Nina Morecki holocaust fraud

If you’re a revisionist, you can see right through the lies because you’ve seen her template story dozens of times. You find frauds like her in affluent California beach towns going from school to school to tell their story.

Fraud clue #1: The ridiculously flowery poetic language. Ever had a traumatic experience happen to you? Some awful thing? Did you tell your friends in this style like Nina Morecki?

“wings that know they once could have flown.”

“Any dreams and aspirations I had once bred in my young heart were abandoned.”

“‘Move!’ I begin to crawl between the bodies, luminescent in the moonlight.”

Puhhleazzze. It reads like Yankel Wiernik’s fraudulent account of Treblinka. He too gets shot, but in his case the bullet goes through his clothing but doesn’t pierce his skin!
Fraud clue #2: The bad shot complex.
Don’t you think the Nazis would have aimed well, shot, and made sure the victim was dead? Also why is it that no one has ever dug up one of these mass graves and proved to the world that there was a massacre there. Surely Nina Morecki could lead a team of archeologists to the very spot! There is one documented case where they dug up the graves: Katyn Forest massacre. Oh yeah, that was committed by Soviets against the Poles, and guess what? No one crawled out of the pit wounded and ran to a nearby farm! Here’s my imagined dialogue of a Nazi officer the day Nina was shot “I just peered into the hole and they’re all dead. Boy this top secret operation is sure going good! What do you say we leave this place and head to the town and have some beers.”
Fraud Clue #3: The nuts and berries element of the story:

“I traveled through the forest eating leaves”
Oh really. I’ll have to try that. I didn’t know you could just go out in the forest and eat leaves. I wasn’t aware that the human digestive tract could get nourishment that way. I wonder why anyone starved if you could do that!
Fraud Clue #4: Something that makes them look cool, like becoming a secret agent

“I looked young and innocent-not at all like a “secret agent.” My new name was Maria Kvasigroch. At last I had a purpose.I was sent to work by the underground in a German post office deep in Russia in the city of Dnie Propetrosk.”

What a ridiculous Steven Spielberg fantasy. As if I haven’t seen the “I survived and became a secret agent” story before. And that the underground could just place her in a German Post Office. LOL.

A class of nice California students. Utterly gobsmacked by
Nina Morecki’s story which brushes their heart,
because they have no idea of the lies that exist in our society



Author: Carto’s Cutlass Supreme

Source: k0nsl-archives via CODOH Revisionist Forum

Dated: 20/4/2005

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