Pornography in Israel

An article, ‘Perverse Nazi-Pornography’, appeared in one of Norway’s Boulevard newspapers, VG, on May 27, 2008. The story described an industry that developed in Israel towards the end of the 1950’s, and continued to grow. After the trial of Adolf Eichman, an Israeli filmmaker, Ari Libsker, made a pornographic documentary, showing off the typical morbid lust of the Jews.


According to the VG, this pornography began with stories about Auschwitz, written in Hebrew by K. Tzetnik as a series of books about Stalag, a shortened name for the German Kriegsgefangenen-Stammleger, a main camp for war prisoners. The plot in these pornographic stories was always the same: A POW, a British or American soldier, is humiliated by a female warden, she utilizes the prisoner sexually. The prisoners are not being tortured to answer military information. They are tortured by the blond female warden for her own sexual satisfaction. After being misused in every way the humiliated prisoner takes revenge and start torturing the warden, ending with killing the warden. Even the killings have a trace of their sadism.

A number of men expressed uncommon enthusiasm for these paperback books, of which many had been stashed away for years. In these books, references were made to a sexually charged arena of war and oppression that aroused, and developed a fetish for one’s tormentors, in this case the Germans. A scene from a popular post-WWII teen flick shows a young Israeli man in a bubble bath reading a Stalag book on the sly, and apparently it stimulated a lot more than his imagination.

Pornography is not new to Jewish communities around the globe. Wherever they live, they exploit their sexual weaknesses, and also that of the people they live among, for their own economic benefit.

A “new” industry – an obscene one— was created out of nothing

This “new” industry developed in Israel made millions upon millions of dollars. Ari Libsker, the film maker, did a “documentary” about his fellow Jews who turned German women into their mistresses in the camps where allegedly millions upon millions of Jews were gassed. Yet, nobody questioned why Jews did this? In the same “documentary” Libsker interviews a wide-range cross-section generations of Jews in Israel . He raised more questions that established no insights or direct answers.

It is common knowledge that the Jews have a lustful weakness. Before WWI most brothels all over Europe were owned by Jews. Their “product” was girls “fetched” from Eastern Europe, the “trading market” was an old village in Poland called Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz.. They exported their “industry” to Western European countries. This industry, driven by lust and obscenity, also exploited their own people, as well as others. To them, women are in the world to please the Jewish men’s sexual lust.

For centuries rabbis have discussed among themselves every aspect of sex and come to the conclusion, as written in their Talmud, sex is a major part of their life, and that it is allowed in any way or manner it is preferred. In all their books, sexual sadism is a major factor.

Women in the German Camp system

In Germany most women were home, taking care of the family. During the war some women worked in factories, the young girls were employed as Krankenschwester, trained nurses, in hospitals and Kindergartens. Although there were some women guards at Ravensbrück, a camp mainly for criminal women, the bulk of the guards were men. The few females who were occupied in the camps worked in the hospital unites.
It is especially noted that in every barrack the inmates themselves were looked after by capos – — which many were Jews. These capos had the daily contacts with prisoners.

There is a story of one woman with a questionable relationship to a camp. Mrs. Kock, who was called the Witch of Buchenwald by Jews. After WWII the allies put her on trail as well, but she was acquitted of all allegations. The “new system” in Western Germany, BRD, put her on trail for atrocities. She was innocent – but ended up dead in her cell. She did NOT committ suicide.

Like their Holocaust, there is much to question about these stories.

Only Jews show no dignity towards their alleged dead fellow Jews

What is most remarkable is that world-wide Jewish organizations do not protest such obscenity. What can be understood from this is that the immorality which has been foisted upon the people has become a successful business, the same as their stories about the Holocaust, some of which have been exposed as just that, stories of fiction.

Who, but one with a twisted mind, could write in a fictional manner, about the most gruesome ways their fellow people were killed, or in a sadistic manner, about sex?

Who but Jews, in Hollywood, and movie producing companies in other countries in Europe, and now Israel, would produce sadistic pornography, and with the stories about the Holocaust, turn all this into a Billion dollar industry….They are an odd and queer race, these Jews and definitely NOT like the “gentiles” whom they want to destroy through wars, and other methods.

Unless the world starts to take action against their lies and stops their blackmailing the Germanic people to confiscate money, Jewish organizations,through their misleading propaganda, have begun to take over the Middle East; first Palestine where they have created a monster nation, a nation that holds the whole world in a stranglehold and driving Western nations into war on their behalf.

Another short note from their history

They were the slave traders in ancient times, also, the riots makers though out the middle ages and the instigators of revolutions around the world. Long before that they were the minds behind the exploitation and destruction of nations in Africa and Asia.

Their Talmud tells them that they are the only people, with one religion, the rest are to be their slaves and beasts of burden, in short – their religion preaches that they are the “Chosen People”, blatant supremacy if there ever was one. Regardless of the fact that they live in many nations throughout the world, they think of themselves as one nation, one people with one religion.

Unless the rest of the world open up and observe them, and come to the realization that their plan for world domination is to bring about a New World Order, under one form of government, such as they see it—- a dictatorial form of tyranny to enslave the people, the world must join in a concerted effort, to stop them…it could begin in each country.

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and audacity, in Yiddish Chutzpah, we can overcome by spreading the truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can’t understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.

Author: Randulf Johan Hansen

Source: k0nsl-archives

Date: 6/3/08

Edited by k0nsl.



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