Otto Frank became a little ‘ Too friendly ‘ with Anne

From the book – ‘ The hidden life of Otto Frank ‘


” Innocence defiled ”

Otto’s marriage was to a wealthy frigid Jewess who couldn’t fulfill his desires.

“ Caresses and kisses ” for his daughter

Moreover, Otto’s relationship with Anne, blatantly the apple of his eye, seemed to have been a little too close for comfort, teetering on the brink of inappropriateness. For instance, he confided to her the details of an early, ill-fated love affair that had so devastated him he was unable to have romantic feelings for anyone else.

He also took it upon himself to talk openly to Anne about sex and sexuality. His sense of humor was strongly scatological, a fact that he edited out of Anne’s diary, along with certain references to his previous unhappy romance and unclear — and unsettling — remarks by Anne such as, “I long for more than Daddy’s kisses, for more than his caresses. Isn’t it terrible of me to keep thinking about this all the time?”

What other reaction can a reader have to insights such as these than to blink and say, “Huh?”

Otto was also doing Jetje Jansen, a woman that worked for him.

“ Lucky Otto skipped a few pages when he rewrote the diary “

“ Oh Otto –You naughty Heb! “


1. Some of this information was collected from “The Hidden Life of Otto Frank” by Carol Ann Lee:


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