our Zion`”, Israel Zangwill, in Israelische Wochenschrift, Berlin, 1, October 1899 P 645


When in 1898 Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany made his famous visit to Jerusalem, all of the city’s leading clergymen were invited to attend the lavish reception in his honour. The ultra-Orthodox rabbis, however, refused to attend, one of whom was the fervent and aniti-Zionist, Joseph Hayyim Sonnenfeld. When asked years later why he had declined, despite the rare opportunity to recite the ritual blessing uttered upon seeing a royal personage, Rabbi Sonnenfeld resportedly responded: “I have heard from my teacher, R Leib Fiskin, of a tradition attributed to R Elijah, the Gaon of Vilna, that the German nation descended from Amalek … and how could I bless with the divine name a monarch who ruled over a people whose memory we have been commanded to destroy — From “Reckless Rites”, by Elliot Horowitz Princetown University Press 2006, p. 79

Before we start on this article I ask you to reread the quote from Reckless Rites, by Elliot Horowitz, Princeton University Press 2006, p. 79 seen above.

The quote from “Reckless Rites” tells something most of us already knew: Jews look upon Germany and Germans as the mortal enemy. Since Elie Wiesel encouraged his fellow Jews to do so, then every German should take up his advice and look upon every Jew as their mortal enemy, and to hunt them down wherever they are found and to destroy their lies, an eye for an eye — so to speak. It was not my intention to write about the Jewish hatred for everything that is German; I mention it here merely as a “spin off” towards the Jewish encouragement, as suggested by Mr. Wiesel, to hate Germans.

(NOTE: why should I give in to the Jews. That is against all I stand for. If I give in I am just as cowardly as those politicians I disgust! In one of his books Elie Wiesel encourages his fellow Jews to do this towards Germans, I do the same towards Jews! — although, my kind of “hatred” is one based upon the outline of factual discourse, and that is something Jews despise almost as much as Germans.)

“Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate -healthy virile hate- for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German.”—-Elie Wiesel, Nobel Prize winner and “chief witness” to the Holocaust

There are a few facts that should be made clear: BRD is the state unlawfully set up by the USA, England and Soviet after WWII. For those who are not familiar with European history, the First Reich was “The Holy Roman Reich German Nation.” That Reich ended with the Thirty Year War in 1648. I am sure you may find information on the first Reich in books, which you can rely on. I do not encourage you to look up any information on the web, not even Wikipedia. Information on the web can be tampered with and consequently not reliable. After the French-German war of 1870-1871, Das Deutsche Reich, constituted in Paris, was the Second Reich. The Third Reich in Germany, and was governed by NSDAP and Hitler.

Plan III


On April 24, 1971, Jewish owned The New York Times, had an amazing story, by an historian, Holger H Herwig who found in German archives, Plan III. According to Herwig, it revealed that Der Kaiser, Wilhelm II, planned to invade USA between 1903 and 1910. According to this plan Das Deutsche Reich was to set up a supply base on one of the Caribbean Islands and use Porto Rico as their main base. From here the Navy of Das Deutsche Reich would attack Eastern Seaboard of USA. A massive bombardment of New York was part of the plan. The Admiralty of Das Deutsche Reich had been working on this plan which first was presented to Kaiser Wilhelm II , in 1898, by a young Naval Lieutenant Eberhard von Mantey.

According to The New York Times, Plan III must have been known outside of Das Deutsche Reich. The article in the NY Times, the Jewish owned newspaper, said:: “In the years following World War I, the Kaiser denied there had ever been any plan of military or naval action against the United States.” But the “historian”, Mr Herwig, knew why: “The Kaiser’s memory had obviously faded.”

Operational Plan III

The BRD newspaper Die Zeit (still works in 2013)

On May 9, 2002 , an article regarding Kaiser Wilhelm II and Das Deutsche Reich, claimed the plan for a war on USA took a new turn. This time, The BRD Die Zeit, another Jewish owned newspaper that came onto the field, in its issue No 20 of 2002, printed a story regarding a Plan written in Das Deutsche Reich regarding an attack on USA, by one Eberhard von Mantey in late 1898. According to Die Zeit , the Plan was found in the military archives in Freiburg, a city southwest of Germany.

Die Zeit, is a BRD newspaper, and since some Germans do know someof the history, the people behind the story had to “spice it up” with names of military personnel from Das Deutsche Reich and link the story with the colonies Das Deutsche Reich had before WWI. Die Zeit was specific in describing where the naval ships and the soldiers brought to USA should strike and how many ships were needed to transport all soldiers. Mostly, Die Zeit described that it was Kaiser Wilhelm II, the war-lover, who demanded the Plan, and that he, Kaiser Wilhelm II , wanted to invade USA. The paper also described how sad Kaiser Wilhelm II was in 1906, as he had to let the Plan fall. Reason: because in 1904 England and France closed a cooperation agreement, Entente, but Russia refused to close a military agreement with Das Deutsche Reich.

The English: The Guardian (still works in 2013)

On May 9, 2002 the Jewish owned English newspaper, The Guardian, printed a story based on what Die Zeit, in BRD had written, with only minor modifications and “refinements”. According to their story, the Plan was to bomb Manhattan, and then land at Cape Cod and march into Boston. Other cities on USA’ east coast would also be attacked and eventually invaded. This action was to scare president Roosevelt into submission to the forces from Das Deutsche Reich.

From The Guardian, we also learned that Admiral Tirpitz , the “father” of the navy in Das Deutsche Reich, backed the Plan to invade USA. He saw the plan to attack USA as a way to deploy and bolster the new Navy.

One of the reasons that Kaiser Wilhelm II backed the plan, was that he was afraid Das Deutsche Reich would be refused access to the Panama Canal. Das Deutsche Reich would need to use that canal to get easy access to her Asian colonies.

