Jewish Wisdom: The Liquor Store

The renowned evangelist, Billy Graham, had come to town and the auditorium was packed. For the better part of an hour, Dr. Graham denounced the evil of drink, his impassioned denunciations taking the distillers and sellers, as well as the imbibers.

The vast audience was enthralled with the fiery speech, but no one was as fascinated as Hymie Kaplan who had entered the hall only to get out of the rain, and who was hearing him for the first time.

Now the evenagelist was winding up his lecture. “Who has the largest bank account?” he thundered. “I’ll tell you who -— the liquor store owner, that’s who! And who lives in the finest house and in the most exclusive neighborhood? Again, the liquor store owner! Who buys his wife mink coats, Cadillacs and jewels? The liquor store owner! And who is keeping him in all this luxury? You, the working man who spends his hard-earned money for all that whiskey, wine and beer!”

At the close of the sermon, the audience rose as one and accorded him the most enthusiastic ovation he had ever received.

Hymie rushed up to the platform and grasped Rev. Grahams hand. “Thank you! Oh, thank you!” he cried. “You are indeed an inspiring man!”

“Then you are saved?” asked the good minister. “You’ve decided to give up drinking?”

“Well, no, not that,” explained Hymie. “But I’m going right out and buy a liquor store!”

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