Remer’s commentary on the The Rudolf Report

Otto Ernst Remer, General-major, retired, Winkelser Str. 11E, 8730 Bad Kissingen, Tel: 0971-63741, Fax: 69634

To all friends, countrymen and people who love the truth: I am in distress!

On October 22, 1992, the District Court of Schweinfurt, Judge Siebenbürger presiding, sentenced me to 22 months prison without probation. This is the equivalent of a death sentence for me.

The trial against me was not a real trial. The main session of the trial ended in a deadlock. The sentence was equivalent to the destruction of an 80-year old man. I was not permitted to defend myself against charges consisting of lies, harassment, and attacks on my honor. The court denied me the possibility of defense by means of sec. 186 of the German Penal Code. It refused to put my assertions to the test of examination.

My defense attorney had asked the expert witness Rudolf to appear. This expert witness was in the courtroom, his expert report had already been submitted along with other official records. However, the expert witness was not allowed to speak and the expert report was not allowed to be read. The expert report (1) and irrefutable scientific facts were denied by presiding judge Siebenbürger.

Earlier, Diplom-Chemist Rudolf had been assigned by my defense attorney, retired Colonel Hajo Herrmann, as expert witness to investigate testimony concerning alleged homicidal gassings at Auschwitz. Rudolf used modern scientific, precise measurement techniques to establish the presence of cyanic residue.

No physical evidence has ever been presented in court to support claims of homicidal gassings: no document, no photo, and no orders from military or civil authorities. Can you imagine that a group of people as large as the population of Munich could be annihilated without leaving any traces of the crime? The only proofs of mass homicidal gassings are absurd witness statements. In the great Frankfurt Auschwitz trial (50/4 Ks 2/63) the court ‘proved’ the existence of homicidal gas chambers with the testimony of a single eye-witness, named Böck, who reported having seen thousands of Jews killed with Zyklon B. He testified that he “saw with my own eyes” how the prisoners’ commando worked without any protective garment in the midst of this Zyklon B gas, still hovering in blue clouds over the corpses, without suffering ill effects. What is the difference between Böck’s testimony and that of eye-witnesses who confirmed under oath that they saw witches riding brooms on their way to the Blocksberg?

In a powerful and irrefutable scientific work, my expert witness made a shattering discovery. The buildings in Auschwitz which are pointed out to tourists as homicidal gas chambers, in which millions of Jews were allegedly killed, never came in contact with Zyklon B. The analyses were carried out by no less an organization than the renowned Fresenius Institute. Notable historians agree that this research will revise world history.

The masonry samples taken by Rudolf were analyzed by the renowned Institut Fresenius.

This expert report has been in the hands of the Federal Chancellor, the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland (Central Council of Jews in Germany), the Federal Attorney General, the Ministry of Justice, and notable scientists and personalities for more than a year. Every one of them remained as quiet as a mouse.

The condition under which my expert witness agreed to testify was that his report should be presented only to the court. He specifically forbade me to make his report available to the public. However, since the Auschwitz Lie has become an instrument which threatens the existence of all Germans, I can no longer allow myself to be bound by this condition.

I myself shall die in prison for publishing scientific facts. By means of an unbelievably satanic twisting of history our people will be held defenseless and “subject to extortion”, as the Association of German Veterans wrote in its journal Soldat im Volk no. 7/8 in 1992. In this condition of eternal abject surrender we shall be destroyed by means of a horrifying ‘multiculturalism.’ This has forced me to a desperate defensive measure, which takes the form of unauthorized publication of Rudolf’s Expert Report on the alleged gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Since 1945, generations of German politicians have not only acquiesced in these ghastly lies against the German nation, they have participated in manufacturing them. The same applies to the mass media. These elements are doing everything they can to propagate the most vicious lies in the history of mankind through the German criminal justice system. When the truth comes to light, these corrupt and venal politicians know that they will be scorned by the public. The media brotherhood know they will be reviled as liars and driven from their posh editorial offices.

This whole pack of liars should be scorned and despised, deprived of position and driven from their spoils fortresses for what they have done to our people. I would like to contribute to this.

You too can help distribute this Expert Report. In the first phase of this operation, I myself will send copies to 1,000 leading Germans. Among them will be leaders of the military, business, scientific, and university communities, in particular members of chemistry and history faculties. I shall send a copy to every representative in parliament as well as media personalities.

In the second and third phases, I shall send another 1,000 copies of this scientific report. No person of prominence will be able to say that he did not know the truth.

These operations will be very expensive since postage alone costs 4 Marks per copy. Therefore I need your support. By ordering a copy of the Expert Report, you will be helping help me to distribute this irrefutable scientific document. Additional contributions will enable additional distribution. I am counting on your help.

Faithfully yours,

Otto Ernst Remer, 25th October 1992

I have added Sections I-V of the report of my trial in Schweinfurt. After reading this report, you will understand the desperation of my defense effort.

1. The Germar Rudolf Report

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