Jews versus Palestinians

Dear Friends and Kindred Hearts.

Jews Used Force

By an armed insurrection and in defiance of the world, Jews, a minority in Palestine, proclaimed themselves the “State of Israel.” Defying the rules of war in International Law. The consensus of opinion of international lawyers confirms the following principles:

1. “Insofar as the Covenant of the League of Nations, the Charter of the United Nations and the General Treaty for the Renunciation of War prohibit war, they probably render invalid conquest on the part of the State which has resorted to war.” (Lauterpacht: Oppenheim’s International Law) .

2. “The occupant does not in any way acquire sovereign rights in the occupied territory but exercises a temporary right of administration on a trustee basis…The legitimate government of the territory retains its sovereignty but…the letter is suspended during the period of belligerent occupation.” (von Glahn: Occupation of Enemy Territory).

3. “The rights of the inhabitants of an occupied territory are also safeguarded against abuse and violation. They owe no allegiance of any sort to the occupying power. Their family honor and rights, and private property, must be protected. Individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportation of the inhabitants from occupied territory to the territory of the occupying power or that of any other country, are prohibited regardless of their motive.” (von Glahn: Occupation of Enemy Territory.)

The Manual of Military Law, published by the British War Office, and Professor von Glahn in his book Occupation of Enemy Territory, sum up what an occupant may or may not do in the occupied territory as follows: “It would be unlawful to change the constitution or form of government of the occupied territory, or replace the existing language of the occupied area with the language of the occupant. The nationality of the inhabitants of the occupied area does not change. The occupant is forbidden to change the internal administration of the area or establish a new State or assist in the maturing of plans to do so.”

These are but a few of the principles of international law that establish beyond any shadow of doubt that the occupation of Palestine was illegal. It also brings up the issue of what legal right Mr. Bush and his Administration have to occupy Iraq, or to continue to occupy Germany after more than Sixty years. These questions make the United Nations, the Charter of Human Rights, and the International Criminal Court, ineffective and useless.

The international Zionists leaders led by David Ben Gurion and his associates committed in Palestine “war crimes and crimes against humanity” as defined by Article 6 of the Nuremberg Charter, by which Nazi Leaders were convicted by the International Military Tribunal and hanged.

Accordingly, the admission of the “State of Israel” to the United Nations cannot give the minority of Jews in Palestine, the occupants by force of 80% of Palestine, any right or sovereignty because the United Nations has no authority to do so. One of the purposes of the United Nations in Article I of the Charter is “To bring about by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace.” The United Nations cannot contravene, violate or ignore the principles of international law and justice.

The occupation of Palestine by force and violence by alien Jews and the expulsion of more than one million inhabitants can hardly be said to have been accomplished by “peaceful means”, or are consistent with the principles of justice and international law. The United Nations, as well as it members, are bond by the doctrine of no-recognition and therefore cannot recognize in any way the illegal occupation of Palestine by Jews. Lauterpacht, in his book Reorganization in International Law, and McMahon is his book Modern International law state: “The doctrine of non-recognition is based on the view that acts contrary to international law are invalid and cannot become a source of legal rights to the wrongdoer. That view applies to international law, one of the general principles of law recognized by civilized nations. The principle ex injuria jus non-oritur is one of the fundamental maxims of jurisprudence. An illegality cannot, as a rule, become a source of legal right to the wrongdoer.

“After the end of hostilities there is full room for the application of the principle that no rights and benefits can accrue to the aggressor from his unlawful act.” (Lauterpacht: Oppenheim’s International Law.) The resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations had no effect under international law and did not legalize the unlawful occupation of Palestine Jews.

Admission of “Israel” to United Nations Illegal. To the letter and spirit of the United Nations Charter, the admission of “Israel” was contrary to international law. The so-called “State of Israel” never existed in fact or in law. It was nothing but an illegal “proclamation and illegal occupation by a minority of Jews. Furthermore, such admission was obtained by undue pressure and deceit and therefore it is void.

This so-called “Provisional Government of Israel,” which consisted of international Zionist gangsters, aliens from many foreign lands, representing Zionists throughout the world, submitted an application for membership in the United Nations, on December 17, 1948. The Security Council rejected that application.

The Western Powers submitted the application to the General Assembly in April 1949 and was referred to the Political Committee for further discussion. Many delegates questioned Zionist representatives whether they intended to abide by resolutions of the General Assembly regarding Palestine. Abbe Eban, a citizen of the Union of South Africa who had no relation to Palestine, gave the Committee affirmative assurance. His answers were misleading. He gave the impression that Jews intended to abide by United Nations resolutions on Palestine. The Western Powers exerted strong pressure upon delegates in the Political Committee for the admission of the so-called “State of Israel.”

