Old Comments From Our Readers

“I passed out when I saw “Holocau$t” written somewhere.” – Mr.C

“Great collection of articles. Very enlightening!” – Hans

“They seem to be scared as hell of your site (as well they should be)” – mugwort

“Your website is super-explosive, highly informative and exposive!” – klandern

“Your site proved to me (almost) successfully,
or more like convinced me that the holocaust wasn’t as big as they showed the world it was.” – La!la

“Your site is great, very professional, very extensive.” – Carlos W. Porter

“I would like to say I admire how you speak the truth about the worldly events
and I agree with your views on many things.” – b0b j0hanson

“As I was surfing the web, trying to sign a guest book,
I came across your name and website address,
immediately my heart was moved by God spirit in me to tell you this; You are a miracle.” – georgina

“I’ve been checking your website often to read more of you articles.
Sadly, I cannot read things well without getting side tracked,
so I often just skim them. You know, I think you should put them all into one file,
like an executable, and call it The Revisionist Handbook 101 (or something similar)” – Mercenary666

“Your site has a professional and easy to navigate format with an impressive collection of information – most of which I’ve never comes across before.” – Rachel

“Simply Marvelous!” – Dr. Brandt

“Your site looks quite professional.” – Kevin Alfred Strom

“You have a superb website.” – Friedrich Paul Berg

“I came to your site accidentially, but found it very good to read. Thanks.” – Will

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