Israeli interrogation of Eichmann




THE COMMISSIONER: Did you talk with Höss about the number of Jews who were exterminated at Auschwitz?

EICHMANN: No, never. He told me that he had built new buildings and that he could put to death 10,000 Jews each day. I do remember something like that. I do not know whether I am only imagining that today, but I do not believe I am imagining it. I cannot recall exactly when and how he told me that and the location where he told me. Perhaps I read it and perhaps I am now imagining that what I had read I heard from him. That is also possible.



Israeli interrogation of Eichmann [Transcripts, J1-MJ at 02 RM]


More and more people are convinced that Eichmann had been given a strict manus to adhere to, although he went off on some nonsensical tangents about gassing’s in farmer’s howels and ‘geyser’s of blood’ and some other interesting slips. The interrogation excerpt sourced on this page strongly suggests that the Israelis had been giving Eichmann a cocktail of drugs, more than likely containing lysergic acid diethylamides and other substances. On some photographs it almost looks as if Eichmann had suffered a stroke, too.

Whatever Eichmann said in his trial is invalidated by the fact that one cannot kidnap somebody and keep him on drugs and more than likely tortured (torture is legal in Israel even today). First of all it’s illegal to kidnap somebody and second of all there is no evidence to substantiate Eichmann’s extermination claims.

I also recommend reading “Eichmann Interrogated: Transcripts from the Archives of the Israeli Police”. Ted O’Keefe did a review of it here:

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