Israel Has No Rights to Sovereignty in Palestine

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Some of you have asked “when will you start sending out weekly bulletins and why did you stop doing it”? The latest is easy to answer: I lost all my inspiration to write as I learned patriots in Sweden and Denmark were attacked by the police. When even Norwegian patriots were attacked I said to myself ‘it is time to take a time-out’. I am not sure if it is time to start up again, but it is worth to try. Last autumn my car was damaged. by person(s) unknown – the windows were shames in and a door was pried open. My car was in a parking lot with other cars, only mine was damaged. No mistake! It was a deliberate attack I will not let the happening with my car stop me.

My bulletin this week-end is based on information taken from an article written in 1969 by Issa Nakhleh, Director, Palestine Arab Delegation, NY, titled: Israel Has No Rights to Sovereignty in Palestine.

The Start of all Problems in the Middle East:

In 1919 Palestine, and a few other Middle Eastern countries were recognized as independent states by all the nations assembled in Paris for the Versailles Peace Conference, and at the same time they were temporarily placed under Mandates of the League of Nations. We must never forget that League of Nation was the first step into a long wanted World Domination.

The Mandate for Palestine was entrusted to Great Britain, a leading nation in the New World Order.. At that time the population of Palestine was 95% Moslem and Christian Arabs and 5% Jews. According to Article XXII of the Covenant of the League of Nations the countries in Class “A” Mandate, included Palestine, and were recognized as provisionally independent nations until such time as they are able to stand-alone. The British Mandatory organized a civil administration, which it called the Government of Palestine. That Government consisted of an Executive, a Judiciary and ten Departments, which administered the affairs of the country.

Under international law Palestine was recognized as a State, with territory, with fixed boundaries and with a population “whose well-being and development formed a sacred trust of civilization”. The Government of Palestine took part in many international conferences and became a member of several international agencies. Palestine had all the qualifications of a State under international law. In Our Norwegian school books , Palestine was mentioned as a sovereign country as late as the mid 1950’s.

All countries placed under Mandates since, have become independent and are all members of the United Nations, (another organization secretly designed to promote an elite group domination over the world. ) However, Palestine and a few others mandates were not given status as nations by UN. In the 29 years following 1919 the British Mandatory failed to carry out its mandate to give the population of Palestine independence and self-determination. Throughout that period of time Great Britain continued dumping alien Jews into an Arab country and using the Balfour Declaration as justification. We MUST recognize that UN never accepted the Balfour Declaration as a document of any meaning, but remarkably no nation protested the influence this declaration had over Palestine and Palestinians.

The Balfour Declaration confirmed the infamous and perfidious conspiracy by which in 1916 Great Britain betrayed her Arab allies in World War I by promising world-wide alien Jews “a Jewish national home in Palestine” as the price the Zionist Jews demanded for using their influence to railroad the United States into World War I as Great Britain’s ally.

Samuel Landman, a London solicitor and legal adviser to the World Zionist Organization, described in his Great Britain, the Jews and Palestine, (London, 1936), the Balfour Declaration as follows: “…the best and perhaps the only way (which proved so to be) to induce the American President to come into the War was to secure the cooperation of Zionist Jews by promising them Palestine, and thus enlist and mobilize the hitherto unsuspectingly powerful forces of Zionist Jews in America and elsewhere in favour of the Allies on a quid pro quo contract basis.”

As soon as the Arabs learned of this conspiracy they protested vigorously, demonstrated, and demanded their liberty and independence. From 1919 to 1939 many Arab uprisings took place. British forces, reaching 200,000 troops in 1936-39, crushed the Arab resistance using the most unjustified and ruthless methods. More than 50,000 Palestine Arabs were killed during the 29 years of British rule in Palestine. More than 100,000 Palestinian Arab nationalists were imprisoned or thrown into concentration camps. Many British Commissions were sent from London to investigate the situation in Palestine. Each and every one came to the identical conclusion: that the Mandate was “unworkable because there existed two incompatible obligations, one to the indigenous Arab population and the other to the Jews.”

