How the revisionists are presented in the media

If you want to control society, you have to control the media. The average citizen believes what he reads in his newspaper and what he sees on TV. For this reason, the overwhelming majority of the people in Western society accept the official holocaust story and reject revisionism – about which they know nothing, because the media invariably present the revisionist arguments in a grossly distorted way. For example, they mendaciously claim that the revisionists deny the persecution of the Jews or the existence of the concentration camps.

When the Swiss television commented upon the Baden trial against my editor Gerhard Foerster and myself, they showed pictures of dead concentration camp inmates found by American and British troops in the spring of 1945, insinuating that the revisionists were dismissing such photographs as forgeries. But no revisionist has ever claimed that these photographs were fakes. In the last months of the war, tens of thousands of prisoners died in the German concentration camps because the German infrastructure had collapsed as a result of relentless Allied terror bombing which had led to catastrophic shortages in the camps of medication and food. New inmates were constantly sent to the Western camps as the Eastern ones were being evacuated, so that the western camps were terribly overcrowded. There was no more insecticide to fight the lice which spread pectoral typhus, and countless prisoners succumbed to this dread disease. Under these circumstances, 15.389 people died in the Dachau concentration camp near Munich between January and April 1945, whereas the death toll between January 1940 and December 1944 had been 12.060 (Paul Berben, Dachau. The official History, The Norfolk Press, London 1975; these figures are universally accepted, both by the orthodox historians and the revisionists). Not even the most ardent defenders of the official holocaust story say that the horrible scenes American and British soldiers witnessed in the liberated camps (incidentally, a large percentage of the victims were non-Jewish) were the result of a deliberate extermination policy. According to the orthodox holocaust story, the gassings at Auschwitz, the last functioning “extermination camp”, were stopped in late October or early November 1944, and there were no homicidal gas chambers in the western camps such as Dachau, Buchenwald, and Bergen-Belsen which the British and Americans liberated in spring 1945. But the average TV spectator does not know this; he believes that the bodies shown on television are those of murdered Jews, and he gets very angry at the revisionists who seem to deny the undeniable. – So, the media “prove” gassings at Auschwitz and Treblinka by showing victims of typhus, dysentery and starvation at Dachau and Bergen-Belsen!

The media, which never ever allow the revisionists to present their arguments themselves, routinely depict them as neo-Nazis who falsify history in order to whitewash the National Socialist regime. This is totally untrue for several reasons:

– Revisionism is not a political ideology. The revisionists don’t waste their time arguing whether Hitler was right or wrong. They simple want to find out what really happened.

– The father of revisionism, the Frenchman Paul Rassinier, was a former inmate of two German concentration camps (Buchenwald and Dora). Rassinier, who was not Jewish, was a anti-Nazi resistance fighter. He was arrested in 1943 and tortured before being sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. After the war, Rassinier read many blatantly untrue stories about Buchenwald. Former inmates claimed that there had been a homicidal gas chamber in that camp, which Rassinier knew to be a lie as he had been in Buchenwald himself. In his largely autobiographical book Le Mensonge d’Ulysse (“The Lie of Ulysses”), which appeared in 1950 and is perhaps still the best account ever written by a former inmate of a German concentration camp, Rassinier expressed the view that there had undoubtedly been gas chambers in some of the camps, but that the number of the victims had been grossly exaggerated. However, in his 1964 book Le drame des juifs europeens (“The Drama of the European Jews”, Les sept couleurs, Paris 1964), he branded the gas chamber and Jewish extermination story as “the most macabre lie of all times”. Rassinier died in 1967.

– Several Jews, such as the very courageous and very anti-Zionist Josef Gideon Burg (who died in 1990) have espoused the revisionist point of view. (A young American Jewish revisionist, David Cole, recanted some years ago because the hooligans of the “Jewish Defence League” had made his life a living hell and threatened to murder him.)

– It is true that some revisionists – by no means all of them! – sympathise with National Socialism, but this is totally irrelevant as only the arguments count. When an astronomer claims to have discovered a new planet, we do not ask whether he is a fascist, a conservative, a liberal, a socialist or a communist. We only want to know whether he has really discovered a new planet or not.

Some revisionists have tried to avoid the accusation of “Neo-Nazism” by making strong anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler statements. It did not help them a bit, because everybody who challenges the gas chambers and the six million figure will automatically be branded as a “Neo-Nazi” and a “Hitlerite” by the media even if he condemns Hitler ten times a day.


Jürgen Graf

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