Ravishing the Women of Conquered Europe

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Dr. App was born in Milwaukee, attended St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee where he obtained his MA degree in 1926 and a Ph.D. in 1929. He also attended the Catholic University in Washington D.C. After that he spent eight summers in Europe, 1927, ’31, ’32, ’34, ’60, ’61, ’62 and 1963.

He was drafted into the US Army with which he served from 1942 to 1944. After discharge he accepted a position as Professor of English at Incarnate Word College, in San Antonio Texas.

Prior to his military service he had been Head of the English Dept at the University Of Scranton, Pa. In 1948 he accepted a post as Associate Professor of English at La Salle College in Philadelphia.

This article was first published on April 1st. 1946. It was a voice in the wilderness, an almost unheard of protest against the mass rape of German women.

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These horrendous facts must be disseminated to help counter the awful misrepresentations of history to which the world has been subjected at the hands of the media controlling Jew-Morgenthauists. They keep urging more and more OSI atrocity trials for aged men during which Alzheimeresque “Eye witnesses” are trotted out of Steven Spielberg’s stable to identify alleged wrong doers, men they couldn’t possibly remember 50 years later. More often than not, these “Eye witnesses” are paid performers, well rehearsed by Spielbergian or Wiesenthalian ADL types. (Never mind that you have to invent things, just make it as bad as possible. Just imagine the money we are making off the stupid Nazis (code word for German) with all of this!)
They claim more and more reparations from Germany, not to forget Switzerland and anyone else whom they can blackmail by defamation. By defamation not by provable, historical facts, but simple, sheer dishonest Talmud inspired lying and defamation. Theses repulsive history-gangsters defame and dishonor absolutely everything German with a vengeance using lies and more lies, so monstrous only sick minds could dream them up.

The Holocaust-Profiteers erected a wall of silence around the possibly most shocking crime against humanity ever perpetrated, crimes mostly committed by America’s Lend-Lease-Pals, the Soviets under the command of Uncle Joe Stalin. Since these horrors were committed with the tacit approval and frequent cooperation of the Western allies, particularly with the approval of the leering, foul General Eisenhower (That “terrible Swedish Jew”.) it is in the interest of the Holocaust-Profiteers to keep on hiding the truth.

People have been so brain washed, especially the present day Germans that when reading about these events many simply refuse to believe historical and scientific facts. It is unfortunately this majority who have accepted the Political-Correctness-At-Any-Price-And-Truth-Be-Damned attitude which has caused our society to believe anything, no matter how outrageous, as long as it is anti-German.

The Jews of the world have succeeded in causing German boys and girls to turn against their war hero grandfathers, to turn against their parents when even a hint of fairness or objectivity is asked for. This is the most unbelievable perversion and moral corruption ever visited upon any people in recorded history. It has been orchestrated by the Jews with the active help of the US and British governments. Decent men like former President Carter have been misused and his abysmal ignorance was used by the decaying foulness of an Eli Wiesel.

We know it is the Jews who control the media in the western world. This is the reason that 55 years after the end of WW2, propaganda movies are churned out by fundamentally dishonest scum like Spielberg et al rehashing old atrocity tales, utterly, relentlessly lying about history. What makes this really heinous is that this scum know they are lying and are manufacturing sick fantasies. At the same time the unspeakable horrors which were visited upon the Germans (I include the Austrians) and the Hungarians in the years immediately following the cessation of military hostilities in 1945 have been ignored and when this wasn’t possible, whitewashed and minimized.

It behooves us all to understand the thinking of the Holocaustians, their profit motive and their relentless, obsessive need for vengeance, a need so overpowering it can only be the product of a sick culture, the Jewish culture. The Jewish culture proves its sickness with the writings of their Talmud, the most holy book of their gutter religion.
This book of horrors is being taught in today’s Yeshivas all over the world. The folks who incessantly howl about “tolerance”, “diversity” and religious freedom are the most insanely racist and hateful group of people who have ever existed in the annals of recorded history.

Christianity counsels forgiveness, whereas Judaism counsels relentless, sick hate. This is easy to induce in the Jew, because he has been conditioned by his religion to hate or feel contempt for all Gentiles.

· Rabbi Meir Kahane said: “Vengeance is a perpetual Jewish concept that is a precept, injunction, commandment for the Jews”. No one could have said it better than this orthodox Jew.

For the Gentiles however, such a degree of relentless, sick and overpowering hate is an affront, it is an impossibility given the Gentiles cultural background. The Jews living within gentile society are a small minority. Therefore it is in their interest to exaggerate all wrongs having been committed, to lie about events, to out and out manufacture events, to conjure up images so horrible that Gentiles will feel hatred toward their own who are accused of having committed these crimes. Therefore the Jew lies, because the worse those Germans look, the more innocent and good do the Jews look.

Therefore Israel can torture Palestinians (legally) and murder Palestinian children. Jewish polit-scum provokes the entire Arab world with impunity and accuses them of “developing weapons of mass destruction”.

· No evidence of any kind has ever been presented. None, zippo, nada, zilch. Even after years of inspections, boycotts and mass murder of innocent children, an act praised by former American Secretary of State, the Jewess Albright.

All this while being under the protection of the Jew-corrupted polit-whores in Washington DC none of whom have the moral fiber of a cockroach.

George Washington whose name graces this cesspool of political corruption and utter, horrendous social decay brought about by the misguided largesse of the whites and the absolute corruption of the black politicians running this sewer, must be turning in his grave.

