Her Majesty’s finest Warriors

It wasn’t until after the end of WWII , that, for the first time, Norwegians met English solders. There were some American soldiers who came in the summer, but by the fall of 1945, they had left. Since then, every year Norway is visited by some of England’s best soldiers come to Norway to become acquainted with Norway and to learn to fight in harsh terrain and hard climate. NATO also sends its soldiers from many countries, to Norway on such training in the harsh environment and climate of Norway. During these training (almost every) soldier, many for the first time in his life, must go skiing..

First time English solders came to Norway

Until now, the citizens of Norway had experienced only German occupation, during this time of occupation nearly 450 thousand young German soldiers lived among the Norwegians. In certain places along the long coastline of Norway, many Germans had to live with local farmers and fishermen. In all this time, as far as I know, there were never complaints about these German soldiers behaving badly or indecently toward any Norwegian.

My mother was a member of Nasjonal Samling, Vidkund Quisling’s political party. Before she passed away she told me something that happened to her in the late summer of 1945. She had to travel from town in a tramcar to our farm. At times, she either had to stand by herself or sit by herself. One a Sunday, she had been to visit my father and grandfather who were in prison. In the tramcar a woman living not too far away from us, sat down with my mother and started to talk to her. She told my mother an astonishing story: “Mrs. Hansen, during the five years of war, I was never afraid to go out (of walk) in the days, evenings or even nights. Now I am afraid of being assaulted in bright daylight!”

As to why both my father and grandfather were in prison, I shall tell you: They were members of Nasjonal Samling and as such, were arrested and imprisoned on May 8, 1945. In an agreement with King Haakon, who was in self-exile in London. Norway was occupied by England and America at that time. They demanded that every member of any nationalist, especially national socialist parties be sentenced and imprisoned. This, they did without having any police, or any other authority. My father and grandfather, and others, without justification, were arrested by Norwegian police, and assisted by those, who during the war, belonged to partisan groups, the so-called Hjemmefront (home front).

Many rapes were reported during that summer, fall and winter and throughout the years England occupied Norway after WWII. The police and the officials of Norway, looked upon these rapes as the “right” of the victors. Who, in their right, and moral minds, would see rape in that sense? Not the girls or women who were the victims of rape. Some rapes produced children, they were looked upon as gifts to Norway– -quite opposite to the children born between Norwegian women and German soldiers. The English occupation finally ended in spring of 1946, when General Sir Andrew Thorne and his soldiers left.

Problems with the local people

The training of soldiers in Norway has been going on for decades, ever since 1945. Whenever a group of English soldiers came, problems and trouble also came with them. These soldiers had the attitude that they can behave as they pleased while they are in a country far away from home. When Bars, restaurants, hotels and other businesses, in rural Norway experienced that the “once victors” did not behave as the gentlemen our political leaders expected them to be and said they were, they did not want English soldiers to visit their establishments any more.

To the best of my knowledge there had been no problems with soldiers from other NATO countries who were training in Norway. None of them were seen drunk in the streets. Neither did they harass Norwegian girls. None of them have ever been asked to leave the premises were alcoholic drinks are being served. Soldiers from other NATO countries are not seen with girls of bad reputation, neither are Norwegians soldiers seen with them.

About 40 years ago when German Naval Ships first visited Norway after WWII, as part of a NATO sea exercise in Norwegian waters, I was astonished to see how well-mannered the German naval sailors behaved. Before the ships arrived, the German Embassy in Oslo had contacted German and Norwegian families with ties to Germany and German companies in the cities and towns that these ships were to visit. German sailors and officers on those ships went to various premises arranged by Norwegian authorities. None of them were seen disorderly. They were accompanied by decent, mostly Norwegian, girls, who would even take them sightseeing around the towns and places of national interest.. But even after these arrangements were made, the behaviour of English sailors and the company they brought with them, did not improve. As for the English sailors, their behaviour never changed, it was always the same; they went on their usual bar trips and ended up drunk in the streets and were taken by their own military police.

British soldiers run “amok” in Harstad, Norway

Harstad, a town in Northern Norway, was sheltered from the rough North Atlantic Ocean by a small island. It was “blessed” with visitors from Her Majesty’s best in February of this year. The regional newspaper Nordly reported how badly and disgraceful, the English soldiers behaved. For those of your reading Norwegian, you may read here:

http://www.nordlys.no/nyheter/article3381789.ece [still works]

What took place in Harstad, can be read in the English edition, in the Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper):

“A group of drunken British soldiers went amok in a bar in northern Norway earlier this week, stripping off their clothes and ultimately urinating on the floor and each other…

“Winter military exercises take place in northern Norway every year, to prepare troops for service in Afghanistan and other areas.

“The behaviour shocked other bar patrons, many of whom had been harassed by the soldiers before they launched into their striptease.”


Cecilie Kleppe, age 29, told VG — boulevard newspaper — that the soldiers had been bothering several of the female patrons in the bar before they suddenly shouted “naked bar” and stripped off all their clothes.

“Some of them even started waving their private parts at the other guests,” Kleppe told VG. “Two of the Englishmen urinated on a fellow soldier who was lying on the floor. It was disgusting.”

At one point, about seven naked soldiers were sitting around the bar in Harstad, which is the main city near the area where British troops take part in winter military exercises.

The manager of the Sfinx Bar, where the British soldiers went amok late on a Wednesday night, said he’s never seen anything like it. “I hope it never happens again,” he said. No police reports were filed, but military officials claimed such “bad behaviour” would be punished.” Thousands of soldiers from several countries are in northern Norway for the annual exercises.

Not all NATO soldiers are as bad

German soldiers have been coming to Norway for the past 68 years. Never have there been reports of any incidents where German soldiers have been involved in quarrels with local Norwegians. A military standard dating back hundreds of years to 1750, when the Prussian King Friedrich der Große (1), set the standard for soldiers and forbids bodily punishment of soldiers. At this point, I would also like to stress that neither Dutch nor French troops have misbehaved during NATO exercises in Norway.

NATO to protect Norway in time of war

NATO shall send troops to Norway should the country be attacked by an aggressive, foreign country. Governments after governments have told Norwegians this for the past 60 years. However, should Norway ever be attacked, I say, that Her Majesty MUST keep her best soldiers back in England. With their bad behaviour that has happened in Harstad, and in other places in Norway, they will be in no condition to fight off any aggressive foreign armies that could laugh themselves to death over naked English soldiers.

With the behavioured they displayed in Harstad, the English would not be able to scare off any foreign army. Worst case would be the attacking army would laugh themselves to death over naked English soldiers showing off their private parts.

To overcome the outright lies and audacity — