More harassment from Andrew E. Mathis

As anybody knows who follows me, I’ve started to centralize stuff onto the blog. Put most of it on just one place. I have added some of the many threats, harassments and other stuff by Andrew E. Mathis here — for the most part these threats have been hauled in my direction, but also in a lot of cases he has targeted friends of mine.

This is an old e-mail dated 11/7/06 and I do not wish to give out the identity of this person so I’ll simply abbreviate his name as “C.K”.

In any case, here it goes:

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This was my exchange with Andrew Mathis PhD. The last
email here
was the first one I received from him concerning my
post about the debate with Jim Condit Jr. at the CODOH
Forum. Prior to that post I’d never heard from him
personally before.

What’s obvious is that he’s threatening me. This, of
course, is bluster but at the same time it’s rather
disturbing and I’m wondering now if the tables can’t
be turned on Mr. Mathis. Perhaps a letter to his
employer, or to some Jewish group that reins in PR
liabilities is in order.

He seems to go after anyone who disagrees or otherwise
upsets him in a particularly unscholarly and obnoxious
way. And he’s been getting away with this for too


— “Andrew E. Mathis” <> wrote:

> Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 18:57:25 +0000 (UTC)
> From: “Andrew E. Mathis” <>
> Subject: Re: Fwd: Hey Jackass
> Um, my “posse of uncouth CODOH Watch Shoahlanties”?
> What the fuck is that?
> By the way, you have NO IDEA how difficult your life
> can get.
> a.m.
> >—-Original Message—-
> >From: <DELETION>
> >Date: Nov 6, 2006 13:33
> >To: <>
> >Subj: Re: Fwd: Hey Jackass
> >
> >Andrew Mathis,
> >
> >There was no news from the Condit camp of any
> upcoming
> >debate with you in Philadelphia in the Spring. I
> wrote
> >to Jim Condit Jr.  personally asking for a
> follow-up
> >and received no reply. No American E-Wire
> announcement
> >about this to his subscribers… Likewise, I
> searched
> >the sites where you regularly post for a follow-up
> >from you on your challenge and found nothing there,
> >either.
> >
> >So, tell me where one can go to find out more about
> >when and where you and Condit will be debating and
> >I’ll run right back to the CODOH Forum and post a
> link
> >or the relevant info there. My life is already
> >difficult enough without any extra trouble from you
> >and your posse of uncouth CODOH Watch
> Shoahlanties.
> >
> >
> >
> >C.K
> >
>>Sun, 05 Nov 2006 19:14:04 -0800
>>Subject:       Fwd: Hey Jackass
>>To:   <DELETION>
>>From:  Add to Address Book  Add
Mobile >>Alert> >— wrote:
> >
> >> Just because Condit hasn’t updated his Web site
> >> doesn’t mean I’m not
> >> debating him. In fact, we have agreed to do so.
> >>
> >> You should check your facts before writing
> >> *ANYTHING* about me. I can
> >> make people’s lives difficult.
> >>
> >> Now go back to the CODOH Forum and
> >> correct yourself.
> >>
> >> Do it now.
> >>
> >> a.m.
> >>
>>>”Andrew E. Mathis” <>  Add to
Address Book  >>>Add Mobile Alert
>>>To:  <DELETION>
>>>Subject:      Hey Jackass
>>>Date:         Sun, 5 Nov 2006 22:05:47 -0500
>>>Condit’s latest is *not* the last volley. In fact,
we have tentatively >>>agreed to debate in
Philadelphia in Spring.

>>>Now go back to the CODOH Forum and
correct the >>>record. Get me?



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Well, so much for Jews being pious and all that…

Actually, come to think about it, I’ve never encountered any more violent people in my entire life, but I’m young so who knows..

I will finish this off with an “inside joke”:


Andrew “Egads” Mathis: The Horrible Blowfish. New meme?

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