The more horrid the Germans are being made to look, the more “they deserve” whatever horrors were visited upon them. The ultimate perversion, surely unique in recorded history is that present day Germans agree with their defamers, blackmailers and destroyers of all western civilized values – world Jewry. This ultimate corruption needs the coinage of a new word.

In order to understand the Jewish mentality one must remember that it has been formed by thousands of years of Talmudic teachings. The Talmud is the most holy of all holy books this race possess and an understanding of it is essential in understanding their relentless hatred and defamation of all things Gentile, German in particular.

This is why I will quote some Talmudic passages:

* 1) Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.
*Sanhedrin 58b. ( They are taught to actually believe they are god-like)
*2) Jews may use lies to circumvent the Gentiles.
*Baba Kamma 113a. (Any Jew can tell any lie, no matter what)
*3) All Gentile children are animals.
*Yebomath 98a (This explains how Israelis can routinely murder Palestinian children)
*4) Only Jews are human.
*Baba Mezia 114a-114b. (This is the ultimate arrogance)
*5) Gentile women are bags of excrement.
*Baba Mezia 114a-114b. (The filthiest sex trade is Jew controlled)
*6) Adam had sexual relations with every animal in the Garden of Eden.
*Yebomath 63a. (This amounts to religiously sanctioned bestiality)
*7) When a grown man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing.
*Kethuboth 11b. (This amounts to religiously sanctioned paedophilia)
*8) A woman who has had sex with a beast is eligible to marry a rabbi.
*Yebomath 59b. ( No comment)

More about the Babylonian Talmud.

I could go on ad infinitum, but the aforementioned examples ought to suffice to clear up why Jews think and act as they do. The truth is, once they are understood, not one of them should ever be trusted again and everything they say must be questioned and examined and questioned and re-examined again.

These very teachings ought to disqualify any of them of holding any office of any importance in the private, military or government sector.

· According to the Israeli writer Israel Shahak we Goyim are being equalized with dogs and this is being taught to Jewish children of the orthodox sects today all over the world.
· We Goyim however fail to bite, the way any honorable dog would if thusly attacked.
· We even help them to destroy us. We make martyrs out of cunning cynical liars like Wiesel, Wiesenthal, Lipstadt et al and aid and abet them in hunting down old men who have been falsely accused of alleged war crimes over 50 years ago.

If this doesn’t make your blood run cold, I don’t know what will. Our entire social system, medical profession, legal profession, teaching profession from Kindergarten to Graduate Schools (this explains the horrid state of affairs of our school system)* our media, the entirety of Hollywood, practically all opinion-makers are Jewish. There may be some decent people among them but the vast majority lives by the Talmud, even if officially none-orthodox.

· It is possible today to graduate from an American University without ever having read a decent book, without having visited an art museum, discussed any topic of any significance and without knowing the difference between Beethoven and Braunschweiger. The degree conferred on such a paradigm of our educational system says something about “Bachelor of Arts”, a patent lie, since the holder hasn’t the slightest notion of what “Art” means, never having bothered to study anything that would be worthy of the word. That is the explanation, why huge sports stars, basketball comes to mind, sound as if they had a hot potato in their mouth when they mumble pitifully during interviews while the interviewer recalls their “college career” at USC or Columbia university.

Remember that next time you read German-bashing episodes, supported by “Eye-witnesses “, but strangely never supported by any forensic evidence. Photographs? It is easy indeed to forge those. Simon Wiesenthal personally forged photographs and crude forgeries of photos showing alleged German atrocities were circulated and are being circulated right now, all over the world, this despite massive proof that these photos are represent unmitigated lies.

The Salem witch trials produced many eyewitnesses who saw totally innocent women “riding through the air on brooms “. Well, those poor wretches were burned on the stake because of those “reliable” eyewitnesses.

On April 1st 1966 Time Magazine reviewed Cornelius Ryans book “The Last Battle” and stated the following: ” As the Reds approached Berlin in 1945 it had virtually become a city without men. Out of a civilian population of 2.7 millions, roughly 2 millions were women. Small wonder that the fear of sexual attack raced through the city like a plague — doctors were besieged by patients seeking information about the quickest way to commit suicide and poison was in great demand”.

The Russian troops had been exhorted by Jewish propagandist Elia Ehrenburg to murder, plunder and rape at will. It must also be remembered that every Russian military unit of company size had with them a communist commissar, Jews all, who directed the horrors described in the following article.

Dr. App’s Article.

When the Reds hit the city terror became unspeakable reality. Time magazine says: “The later waves of Soviet soldiers went wild. Rape, plunder and suicide became commonplace. Russian soldiers entered the Haus Dahlem, an orphanage maternity hospital and Foundling Home and repeatedly raped pregnant women or those who had recently given birth. All told the number of rape victims in Berlin – ranging in age from l0 years to over 70 will never be known. Ryan reports estimates from doctors that run from 20,000 to 100,000.

· (Ryan is an anti-German writer and his estimates are the lowest I have seen. One must state they are absurd in their inaccuracy.)

In short, a fate worse than death, the biggest mass rape in Christian history, is what our Second Crusade and Unconditional Surrenderism occassioned for the women of half of Germany of Austria and Hungary, as this article shows within.