Strong pressure by the Western Powers was again exerted in the General Assembly for adopting the resolution of May 11, 1949, for admitting the so-called “State of Israel” to the United Nations. The General Assembly recalled “its resolution of 29 November 1947 and 11 December 1948 and to note of the declarations and explanations made by the Representative of the Government of Israel, a citizen of South Africa, before the Ad Hoc Political Committee in respect of the implementation of the said resolutions. Therefore the admission of the so-called “state of Israel” for membership in the United Nations was a qualified admission. Furthermore, Article 4 of the United Nations Charter provides that the United Nations can only admit as a member “a peace-loving State which accepts the obligations of the Charter and able and willing to carry out these obligations.

The so-called “State of Israel” never was a State. It consisted of a minority of Jews, alien illegal immigrants, transplanted into Palestine, who, by an armed insurrection, in violation of international law, expelled more than one million citizens from Palestine and stole all their assets. How could they be a “peace-loving” nation? How could they carry out obligations under the United Nations Charter when their very existence, their occupation of 80% of Palestine and the crimes committed by them against its inhabitants are the greatest mockery of the United Nations Charter?

By whose authority do Jews have the rights or sovereignty in Palestine?

According to the principles of International Law, and the United Nations Charter, the position of the Jews in Palestine, their presence there is nothing by illegal occupation. If this unlawful occupation can give rights or sovereignty in Palestine to the Jew, and if the Court of International Justice, and the United Nations, then what purpose do they serve if they continue to turn away from the nearly two million indigenous Moslem and Christian Arabs citizens of Palestine? The right and the obligation of Moslem and Christian Arabs of Palestine to liberate their ancestral homeland should be supported both by international law, the United Nations, and mostly by well-established precedents.

The Palestine Arabs never have accepted, and seemingly never will recognize the “British- Made” conquest of Palestine by the Jews. In the words of a great American scholar and Lawyer, Philip Marshall Brown, expressed in Volume 35 of the American Journal of International Law: “A long as they (the Arabs of Palestine) do not accept military conquest, as long as they can manifest, in one way or another, their inalterable will to regain freedom, their sovereignty, even though flouted, restricted and sent into exile—- still persists. A nation is much more than outward form of territory and government. It consists of men and women in whom sovereignty resides. So long as they cherish sovereignty in their hearts their nation is not dead. It is not to be denied the symbols and forms of sovereignty on foreign soil or diplomatic relations with other nations.”

The Battle Rages On

To purposely destroy electricity, to bomb houses leaving Palestinians homeless and destitute for the return of one soldier while hundreds of innocent Palestinian women and children are held captive by Israel, makes them most heinous terrorist in the world. What is being permitting to happen in Gaza is an excuse for a retaliation that Israel has wanted all along to unleash its vengeance and gain back its illegal land. How can the United Nations, and the Western world stand by and approve this horror. There was no mention in the news that the day before the attack on the Kerem Shalom fort, the IDF kidnapped two Palestinian civilians, a doctor and his brother, from their home in Gaza. The other Middle Eastern countries are helpless against Israel, who has the backing of the United States government against the will of the majority of its citizens, The remiss organizations of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court of Justice seem to sit back quietly, rendering no positive solutions, and therefore, should be dissolved from existence.

No End in Sight

For one soldier captured, last week Israeli guns, tanks and planes devastated Gaza, by demolishing it electrical power station and again displacing thousands of Palestinians.

By this most heinous act, Israel has given more proof that it is the main centre for the carrying out the worst terror in the world, and an expanded world will have to get more than tough in response to this latest incident. A country that would commit such a monstrous act in destroying a country and its people, needs to be reprimanded as harshly and quickly as possible. They commit the crime and then make the world believe it was their “enemy” who instigated the act. How long will it take the world to get wise of their dirty tricks in creating terror?

It can be reasonable to say that the Israeli plane that flew over the Syrian President’ palace was to broaden the war in the Middle East? Both Israel and the United States will not approve or accept any form of government in Palestine, which is not favourable to them. What gives them that right? The answer is simple and clear. Israel is out to destroy any opposition to their illegal existence in Palestine..

Nathan Chofishi of Herzila, one of the pioneer Jewish settlers in Palestine, was quoted in the Jewish Newsletter (New York), February 9, 1959, as saying:

“We came and turned the native Arabs into tragic refugees. And still we dare to slander and malign them, to besmirch their name. Instead of being ashamed of what we did and trying to undo some of the evil committed…we justify our terrible acts and even attempt to glorify them.”

Nothing has changed, and won’t stop, until the rest of the world tells them to stop.

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and audacity, we can overcome by spreading the truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can’t understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.

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Author: Randulf Johan Hansen

Source: k0nsl-archives

Date: 7/9/06

Edited by k0nsl.


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