Horst Mahler’s El Pais interview


Request from the Spanish newspaper EL PAIS for interview with Mr. Mahler.

Q: What is your opinion on Irving trial? Why do you think he ended up denying the existence of gas chambers?

A: The Irving trial is a heavy blow against Jewish supremacy. Imagine! A world-famous historian having held almost twenty years ago a lecture on his findings earns for that a three-years-sentence! That is the revival of inquisition in Europe. The Europeans of today will not accept inquisition. Inquisition is a crime. The “judges” of Vienna are perpetrators of a capital crime and will be punished for that. Europa is at the dawn of a revolution to free itself from the Jewish yoke. The Holocaust is the biggest lie of history. Do You think that in the third millennium after Jesus Christ lies are a solid fundament of world dominance? Irving did what Galileo Galilei did to save his life. In Vienna the murderers of the freedom of speech could bring out a sentence up to 20 years of imprisonment. It’s barbaric.

Q: Why do you think freedom of expression is defended in the issue of the cartoons and not for the revisionism?

A: The media put it as the Jews like it.

Q: Why the German authorities won’t let you assist to the conference in Teheran? Could you tell me about other European academics or groups planning to assist?

A: There are no German authorities. The Federal Republic of Germany is a puppet-regime. The State of the German people is the German Reich. This was defeated twice by the western powers. The latter acted under the influence of the Jewish agencies. They are the winners of both world-wars. All-Europe and the white race is the looser. The puppet-regime is hindering me to go to Teheran because the enemy knows what I’ll say.

Q: What kind of collaboration is it established between the Iranian regime and the European revisionism? Is there a joint platform?

A: The truth is universal and needs no “joint platform”. The Iranians know all the stuff which the revisionists have gathered. The coming “Commission” will work like a burning glass. It will put fire on the heap of lies.

Q: To finish, I’m looking forward to talk to the people who are organizing the conference in Teheran to know when and where will take place. Can you suggest me someone to talk to in Iran?

A: The officials working for the conference in Teheran are known by reports in the Teheran Times.

Thank you, Mr. Mahler!

Ana Carbajosa



Source: k0nsl-archives

Dated: 2/26/06


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