The foulest atrocity occupation troops can commit is rape.
Sad to say it is an Allied atrocity not a German one. Our fellow re-educators of Germany our Russian Allies entered Danzig on March 24 1945. A 50-year old teacher reports that the following day her niece, aged 15, was raped seven times, her other niece, aged 22 fifteen times. A Russian officer told the women to seek safety in the Cathedral. After they had entered our brothers-in -arms arrived and while playing the organ and ringing the bells kept up a foul orgy through the entire night raping all the women, some as much as thirty times. Surely that’s a wonderful time – for the fellows who “help” us try the Germans at Nuernberg for alleged war crimes.

· (We know today in the year 2001, that the Nuernberg war trials represent the darkest picture in American justice. “Confessions” were beaten out of prisoners, in many cases their testicles were crushed, their nipples were burned with cigarettes and burning matches were shoved under their fingernails.
· Their families were threatened with starvation or deportation to the Russians.
· The US Army corps of “investigators” consisted mostly of Jews. Hundreds of German prisoners were executed because of “confessions” obtained under those conditions.
· We cannot ignore the manufactured, falsified and hear-say “evidence” given by paid witnesses nor can we ignore the “court” prohibiting any meaningful cross examination or defense.
· In addition, the defense counsels were under incredible pressure not to defend but only to sit by quietly while their clients were being railroaded onto the gallows.
· There isn’t a single solitary indictment that holds water by any civilized standard. The US senate held outraged hearings, while US appointed judges were heading a court so utterly unconstitutional, it made the Volksgerichtshof under Roland Freisler look fair. Read “Innocent At Dachau” by J. Halow)

Dr. O. Catholic pastor in Danzig declares “They even violated 8-year old girls and shot boys who attempted to shield their mothers”. The Russians practice Unconditional Surrender literally. A Russian General said to Lt. General Ira Eaker, commander of the Mediterranean Allied Air Forces: “We’ve decided just to kill all the German men, take 17 millions German women and that will solve the problem “. (San Antonio Light 6-14-’45)

These beloved fellow-liberators of ours are doing very well indeed. They know why one wants Unconditional Surrender and why Americans cried for a harsh peace against the Germans. They truly understand the spirit of the Morgenthau plan.

· (Henry Morgenthau Jr., Jewish bosom-buddy of President FDR, architect of a heinous plan which condemned the German nation to a slow death by starvation.
· It should also be noted that his father Morgenthau Sr. was instrumental, by the means of forged documents, in bringing the US into WW 1. He manufactured these documents while being ambassador to Turkey.
· The second plan to murder the entire German population was conceived by another one of FDR’s Jewish advisors, Theodore Kaufman. This plan entitled “Germany Must Perish” is possibly the most heinous creation of a sick mind ever put on paper. The president of the US, FDR approved of this plan (!) as did the mainstream American press, calling it a “solution to the problem”.
· The third Jewish plan at mass murder was devised by “Professor”Lindemann. This foul anti-Christ was born in Frankfurt a.M. from whence he emigrated to England. How he managed to worm his way into the British government is a matter of conjecture. He was one of the most evil minds in the British government (and that’s saying something). The fact that Churchill chose to pal around with him speaks volumes. It pays to remember: “Water seeks its own level”. This latter plan was put into practice incinerating hundreds of thousands of German women and children and destroying irreplaceable cultural monuments and valuables beyond reckoning.
· The Lindemann plan was helped along by Jewish architect Mendelsohn, who build an example of German workers housing in the Utah desert in order to enable American bombers to try out the most efficient manner in which to murder the German civilian population.
· These three murderous Jewish plans are the only ones in existence to rub out an entire people.

· No German plan has ever been discovered (and they are still desperately trying to find “a plan”) for the simple reason that no such plan ever existed.)

In Vienna alone they raped about 100,000 women not once, but repeatedly, including little girls not yet ten years old and old women. So reports The Most Reverend Bernard Griffin, British Archbishop (later Cardinal) after a more or less official tour to study conditions in Europe (NC report 10-18-45)

A Lutheran pastor, in a letter of August 7 1945 to the Bishop of Chichester, England describes the following. A fellow pastor’s 2 daughters and grandchild aged 10, suffer from gonorrhea due to rape. His 83-year old mother had died as a result of rape and how Mrs. N. was killed when she resisted a rapist while her daughter was raped and deported, allegedly to Omsk in Siberia for “indoctrination”. Indeed, the re-educators of Germany are having a wonderful time and the Morgenthau-Planners and the Harsh-Peace -Boys are leering with joy.


The day after our noble fellow-crusaders conquered Neisse, Silesia 182 Catholic nuns were raped. In the Diocese of Kattowitz 66 pregnant nuns were counted. In one convent the Mother Superior and her assistant tried to protect the younger nuns with outstretched arms, only to be shot down. The priest who reported this, said he knows several villages where all the women the aged as well as girls as young as 12 were violated daily for weeks on end by the Russians.

Winston Churchill said to the Germans in January 1945: ” We Allies are no monsters”, and he continued ‘This at least I can say on behalf of the United Nations to Germany — Peace, though based on Unconditional Surrender, will bring Germany and Japan immense and immediate alleviation from suffering and agony’. “Oh Yeah”? as a newsboy would say! Since that statement the Allies, who are no monsters, have raped more Christian women than have literally ever before been raped in the history of the world. The Allies, who are no monsters, have put the German population on a starvation-level diet.