The Guardian said that the man who “found” the plan, was Henning Sietz.

[divider]Comments by Randulf Johan Hansen[/divider]

With USA being the master in BRD it is remarkable that it took some 26 years, between 1945 and 1971, before the “historian” Holger H Herwig  supposedly “found” Plan III. What’s even more remarkable Mr. Henning Sietz was named as the “discoverer” of Operational Plan II in 2002. What happened to the “discovery” of Plan II from 1971? As for Operational Plan III I am surprised that Die Zeit did not print “copies” of the Plan that was “discovered” in Freiburg. This is my comments to the paper-work related to the discoveries and disclosure of the Plan.

Turning our interest to the military side—in Plan III, the NY Times, from 1971 said the navy of Das Deutsche Reich should have their supply base in one of the Caribbean islands. In Operational Plan III the supply base should be, Antilles, according to Die Zeit; Why did “historian” Herwig not see that?

Die Zeit, wrote that about 100,000 soldiers were needed to take Manhattan. These soldiers would need about 2 pounds of food each day in addition to ammunition and other supplies. Such supplies would mean that Das Deutsche Reich needed another large transport ship, in addition to one for the supplies only for the soldiers fighting in Manhattan. Therefore, additional supplies for the soldiers, would have to come from other cities taken along the American East Coast. An army big enough to take on a country as large as USA would need additional transportation for the men and material that have reached ashore– – before WWI that meant horses. An attacking army could not rely on capturing horses once ashore in USA so they had to bring horses with them. I don’t see any mentioning of horses in any of the “Plans”, since horses would be needed to transport canons and ammunition and other supplies from the ships. Where would Das Deutsche Reich set up a hospital(s) to serve their wounded soldiers? An army as thorough as that of Das Deutsche Reich would have arranged for such important problems.

Around 1905 Das Deutsche Reich did not have naval ships large enough nor the number of naval ships needed to send out a military mission as large as the one supposedly said to attack the East Coast of USA. Besides, Das Deutsche Reich did not had enough naval ships to protect her own coastlines should England start an attack on Das Deutsche Reich while her navy and a large part of her army would be occupied in attacking USA. Das Deutsche Reich did not have ships large enough to supply an army more then 3000 miles away from home. Also, naval ships would be needed to protect the Das Deutsche Reich supply ships during the operation in USA! The naval officers would have been aware of the fact that should Das Deutsche Reich engage in a war on the West Coast of USA, her ships would have been under attack by England; and England had a large naval fleet in 1903 that could have done what she did in 1914—to block the naval fleet of Das Deutsche Reich from coming on to the shore..

Kaiser Wilhelm II would NEVER have asked a young naval lieutenant to draw up such a military plan, such a military plan would need a far more experienced officer of a higher rank, then that of a young naval lieutenant. A large scale Military plan would be studied by a team of highly qualified officers with long military experience. This could only have been planned in the minds of sick Jews who wanted to harm Das Deutsche Reich and Germans. If you read the “Reckless Rites” you will understand why Jews would do this.

You will be able to find more “proofs” of this “Plan” on the web. Such “Proofs” produced in yeshivas around the world are only intended to portray Germany and the Germans as war mongers. As this in Norwegian.
A study of the countries up till 1945 that had been involved in most wars through out history would show that Germany had participated in only very few wars.

Let us take a look at wars between 1823 and 1863 and which countries were behind those wars.

  • 1823 A French army crossed the boarder of Spain to support the Spanish king in a war against his parliament.
  • 1826 Russia went to war on Prussia and annexed two Prussian provinces.
  • 1827 An English-French-Russian naval fleet attacked the Turkey naval fleet at Navarino and destroyed it
  • 1828 Russia attacked Turkey to support the Greek uprising
  • 1830 France attacked Algiers – a war that ended in 1847
  • 1831 Russia attacked Turkey in order to support Egypt in her uproar against Turkey
  • 1839 England attacked Afghanistan (and lost)
  • 1840 England in war with China – the First Opium War
  • 1849 Kingdom of Sardinia declares war on Austria
  • 1854 Crimean war. England, France, Kingdom of Sardinia and Turkey declared war on Russia
  • 1856 England was at war with Persia
  • 1857 England in (second Opium) war with China , England also in war with rebels in India
  • 1858 France and Spain started war with Indonesia. The war lasted until 1863.
  • 1859 Austria declareed war on Kingdom of Sardnia, France declared war on Austria. England declared another Opiium War on China. Uproar in India against England, France helped England. France and England looted the Chinese summer palace in Beijing
  • 1862 French expedition to Mexico. Start of England’s war on Spain

Source: Aschehouig’s World History volume 6 and 7.

According to the American historian Prof Wright , 287 wars took place between 1800 and 1950. He ranked the following countries:

England participated in 28%, France 26%, Spain 23%, Russia 22%, Turkey 15%, Poland 11%. Sweden 9%, Holland 8% and Prussia/Germany only 8%.

To evaluate further which countries are most war-hungry, I will show what English newspapers wrote in connection with the Crimean war: Prussia was characterised as “cowardly” and not “willing to go to war”.

It is very sad that true and neutral information never is revealed, neither in school books nor in today’s newspapers. Now, only information sanctioned by world Jewry is allowed to be published.

Looking over the last 50 years shows us that the most warmongering nation is Israel, followed by USA in a close second place .

To overcome the outright lies and audacity – in Yiddish Chutzpah, the truth, in facts, must be spread, loud and clear …

Please forward this article to all your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can’t understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.


Author: Randulf Johan Hansen

Source: k0nsl-archives

Date: 8/12/08

Edited by k0nsl.

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