Hungarian Communist Vermin

This charming, blushing couple is Joseph Peczkai and Dr. Helen (Mrs. John) Peczkai. Apparently, there is some relation (in-laws?). They were just two of the thousands of vermin who participated in the Hungarian communist revolution of 1919, delightfully torturing and murdering everyone in sight. The Germans fought against such human garbage, only to be defeated by the “Allies” — that is the thanks the Germans got. Ever since, vast numbers of “Peczkais” have been allowed to flow into Western countries with the blessing of “democratic” governments.

Below are the native rulers of Hungary. This Germanic/Teutonic type was common throughout Europe at one time:



Now, these are the “aliens” who stole and butchered in Hungary:

Hungary was ruled by a Jewish junta after WWI headed by a murderer named Béla Kun (his real name was Kohn — 100% kosher), whose speciality it was to ram a ruler down the throats of those who didn’t agree with him, who flayed (skinned alive) dozens of political ‘enemies’.

This is what the Germans fought against. These persons were the very scum of society.
Further comments are unnecessary, I think.


This page is from my old ‘holocaust’ detox archive and the first paragraph was lifted from “The Godless” with minor modification.

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