· (I can personally attest to this, having been a mere child at the time. We were very literally starving. Had it not been for 8 apple trees in our yard my mother wouldn’t have been able to feed her three children.
· We lived in the “best” area of Germany, the American sector. I never forget the Americans living like kings, while we Germans were not only starving, but also freezing beyond measure. There was no electricity and natural gas was available only between 4 o’clock in the morning and around 6 or so. My mother used to do all the laundry (without soap, we had none), all the cooking, such as it was and heated up water so we could wash. She lit the gas oven and opened it, so that we had a little warmth. In order for her children to have warmth, she had to awake us at 4 o’clock in the morning! Unlike Jews, my mother never complained, even though she had no idea where her husband was or her eldest son, my oldest brother, or her parents and sisters. She never despaired or showed her unmitigated misery and suffering. She would sit at the piano and sing Schubert Lieder and play Bach fugues, reminding us never to forget German culture and civilization. “Remembering our greatness will get you through anything” she said.)

The Allies, who are no monsters, have looted over 12 million people of their homes, belongings, goods, food and even clothing. They have driven them from their ancestral homelands.

They have kept, or stolen, three fourth of their farmland, their ships and their factories, not to forget their farming implements and than told them to live by farming, exactly as envisioned by the Morgenthau Plan, which had been approved by the President Of the USA, FDR.

· The Allies, who are no monsters, have abused and starved to death more German babies than there ever were Jews in Germany and finally, they raped and debauched hundreds of thousands of German, Austrian and Hungarian women and girls, aged from 8 to 80.

· The Allies, who are no monsters, have murdered five times as many Germans in one year of “peace” than died in 5 years of war!

After British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin saw what the Allies were doing to “some 15 million German displaced persons, who had been looted and driven from their ancestral homes and farms.
He cried in Parliament: “I felt, my God that is the price of man’s stupidity – it was the most awful sight “. (Time, 11-05-45) But he was wrong!
It was “The Big Three’s” lust for injustice, for an excessively harsh, power-political “peace”, that’s what it was. It’s a crime, not stupidity!

Time magazine (10-02-45, page 27) describes the mass expulsion of at least 9 million Germans from East Prussia, Danzig, Silesia, Pomerania and the Sudetenland as being ” A tale of horror, old men starving on the roads, young girls raped in boxcars”.

· (The discrepancy in the numbers of the displaced/or murdered German women and children is easily explained because almost no records were kept under the horrendous circumstances. The most accurate estimate, using population figures of the territories in question as a guide, would be around 13.5 million.
· Also, these numbers do not take into consideration the mass murder of almost the entire ethnic German population in Yugoslavia, the Danube-Swabians, or the mass murder of the Volga Germans and those living in the Ukraine. These latter outrages were conducted by the Russian NKVD under entirely Jewish leadership and started long before the war, as early as 1936)

L. J .Filewood in the Weekly Review, London,10-25-45 states that the diet for German women was a starvation diet which will put off dying for months.

Upon these desperate starving women, our occupying troops lend-leased into the war “to make Germans into Christians” (that was one of the many cynical Allied propaganda slogans of WW2), are allowed to pounce like lustful wolves. Of German women Harry Flannery (Assignment to Berlin 1942 page 113) said that in spite of the fact that some Nazi leaders suggested to German girls that to be the unwed mother of a child from a soldier is no shame, the German birthrate remained largely a family birthrate, since the Germans are basically a moral people.

· (Harry Flannery’s remark concerns itself with “Lebensborn”, a plan by which “the cream of the crop” of young German womanhood was supposed to “make Children” for the Reich with war heroes.
· It should be remembered that those were heroes whose bravery, intelligence and physical characteristics were in all cases superb. The plan was strictly voluntary and the girls and children were taken care of in an exemplary fashion. Lebensborn existed for a limited time during the war years, 5 years at most. Today, they are attempting to create the perfect human with genetic engineering and sperm banks, were women are injected, how disgusting to a normal person, rather than having made love. But that’s ok, after all, we are so democratic! Hitler’s plan took into account the human factor, attraction, love, and Teutonic perfection. That was baaaaaaaad!)

After one year of Allied occupation and the policy of starvation, Major Claude M. Eberhart, venereal disease control officer, declares: “Food shortages as they grow worse, will increase the promiscuity of girls, who will become more willing to sell themselves for chocolate bars and the barest necessities which a soldier can provide. (AP Frankfurt a. M. 04-25-46 ) Said a hollow-eyed German soldier, finally released, ” I come home only to find my family’s house gone due to American bombing raids and my girl’s living with an American officer for the food he gives her.
(We Are Bungling the Job in Germany Readers Digest, 02-1946, p. 88)

Because of the striking number of higher ranking officers in residence with mistresses of vanished Nazi-Big-Wigs, even some discerning GIs call our rule in Germany and Austria “The Government Of Interpreters And Mistresses ” (Time magazine 09-03-’45)

During the first 6 months of the American occupation, according to Dr. G. Stewart in a health statement added to the Eisenhower report, venereal disease jumped to 20-times (!) its former level in Germany. Truly, the bringers of Christianity are having a wonderful time debauching the deliberately starved women of the conquered nation!
After the Unconditional Surrender of Germany, the American venereal disease rate began to rise from 48 per 1000 to 128 per thousand (Time magazine, 09-03-’45)

By December, according to Major Eberhart the average number of venereal disease cases among the American forces throughout Europe was 225 per 1000 (AP.04-25-’46)


In spite of the deliberately planned encouraged and tolerated debauchery of German and Austrian women by occupation troops under American and British command that occupation cannot be compared to the shocking beastliness of the Russians. Women in the American and British zone of occupation are usually given the “heroic” choice of death by starvation, or submission. Not so the German, Austrian and Hungarian women under Russian control. Not even Nuns were spared. Monsignor Matthew Smith, a fact minded Catholic columnist, returning from the recent consistory of Cardinals in Rome, declared bitterly, “Hundreds of nuns have been violated by the Russian barbarians. (Listening In 03-15-’46) Just imagine how the American press would have screeched even the war time religious press, if the Germans had ever violated nuns. They however never did!

