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Katyn Massacre and its Cover-Up by the US Government

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In April 1943, in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk in the Soviet Union, occupying German troops discovered eight large graves containing the remains of thousands of the Polish Army officers and intellectual leaders who had been interned at the prisoner-of-war camp at Kozielsk. Bodies of the prisoners who had been housed at Ostashkov and Starobielsk were discovered near Piatykhatky and Mednoye, respectively. Collectively, these murders are known as the Katyn Forest Massacre.

AP Exclusive: “Memos show US hushed up Soviet crime” (new window)

Historians who saw the material days before the official release describe it as important and shared some highlights with the AP. The most dramatic revelation so far is the evidence of the secret codes sent by the two American POWs — something historians were unaware of and which adds to evidence that the Roosevelt administration knew of the Soviet atrocity relatively early on.

The German Wartime Report on the Katyn MassacreAuswaertiges Amt – Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn (1943, 343 S., Text).pdf (new window)

The German exhumations at Katyn were a model for what forensic exhumations of mass murder sites should truly be. Compare the quality of the objective information in the German Report with the garbage the Soviets put together in Kharkov and Krasnodar later in 1943 when they were obviously trying to counter the German revelations about Katyn. Who could possibly fail to see the vast differences unless he were as thoroughly stupid and depraved as Roberto Muehlenkamp? The “discoveries” of Father Patrick Desbois are of the same disgraceful, stupid quality. Can any namecalling be too harsh or excessive for a creature like Muehlenkamp?

Friedrich Paul Berg
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Nazi Gassings Never Happened! Niemand wurde vergast!

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Dated: 9/12/12.

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