Jews Resort to Terrorism:

Ultimately the British Government issued the 1939 White Paper, promising Palestine self-determination and limiting further immigration of Jews to Palestine. This White Paper enraged the international Jewish Agency and Zionists throughout the world.

Terrorist gangs of Jews in Palestine, the Hagana, the Irgun and the Stern gangs, waged an armed insurrection, committing the most barbaric atrocities and acts of terrorism against the British forces, the Government of Palestine, and the civilian Arab population. According to official British documentary evidence David Ben-Gurion and his Jewish Agency colleagues plotted, planned and ordered the execution of these crimes and atrocities.

In 1947 the United Kingdom decided it could no longer handle the situation in Palestine and referred the problem to the United Nations. A United Nations Special Committee on Palestine was appointed. The influence of the Western Powers and Zionist machinations produced a “majority plan” for partitioning Palestine. The “majority plan” proposed a Federal State.

A resolution of the Palestine issue was referred to the International Court of Justice to determine whether the United Nations had authority to partition Palestine or any other country was, under undue pressure and influence, rejected in the General Assembly. On November 29, 1947, the General Assembly of the United Nations recommended the “partition” of Palestine into an Arab State, a “Jewish State” and an International Zone for the Jerusalem-Bethlehem area. Civil War immediately broke out in Palestine.

While the United Nations was in session searching for a peaceful solution to the problem, the minority of Jews in Palestine by force and violence, aided and abetted by the British troops, expelled more than one million Moslem and Christian citizens from Palestine from their ancestral homeland, occupying their homes, and properties, robbing them of all their personal possessions. Jews owned less than 1% of Palestine, yet they plundered and occupied all private and public property in 80% of Palestine.

It is an historic fact that prior to the month of April 1948, Palestine Arabs were winning the fight against the Jews throughout the country. All Jewish quarters were about to surrender. In the 1951 Year Book of occupied Palestine, pages 44-45, David Ben-Gurion confirms the victories of the Palestine Arabs…”this last week in March was the black week.” Then the massacre of Arabs in Deir Yhasin occurred on April10, 1948. The British carried out their part of the bargain by supplying Jews with all types of the most modern weapons, including Centurian tanks. British military forces disarmed Arabs in every city, town and village throughout Palestine, and even took part in battles between the Jews and Arabs, insuring victory for the Jews. Zionists know that they did not win a war honorably on the field of battle.

In spite of the fact that the United Nations General Assembly was still meeting in the Special Sessions called to search for a peaceful solution of the Palestine problem, the international Jewish Agency on May 14, 1948 proclaimed their so-called “Declaration of Independence.”

On July 25, 1948 Jewish terrorist assassinated the Swerden UN Envy to Palestine, Count Folke Bernadotte. One of the assassin was Yehoshua Cohen, who later became guard for David Ben-Gurion. Cohen often bragged about his part in the assassination of Count Bernadotte.

But what is the position according to International law, the United Nations Charter and the Charter of Human Rights? Can a Jew, who is an alien illegal immigrant in Palestine, expel a native Palestine citizen from his own country? What right does a minority of Jews by force have to occupy Palestine? After all these years, how can these Jews legally claim they are a “Jewish State”? Can these Jews claim sovereignty in Palestine under International law?

The Jews used force in defiance of the United Nations to proclaim themselves the counterfeit so-called “State of Israel”. Can you not see this action being repeated today as illegal immigrants occupy other countries around the world?

The Jewish terror towards Palestinians were far worse then anything done by any group of Palestinians after 1967. Whatever the Jews did the international communities did not protest – had such been done hundred of thousands of Palestinian lives would have been saved.

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and audacity, we can overcome by spreading the truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can’t understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.

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Author: Randulf Johan Hansen

Source: k0nsl-archives

Date: 7/8/06


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