The Nazis killed spies and saboteurs. The Russians on the other hand killed girls and nuns who resisted rape. In Silesia many girls and nuns were violated and a great number of them lost their lives in the struggle to defend themselves during the attacks. Among those killed were nuns and a number of priests who sought to shield the women from the attacks. The names of 42 priests who have been massacred are known. (MC, Paris, 12-10-’45)


When with our help, the Russians took Berlin they proceeded to perpetrate the worst orgy of rape in the history of Christian Europe. Our armies carefully waited outside so as not to interrupt this orgy of rape and looting. This abuse of German women became the order of the day. It went on right under President Truman’s eyes, who was attending the Potsdam conference, where he gleefully declared that:” The German people are beginning to atone for the crimes of the gangsters whom they placed in power, whom they wholeheartedly approved of and whom they obediently followed “.
(Dept. Of State Bulletin, August 12 1945, page 208)

The Russians simply rape any woman, from eight years up and if a German man or woman kills a Russian soldier for anything, including rape, 50 former Nazis are being killed for each incident. (Time Magazine, 06-11-’45)
· (It must be understood, that the term “Nazi” was used in 1946 to describe any German, much as it is being done today by the Jew-Hollywood crowd)

The “Fraeulein’s” lack of cooperation was no obstacle for the troops under General Eisenhowers command. According to testimony given in the US Senate on 07-17-’45, when French Colonial troops, under Eisenhowers command, entered the city of Stuttgart they herded German women into the subway tunnels and proceeded to rape about 2000 of them. Even a PM reporter ” reluctantly confirmed the story in its major details”. (See Peace Action, July 1945)

It will be remembered, that one of the major war-crimes charges against Japanese General Yamashita was that troops under his command had, in their last desperate days raped 25 Manila-Beauties. This occurred, after American troops had severed all of his lines of communications with the troops under his command.
For this, “Our Crusaders” hung him.


However uncomfortable for decent Americans such seems to be the sad truth of the matter. The bewildering fact is emerging, that the German troops of occupation, seven million of whom Justice Robert Jackson, chief US prosecutor, wants outlawed and presumably executed as war criminals, were by far, the most decent large-quantity troops of the entire war. The German troops, throughout WW2, did far less raping and plundering than their Allied counterparts. This can no longer be questioned!

In their behavior toward the women of the conquered territories, the German troops seem actually to have been the most correct and decent in the whole history of warfare.

William Shirer, in his Berlin Diary, 06-17-’40, during the first flush of German occupation, described how many French women had fled Paris for fear of the Germans. “It seems “, he wrote,” The Parisians actually believed the Germans would rape the women and do worse to the men. What really happened however was, that the Germans tried to be careful in their dealings with the people.

They were told that if a citizen attended strictly to business and refrained from taking political or underground actions against the occupying army he would be treated absolutely correctly.

· (There were practically no restrictions in “occupied” Paris. People enjoyed a full life. Nightlife was as colorful as ever. The city was never damaged or looted. The social elite of France happily intermingled with the German brass. World famed Coco Chanel was lovers with an SS officer and French actors and showmen who later made trillions in Hollywood, being oh so democratic and loving Americans, were regular guests in the villas of German officials.
· Paris was saved by German General Dietrich von Choltwitz, the hero of Sebastopol. He did so under considerable risk for his personal life and safety. He deserves a monument in that city and maybe, just maybe in the future some Frenchmen will have the integrity to admit to this openly. Alas, as a gesture of “thanks” for the benign occupation and the saving of their city, the French behaved abominably toward von Choltwitz and his staff, as for example the cold blooded murder of unarmed Cpt. Kayser on a Paris street, after the captain had surrendered. This man had been a literature professor in civilian life and was totally innocent of any wrong doing.
· It furthermore deserves to be mentioned that William Shirer was virulently anti-German and for such a man to make the report he made regarding the flawless honorable behavior of the German troops in France must be regarded as eye opening.)

In short, wherever Americans have been able to investigate for themselves, they have found, that however ruthless the Germans dealt with saboteurs and resisters, they were uncommonly Christian and decent towards the women of the conquered nations. It can be stated, that they committed no more rapes in conquered territories, than American troops committed at home or in allied lands.

Famed American novelist John Dos Pasos said that when Americans looted, they took cameras and valuables only. When the Russians did the looting, they took absolutely everything besides raping and killing. (Life magazine, 01-07-’46, page 24)


The nasty charge that seems justified, is that the American government and Army authorities, as well as numerous soldiers, appear to regard German women as objects of insults and debauchery, deprived of all respect and all human rights due to the Unconditional Surrender.

