Lies and Deceptions

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The Talmud quotes in this article are taken from a translation by Lazarus Goldschmidt. His works have been approved by Dr. Phil. Moses Friediger of the Copenhagen Synagogue; he is the chief Rabbi in Copenhagen, Denmark. This book can be found in the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Denmark. This information is given in order to avoid anyone who questions the authenticity of the quotations, which I have used, or want to claim that they are false. I have done the translation from German to English.

Lies and Deceptions:

Through their media, and for the past 150 years, the Jews keep telling the world that they have been persecuted. It is written in their Talmud that the Romans slaughtered 40 million of them at a fortress of Bar Kokhba. According to demography there were not that many Jews in the entire world at that time. But should you challenge their slanted “history”, you will be labeled an anti-Semite—the worst swearword in our world of to day.

Furthermore, we are told that many Jews were killed in Roma some 2000 years ago. BUT forget to mention that these Jews were killed because they believed in Jesus Christ.

Why were the first Christians pursued?

To the Roman empire this new religion was a threat because it attacked their gods. The first Christians could be compared with today’s revisionists who are being persecuted because they do not believe in the Holocaust. Further proof is that the Zionist state of Israel does NOT permit Christian missionaries to teach about Jesus. History does show that the Romans killed people who started rebellions. Agitation towards the Roman gods was looked upon as rebellion.

The political leadership in the western hemisphere are in the same pursuit of the revisionists, even though the can their facts and findings are proven. They are thrown into jail, and given large penalties; many have their jobs taken away. A few example to this are Germar Rudolf, Dr Fredrick Töben, and the latest, Ernst Zündel, who was first expelled from US to Canada and recently from there to Germany, although he proved that there never was any gassing at Auschwitz; and .he had won a law suit.
Germar Rudolf, when he wrote in his thesis at a German University, that there never was any gassing at Auschwitz, was not given his doctorate, even though he had proof. The German state has since been pursuing him. Dr Töben of Australia was thrown in jail in Mannheim Germany because he asked questions related to the holocaust. Because I asked questions related to the holocaust, and because I told fellow workers that I had learned the holocaust never happened, I was refused work as an engineer in the oil business There are many others who have been pursued by various western governments because they refuse to believe the holocaust happened the way the Jews claim. Yet, the Jews are beginning to return to Germany. Why? Is it because they find that life in Israel is too harsh?

Yesteryears jailing of some Jews

Throughout the Middle Ages and up to the beginning of the 20th century there have been Jews who were fined and jailed for disbelieve in a lie, as they claim, but never for the killing of Jesus Christ. Although he was crucified under Pontius Pilate, the fact remains that it was the Jews who demanded the killing of Jesus Christ. However, European countries did jail their own inhabitants for heresy, but Jews were not pursued because of heresy. The judges knew the Jews did not believe in Jesus Christ, therefore, the kings and other rulers had allowed the Jews to stay and worship their Jahweh.

So why were some Jews jailed?

I have been able to trace those Jews who have been jailed, and or expelled from a country, town or city, were for these reasons: Murder, extortionate interest/usury, falsification of money/theft, and receiving stolen property. Also, the ritual murder of Christian children for their blood; and the rape and abduction of Christian girls.

Should you not agree with the above crimes, there are many pages of proof. of these serious and heinous crimes. I simply ask you to believe me, but should you not, I ask you to do some investigation yourselves. Proofs are easy to find, I will give you some examples of these crimes.


When it comes to murder, I first quote from the Talmud: Aboda fara 26b: Den Rechtsachaffensten under den Goijm bringe ums Leben. In English: The best of the goijm must die.

Looking back at the last century you will find many Jews involved in the most gruesome murders in history. You might start with Murder Incorporated, active Jewish mob in USA during the 20s, 30s and 40s. It was involved in killings only in behalf of that mob.

Then there is the macabre murder of the Czar family in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. The killers of the Czar family were Jews. There are many other known Jewish killers in western history too numerous to mention here. Those who are interested in the arcane history, can find still find books hidden in the library archives.

