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Just a short entry on Holocaust Controversies’ commenter and amateur Holocaust Enforcer – “Nathan” [note #1].

On his own blog [note #2], “Miracles for Strangers”, he introduces himself in the following manner:

I’m just an ordinary human being with maybe some extraordinary ideas about how the world works.

I made this blog so I could have an outlet for these ideas. Specifically, I am working on a major project, and I believe that it would be far more appropriate to publish it here than on sites like fanfiction.net or Deviant art.

I may occasionally post fanfiction here, if only to try and get a wider readership.

On other occasions, I may decide to rant about something here. When that happens, I may use foul language, so consider yourself warned.

The blog of this ‘Nathan’ only contains one post, the short introduction I reproduced above — posted Thursday, May 26, 2011. In connection with commentary on a Polish (alternatively Soviet) propaganda flick titled ‘Majdanek – cmentarzysko Europy (1944)’ [note #3] (i.e Majdanek – cemetery Europe 1944), Holocaust Controversies upcoming Holocaust Enforcer contender Nathan makes some typical Holocaust Enforcing, and also some turns and loops that are characteristic of a Holocaust Believer, read on.

There was one person who criticized the lousy propaganda flick mentioned above and instantly Nathan comes to the rescue with the following comment:

AnderSSon is probably in his late twenties or early thirties. Yet, his “reasoning”is on the level of a two year old, or a senile old fart. The doctor must’ve gotten shocked from how utterly fucking hideous he was when he was born and decided to throw him in the Garbage. Ironic, for all his hard ons toward the nazis, he would’ve probably been the first to been T4d if it had continued on. Maybe German civilians wouldn’t have put pressure on it to be stopped if they’d have seen it was for “people” like him.

Nathan then says the Germans — in-accord with some sort of plan — systematically starved their prisoners, to which somebody replies:

What the hell are you talking about, Nathan? Take your god damned medicine or seek help.
The Germans did not deliberately underfeed the inmates – food — along with everything else one needs for survival — became scarce as a direct result of your heroes bombing everything to the smithereens.
Your ‘heroes’ even bombed ‘Unholocausted’ Jews in Monowitz, you dimwit. Hell, they even bombed their own men on many occasions. I’m sure this happened on the German side once in a while too, but your thoroughly stupid heroes seem to have made it routine!
What I wrote with regards to the Western camps are absolutely correct and your pathetic insults cannot change that fact, what’s more; I never got the point, or reason, why you guys insist on calling me “Andersson”? That is not my name. I’m just curious – why are you applying this name to me? Because of a faulty ‘journalist’ named Daniel Poohl cannot research facts before printing a magazine…? That dumbshit only got 25% of the facts straight, the rest being nothing but fantasy or simply made up filler-material because they lacked the actual facts.
Daniel Poohl even lied about seeking me for a comment: how can they seek somebody they have no number for, no address, or even name? Were they dialing: k 0 n s l on the phone? Of course they cannot seek me for a comment when they do not know who I am.
So Daniel Poohl even lied about such a petty detail.

Lying is your business, Nathan. That certainly is clear. The fact that you take the words of Daniel Poohl on face value, and without so much as a doubt in your mind about it’s validity, proves that you are what you call me: a really stupid asshole!

The man later concedes that no extermination happened at Monowitz (i.e Auschwitz III) [see note #4], in any form or manner, and continues his insults in the following comment:

Poor Mr. AnderSSon, a hideous monster completely ostracized by others because the “sperm” that grew into him was saturated with shit when it was fertilized. Totally unaware about what other people – his “debating partners” – say. So not used to human contact that he’s ASSuming what others think. My heart goes out to him.

That one comment actually ends his commentary on this particular issue, but I may add other ones later — should Nathan continue with the subject, of course. I merely wished to connect this post with the one in the footnotes of this post — number 4 — to be specific: Holocaust Controversies: No Extermination At Monowitz.

I amputated some of it for space and to keep my post more condensed.

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