· There is entirely too much of the spirit typified by one Allied Military Government head in Munich who said: ” Rights?” you have no rights, you’ve been conquered, ya hear?” (New Republic, 07-16-’45) and by famed American Admiral “Bull” Halsey who remarked to Washington newspaper men after a dinner: ” I hate Japs! I’m telling you men, that if I met a pregnant Japanese woman, I’d kick her in the belly!

· (Compare that with the flawless, always correct gentlemanly behavior of an Admiral Doenitz! And the Allies tried Doenitz, of all people, for alleged war crimes. Despite their abject failure to make any of the trumped up charges stick, they gave him 10 years in prison, I suppose, just for the hell of it.)


German women are treated so insultingly as prostitutes that if American GIs were to bring their wives over, they would have to wear American uniforms in order not to be mistaken for “Fraeuleins” by other occupation troops. (INS, London, 01-31-’46)

In France, some Frenchmen have begun to carry truncheons at night to protect their wives and sisters from American GI insults, this according to Time magazine, 11-19-’45. One can easily imagine, how the “Re-Educators and Liberators ” act in Germany. One serviceman writes, that he shivers at the apparent absence of basic human decency displayed by so many GIs (Time magazine, 11-12-’45 )”That’s the way it is!”, said an American captain. ” We look on the German women as loot, just like cameras or Lugers”.
(N.Y. World Telegram, 01-21-’45)


The message to German women is simple: Sin or Starve. Our Morgenthau-polluted government after the Unconditional Surrender of the German armed forces destroyed and looted Germany’s factories. They plundered the German patent office and took away all of Germany’s shipping and rolling stock.

Than they ripped the country into nonviable economic sections, directed the territorial robbery of one 4th.of all agricultural lands and approved the expulsion of between 12 and 15 million people. All of this was justified as “reparations”.

· (In a speech in May 2000 Pres. Clinton, the possibly most corrupt American president ever, had the arrogance to remark, that the “questions” of reparations had not yet been settled! This abysmally ignorant, utterly uncultured reject of civilization and his wife, who is equally revolting, are so totally Jew-corrupted as to make any decent human being want to throw up. Under his auspices 83 % of all White House officials were Jews.)

The starvation of the population (part of the genocidal Morgenthau-Plan) became inevitable and must be called deliberate. It is hard to escape the conclusion that this planned starvation diet was to some extent leeringly imposed upon the defeated nation, to make German women the easy prey of the occupying army’s debauchery. At any rate, this is exactly what the American Morgenthau-Potsdam policy has accomplished.

Dr. George N. Shuster, president of Hunter College and a scholarly, careful man indeed, writes after a visit to the American zone of occupation: ” You have said it all when you say, that Europe is now a place where woman has lost her perennial fight for decency, because the indecent alone are left alive “.(Catholic Digest, 12-’45, page 82) The American, British and Russian governments have stifled German industry, trade and agriculture to such a degree, that one can almost assert, that the only German women who can manage to feed their children, are those who have become mistresses of the occupying troops. Some are helped by their sisters, who have chosen the same road to survival.


By official American government admissions, we have brought Germany down to a daily caloric intake of between 700 and 1500.

· (700 calories for children and a maximum of 1500 for people engaged in hard labor. Those 1500 calories were never issued. The German slave laborers for the American army may have received 1500 calories a day, on occasion, such as the “Nazi”-teachers, who as slave-laborers were forced to built the Ice Hockey Stadium in Bad Nauheim for the occupation troops using, or rather “misusing ” looted building materials. These materials were desperately needed to build housing for the millions of homeless refugees who had flooded the pitiful rump that was left of Germany.)

This caloric intake is less than an average American breakfast. It is a diet that inevitably leads to death by starvation. Is this unvarnished hatred against our very own race or is it planned genocide a la Morgenthau?

· (In retrospect it is a safe bet that it was Morhenthau-inspired, or Lindemann-inspired or Kaufman-inspired, take your pick, to murder as many Germans as possible by these Talmudic means. It had to be Jew-inspired, since such a diabolical plan couldn’t come from any other mind than that of an amoral, sick, relentlessly vengeful Jew. Let’s not forget that the Jew Kaganovich murdered around 10 million Kulaks in the Ukraine during the 1920’s by the same exact means.)


Some American senators have openly stated that starvation was a planned and deliberate act of our very own policy makers. Who Were They? Our government has been so determined to starve the German population to death, that even private charity has been officially prohibited. Bishop Aloisius Muench of Fargo, North Dakota has written:
“For the first time in the history of Christian Nations, have powerful governments made the exercise of Christian charity impossible through official Regulations.” (One World in Charity, Lent 1946, page 1)

· (We know today that the policy makers, interrogators and officials from the USA were practically all Jews. These very same Jews established a tyrannical hold over the helpless German civilian population in the years of 1945, ’46 and ’47.)

Beginning 04-01-’46, after much humanitarian pressure, US government is permitting, not welcoming, relief of 2000 tons per month. That amounts to two ounces per German man, woman and child per month. It amounts to a hypocritical, token relief, to hush up the Christian-minded, to create a smokescreen by which the murderous Morgenthau-starvation of the conquered German nation can be prolonged as long as possible. It appears to be calculated to make the starving women more easily available to satisfy the lust of the occupying troops, making rape totally superfluous. In the meantime the German men are being kept as slaves by the allied countries, including our own!

