Letter #2 / Irma Grese

Sent by Neal Baker to FRANZ: response given by Gerry Frederics and Mike Reisch.
[quote]I just read your article about Irma Grese . I have a few questions . Why did Grese think it was legal or appropriate to be guarding 20,000-30,000 foreign citizens (in Poland) who were neither tried nor convicted of any crime ? Did she believe that it was legal or appropriate in any sense to deport people (civilians) and keep them in a prison camp in a foreign country ? Did she think that the children in Auscwtiz had committed crimes and were “doing time ” ?[/quote]


Mr. Baker! Your letter about Irma Grese was sent to me by an acquaintance, Franz Holtzhäuser. I would like to answer your questions, however I must preface my remarks as follows; good manners in letter writing dictate 1) an address, such as ”Dear—”, or ”Mr.”, or ”Mrs” — I suppose you get my point and 2) a signature. Of course I realize that niceties such as good manners have gone by the wayside in our globalized world in which ‘good’ means bad, ‘ vulgar’ means sexy, ‘lies’ mean truth and bad manners (such as drinking beer out of a can or sucking on a water bottle while shopping) is considered de regueur. Someone who is of the parasitical race which has created all these ”improvements” would be expected to ask your questions, in the manner in which you asked them. Being a jew you are of course devoid of any sense of propriety, integrity or anything even remotely approaching honesty. This is obvious by your verbal/intellectual twists and turns and your loop-hole driven mindset is blatantly obvious.
Your questions are typical of those who try to deceive, mislead and confuse. More Yiddish one can’t get. Well Bubele, let me tell you—– 1) According to your jew-thinking, ANY prison guard, ANYPLACE is required to question the legalities and the morality of the system within which he/she lives. This of course excludes the jew-guards who beat to death German women and children in Poland’s Concentration Camps after WW2, the jew-guards who tortured their poor victims by flaying them and pushing rulers down their throats, or pushing their heads into full toilets until they almost drowned in excrement such as was done in the jew-designed Lubjanka prison in Moscow for 30 or more years starting in 1920, or jew Anna Pauker who in Rumania 1946, excelled at crushing her victims genitalia via a hammer, not to forget jew Kaganovich who devised the plan to starve millions of Ukrainians in the 1920’s or subsequently millions of German slave labourers in the Soviet Gulag, or jew-Morgenthau and his devilish plan, ad nauseum. It can easily be argued that these pitiful victims were innocents who had done nothing whatever, excepting belonging to a race other than the parasitical, murderous, inhumane, filthy, lying jew-race.

Grese was a mere 20 years old. Under examination she was as guilty of harmful activities as my grandmother who cooked her Sauerkraut & Rippchen in Breslau waiting for her husband to come home from work in the Ministry Of Culture of which he was the head. 2) Did she think it was legal bla-bla-bla. Let’s see now, did the American prison camp guards of Eisenhower’s death camps think it legal or anyway justifiable to hold prisoners (including women and children) under the most horrendous conditions without trial, without shelter, without food, without anything until about one million of them died – in peace time, after the war, while Europe was swimming in food supplies? 3) Did she think the children in Auschwitz (I prefer to call it ”Owshits”) bla-bla-bla. Listen jew, it isn’t a prison guards task or job to think about these things and none of them throughout history have ever done so. The point is, Grese did nothing untoward and demonstrably even helped when she could in her modest way, only to be betrayed and accused of, well jew-shiksas of course, the vast majority of whom re-canted their testimony. Furthermore, jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, spread filth propaganda against Germany, did absolutely everything possible to defame Germany and almost bankrupted the country before any laws or actions were taken against the parasitical jewish race. As such they openly declared themselves to be enemies of Germany. Whatever the German nation did was in anybody’s book no more than self-defense and yes, that includes rounding up all enemies of the state. Every country on earth has that right, even we Germans. Have you ever heard of ”Cause and Effect” ? O ya, I forgot, Der Ewige Jude is exempt from such laws of nature. Yaweh exempted them, so sorry I forgot. Talking about your blood-soaked, hate-filled scum-God, Ben Gurion once said; ”God promised us this land, but he isn’t the Palestinians God, so why should they care?”

www.germancross.com / Gerry Frederics

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To answer Neal Bakers question about Irma Grese, the Reich Government sent people to Auschwitz during the war for the same reason that the Canadian, British, and American Governments interned foreign nationals.
In America’s case even some Japanese and German naturalized US citizens were placed in camps.

I personally know of a Catholic priest being incarcerated on St. Helen’s Island in Quebec Canada for the duration of the war. I have also had a number of Japanese Canadian friends that were imprisoned and lost all their possessions. Some German internees in US captivity weren’t released until 1947. In all cases the internees were considered a security risk by the respective governments.

Today people are rotting away at Guantanamo Bay Cuba as well as various other prison camps around the globe for the same reason.

A prime example is Ernst Zundel. If you believe that he presents a security risk to Canada as well as internationally as claimed by Judge Blais, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in.

Did Irma Grese receive a fair trial? Absolutely not. Did she deserve the death penalty? Once more
absolutely not.

It is to the credit of the Germans that they have paid restitution for 60 years, with no end in sight, to “survivors” and their off spring to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. One has yet to see a similar generous restitution program initiated by the sanctimonious Allies.

About the only thing these Allies are capable of are witch hunts. They are prosecuting geriatric ex German camp guards, stripping them of their citizenships, and extraditing them to their countries of origin for additional judicial chicanery.

One has yet to see a single Gulag guard receive similar treatment at the hands of the OSI. There are a number prime candidates residing right here among us in Florida as well as California.

End of story.

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