Marie Antoinette


One of the most tragic, maligned and defamed figures in our history. As a young, totally innocent girl she was betrothed to the King of France, sight unseen. He was a decent, simple man, who was petrified of the responsibility of being king or husband. His only passion was to fix watches! He was so shy, so retiring, he was initially unable to fulfil his manly functions and consequently caused profound unhappiness in his beautiful, vivacious teen-aged wife. Her alleged excesses (parties, wasting money etc) were wildly exaggerated by some of the French nobility, who hated to have an Austrian Queen and who did everything to destroy her reputation. Eventually she bore her husband a son. The French revolution swept her husband from his throne. Tens-of-thousands were murdered in France, including the King and his Queen Marie Antoinette. She had been imprisoned for many years, during which time her only son was turned viciously against her, only to completely disappear. He was probably murdered after having fulfilled his role as a young Judas. Both she and her husband went to their death in front of the jeering crowds, with heads held high, bravely facing their murderers. She was a tough, determined and honourable woman who stood by her man under the most trying circumstances, proudly joining him in death, never flinching, never asking for mercy, never betraying her royal heritage, her German character. Today, the French actually ”celebrate” this revolution, the most bloody, horrible spectacle of injustice ever to occur until 1917, when the Jews slaughtered the Russian Goyim by the untold millions in a bloody Talmud inspired orgy of mass murder and torture.


Author: Gerry Frederics

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