· (The slave labor which German men and women were forced to do was not solely restricted to the Russian zone of occupation and has to this day assiduously been covered up. Today, in the year 2001 there are still 1 500000 Germans missing (that’s 1.5 million!) who have been worked to death between 1945 and 1947)

The above is borne out by the following statement made by the “Top-Cop” of the American forces, Provost Marshall Lt. Colonel Gerald F. Beane: “Rape presents no problem to the military police, because ‘ a bit of food, a bar of soap, a bar of chocolate ‘, makes it totally unnecessary “. He continues:” Think that over, if you want to understand what the situation is in Germany “. (12-05-’45)

The aforementioned Dr. Shuster says:” Except for those who establish contact with the allied armed forces, Germans get absolutely nothing, from soap to shoes “.

The end result is that young girls, unattached, wander about freely and offer themselves, for food and a place to sleep. Very simply, they have only one thing left to sell, and they sell it, because it’s preferable to dying of hunger, disease and exposure.
Concurrently “The Holy Crusaders” under the command of General Eisenhower who are guilty of these heinous acts, have the unmitigated shamelessness of putting entire classes of German people on trial as alleged war criminals.

· (I can attest to this, as I remember wearing homemade sandals, in minus 10 degree temperatures, and a jacket made from an old uniform coat. I was one of the lucky ones. At least my mother was able to scrape up old rags.)


a Lutheran Pastor, just returned from Germany describes how gangs of irresponsible bandits in Russian or American uniforms pillage and rob the trains. Women and girls are violated, in full view of everyone after having been stripped of their clothing.

This description appeared in a magazine called Christian Century. Indeed, the “Holy Re-educators” of Germany are truly having the time of their lives!


His Holiness Pope Pius XII, in a letter to Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber, laments the base injuries and misadventures which German girls and women have to suffer. (NC, Vatican City, See Dubuque Witness, 01-10-’46) The Vatican Radio Station charged that in the Russian zone of occupation in eastern Germany, cries for help are going up from girls and women, who are brutally raped and whose bodily and spiritual health is completely shaken. (AP, London, 04-27-’46)

Our “Holy Crusading” press and radio commentators keep screeching about the concentration camps, in which NO women were raped, but are totally silent about the vast and worse concentration camp our Morgenthau-Plan has made out of all Germany, Austria and Hungary.

To compare the conduct of our own armies with the bestiality of the Russians would be sacrilegious, but our armies too are having the time of their lives, by debauching the conquered women. Famed American writer John Dos Pasos has quoted a red-faced Major, who said:” Lust, liquor and loot are a soldier’s pay “.

A serviceman writes: “Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how “Our Boys” conduct themselves, with complete callousness, over here. (Time magazine 09-17-’45)

An army sergeant writes:” Our own Army and the British as well, have done their fair share of raping and looting. This offensive attitude is not general, but the percentage is large enough to have given our army a black eye and we are too considered to be an army of rapists. (Time magazine, 09-17-’45)


The implications of these letters must make the Gods of hell guffaw, for it is to be remembered that these boys were lend-leased into the war to teach the Germans Christianity (!) and to bring them and the world the Four Freedoms and the Atlantic Charter!

As soon as they had been “lend-leased”, the US government issued these “modern crusaders” as Bishop Spellman had called them, 50,000.000 rubbers a month. (Time magazine 09-03-’45)

· (Spellman was one of the first and most virulently Jew-loving “Christian” leaders of the western world. This long before the corrupt, sanctimonious “700-Club” crowd and the Polish Pope, who appears to be suffering from mental illness made it fashionable to crawl into Talmudic anuses. Bishop Spellman admitted many years later to having committed grave errors in his admiration of the Jews and having regretted his past actions. Well Bishop, “I’m sorry” doesn’t do it. You were and are a despicable traitor to Christianity and to Western Culture.)

The soldiers received indoctrination in indecent practices, as far as Bishop Michael J. Ready charged (NCWC News, Columbus, Ohio, 10-30-’45) Equipped therefore with 50,000.000 immoral prophylactics, not to forget the graphic illustrations in their use, these “modern crusaders” swarmed in to teach German people the meaning of Christianity. Wow, a good time was had by all!

· (At the time this article was written, moral standards in the US were at a rather higher level than today, hence the outrage by the good Bishop.
· An interesting aside, the American rubber manufacturers must have made trillions and could therefore easily be accused of war profiteering, since rubbers can’t possibly be identified as a military necessity)


Having illegitimate children with German women was ok, but God forbid a soldier would want to marry one. That was strictly prohibited. Nothing else was, the German girls husbands and boyfriends, being conveniently kept in slavery.

Of course, having an illegitimate child increased the allowance paid to the soldiers. (AP Dispatch, Berlin 09-12-’45) A good time was thusly assured for the noble liberators, provided German, Austrian and Hungarian women were properly “cooperative”.

· Have the abettors of the most beastly and large scale raping in history the right to call anyone else “gangsters”?

On January 11, 1946, the Swiss newspaper “Weltwoche” relates how, when recently three theatergoers, an American, a German and a Russian called on the star during intermission, she said: Excuse my appearance, but I was raped twice coming here and so suffered a nervous collapse. The Swiss reporter goes on to say that is it customary in Berlin for women to be raped, coming and going, and that hardly anyone notices anymore.


While President Truman witnesses these horrors, he sits together with Joseph Stalin, drinking champagne and agreeing to the wholesale expulsion, murder and rape of 12 to 15 millions German women and children, as punishment “for their war-crimes”.

