Jewish Wisdom: The Cheapskate

The Cheapskate The Cheapskate

The bus was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge when the motorman noticed that the bearded Jew sitting a few rows back had not paid his fare. “Hey, buddy,” he called out, “you own me a dollar!”

“Fifty cents I’ll pay, not a penny more,” snapped the oldster.

“Look Mac, the fare’s a dollar. Don’t gimme no arguments.”

“Last year it was fifty cents!”

Enraged, the short-tempered driver slammed on the brakes and brought the bus to a screeching stop in the middle of the bridge. He went back to where the bearded Jew was sitting and jabbed his forefinger into the old Jew’s chest. “Okay, Buster, pay your buck. I already told you the fare went up.”

“Fifty cents!”

“A dollar!”

“Fifty cents – no more!”

The bus driver grabbed the old man’s suitcase and thrust it halfway out the open window. “Alright, I’ve had it!” he snarled. “Either pay the dollar fare or I’ll throw your suitcase into the damn river!”

“Oy gevald!” screamed the old man, “isn’t it enough you’re trying to overcharge me, you have to drown my innocent little grandson?”

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