DEUTERONOMY 23:19-20, “You shall not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury: Unto a stranger (Heb. ‘Nokriy’ or “Nokri) thou mayest lend upon usury; but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury: that the LORD thy God may bless thee in all that thou settest thine hand to in the land whither thou goest to possess it.

There are many proofs that Jews have extortionate interest when non-Jews borrowed money from them. In some cases farmers ran Jews out of their villages/towns or cities when they tried to have people thrown out of their homes because they could not pay the interest demanded by the Jews. But we must remember that the Jews were protected by the nobility of each country since the nobility also borrowed money from them.

King John in 1215, through the Magna Carta, the charter of English political and civil liberties, granted little protection to his subjects from the Jews whereby the Jews could not demand payback, or interest from the heirs of a borrower while they were under age. However, with the reissue of the Charter in 1216, those clauses which might affect the royal power to rise money were omitted together with those relating to the Jews. Jews were protected by most rulers in Europe except in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, the Scandinavian countries where Jews were not allowed to enter until the mid 1800’s. Before then, they would have to ask the kings, or rulers, for permission to enter.

Falsification of money/theft and receiving stolen property

On the topic of falsification of money, the Talmud says the following: Shoschen hamischpat 227, 6: “Eine Muenze kann man solange f

ür voll ausgeben als der Unterschied kein Sechstel betraegt”, In English: “A coin can be used as long as the difference (to a real one) is less then one sixth.” This mean, you can falsify a coin but limit your falsification to a weight less then one sixth of the real weight.
Falsification of money was among the crimes most Jews have been dealing in since they first came in contact with Christian, and other cultures. There is an old German saying that goes: “There’d be half as many thieves if the Jew was not the handler.” This should prove that Jews have been active as handlers and fencers in Germany for a long time

Ritual Murder of Christian Children

Many books have been written on this topic. One, by Arnold Sparre, “Jewish Ritual Murders” , published in 1936. You can find that book on the Internet. For those who read German, there is a book on the following web-site:

Julius Streicher published an article on Jewish ritual murder in Der Sturmer, a German newspaper, Streicher was killed at Nürnberg in 1946 for that and other articles about the Jews. For books and articles on Streicher, see:

Rape and Abduction of Christian girls

I refer you to a book written by Edward Bristove, a Jew : “Prostitution and Prejudice.”. In his book Brinstove describes how Jews from the east before WW2 sold prostitutes from the west in a town/village called Oswiecim, better known as Auschwitz.

Today Jews are still involved in prostitution in most western countries. In the USA media they are referred to as the Russian mob. In Western Europe the mob is alternately called Russian, Yugoslavian, Czech and Albanian, depending on which country they operate in. The girls are taken  — or abducted — from the Balkan as well as from African countries.

Little or no “Anti-Jewish” hullabaloo in Europe over the centuries

Of all the crimes mentioned above ONLY the ritual murders have led to uprising against Jews. There were NO hullabaloos or uprisings against Jews when the news about the killing of the Czar and his family became known.

Neither have the people in any country risen in unison against the Jews for their involvement in falsification of money. There has been little hullabaloo against the Jews for their extortionate interest/usury.

Have Jews been persecuted???

My limited investigation on this topic has convinced me that there has been NO persecution of Jews — for the mere reason of them being Jews — in Europe over the last 2000 years. Jews have been thrown into jail for crimes they have committed in the country where they lived in. Jews have taken out of proportion, and exaggerated about being persecuted because they were Jews; just as they have exaggerated the Holocaust.

Yes, Germany did send Jews to concentration camps before and during WWII. Not because they were Jews, but because they were a threat to the German government. The German government was within its rights, just as any other country would have been, to jail any group, or aliens who were a threat to the welfare of their country. Although World Jewry declared war on Germany – the political leaders in Germany had signed an agreement with Jews living in Germany which allowed them to immigrate to Palestine. Some did. Many stayed in Germany. Some 300,000 Jews died in the concentration camps from illnesses such as cholera, typhus fever, tuberculosis.

In the face of Chutzpah, Jewish audacity and outright lies, resistance must be a national duty.

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Author: Randulf Johan Hansen
Edited by k0nsl

Source: k0nsl-archives
Date: 4/24/05

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