What if our women and children were treated thusly? “When you hear the tales of the brutalization of the German women in Silesia, Pommerania and Prussia, you shudder at the thought that such horrors could be visited upon those you love. (Jon Dos Pasos, Life magazine) Would a conqueror violate our women thusly, maybe we would be able to understand the horrors. Perhaps it will come to that. If it ever does, we will have deserved it, we who screamed when the Germans executed the British-sent murderers (of Reinhardt Heydrich) and their concealers at Lidice and don’t raise a whimper when the Russians violate hundreds-of-thousands of women and hundreds of nuns.


Churchill said: “We are no monsters”, but a British chaplain reports that in one Austrian town he knew of 3000 women under treatment for rape! In Vienna, supplementing Cardinal Griffin’s charge that 100,000 women had been raped repeatedly, John Dos Pasos, a Life magazine correspondent in Europe for three months, reports:

The Viennese tell you of the savagery of the Russian armies. They came, like the ancient Mongol hordes out of the steppes, with the flimsiest supplies. The people in the working class districts had been under the mistaken impression, that since they were “workers” they would be spared. The Russian troops raped, murdered and looted at will.

When the victims complained, the Russians replied you are too well off. You must be bourgeoisie.


Something dramatic enough finally happened to get a little space in the daily press. A Hungarian Bishop was shot. That was something. For years we have heard the Germans cursed as the veritable reincarnation of the anti-Christ, but not only haven’t they ever shot a man of the church, wonder, of wonders, they let them alone! Here now, the “Holy Crusaders” of Christianity had shot a bishop. When the story came out, a pro-Russian slant was detected: “Russians Punish Men Who Killed Bishop.”

Recently in Rome, Cardinal Mindszenty explained that Bishop William Apor of Goyer and 53 priests were murdered by Russians troops. The Bishop was killed when he tried to protect a group of women and children who had sought refuge in his residence.

Last summer, KAP News Service carried a report by the Swiss Legation which stated: “Besides the looting, it is especially the raping of the Hungarian women which has caused the most suffering to the population at large. These violations are so general, from the age of 10 or so all the way up to 70 years, that there are practically no women in Hungary who had escaped this fate. Acts of incredible brutality have been registered and a host of women prefer to commit suicide in order to escape these monstrosities.

Even now after order seems to have been somewhat established, Russian soldiers watch houses were women live to return at night in order to take them away for their use. (Tablet, 07-28-’45) Christian Europe has never before experienced such far flung violations of its women and decent Americans should be sickened to death by this horrible spectacle. When in 1683 Mohammedans threatened such a fate to European women at the gates of Vienna, Christian Europe rose horrified to prevent such a mass atrocity.


but to wreck more churches than any vandals have ever wrecked. Then to blast an entire city of women and children to smithereens in order to try out a new bomb and to apply to a whole Christian people the policy of unconditional surrender in such a way as to cause them to be helplessly looted and raped by the most viciously totalitarian hordes of all time. To top it all of they invite these mass violators of women as sanctified fellow-prosecutors of what now has emerged as the most decent army of WW2.

What are we as plaintiffs guilty of and what can the shackled defendant, the people of Germany, look forward to? The brighter the light of Truth, the darker the shadow of our sin.


Britain offered the Russian looters an extension of the Anglo-Soviet treaty to 50 years. If the mass violations of women is nauseating, the support of the violators through this military alliance should make even the politicians cry: “Shame.”

The apostolic “Four Freedom” interventionists have brought Christian women the foulest mass tragedy in the history of mankind. The Pope, the German Bishops, two or three American Bishops and in Britain the Quakers, a few clergymen and scholars protested in agony – but the self-righteous re-educators and “liberators” of Germany, leeringly cry for blood and harshness.

  • (The British have for over 100 years done the bidding of the Jews and have displayed a horrendous disregard for truth and decency. If any people ever sold their collective soul to the devil, it’s the English.)


This article, written by an American humanitarian so long ago, should cause everyone to wonder, why it is that after all these horrors, Germany is still being bashed, maligned, befouled and dishonored.

  • It should give us cause to think how it can be, that people in Germany, France and Switzerland actually go to prison for defending the good name of the nation, for merely saying :”Enough is enough.”
  • It should make us wonder who really runs the world, and why it seems to be run on a basis of falsifications, lies and international blackmail on a scale unimaginable.

How is such a total perversion of the state of things even possible? What have the Holocaust-Profiteers to fear? The truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Should the truth be readily made available every history book would need to be re written, trillions of Dollars in reparations would have to be returned and entire nations would have to beg forgiveness from Germany. Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia and the entire Sudetenland would have to be returned to Germany. Reparations of incredible amounts would have to be paid by the former Russian allies, England and France and numberless Russian, American, British and French soldiers (most of them now dead) would have to justify themselves in front of an international war crimes tribunal.
  • In addition Israel would lose its reason and justification for existence. The entire Jewish created Holocaust Industry would come crashing down and bury its perpetrators. The Holocaust-whining Jews would be uncovered for what they are: Heinous liars, blackmailers and embezzlers.

No, I don’t think the truth will ever be allowed to be made known by normal means, but thanks to the Internet and to millions of people who have the capacity to think, it won’t stay buried either. Thanks to the rogue state of Israel, millions upon millions of people are actively looking for information such as the one contained herein. And incidentally, THAT is the reason they want to censor the Internet. THAT and nothing else.


Dr. Austin J. App

Foreword, Epilogue and Commentaries

by Gerry Frederics.

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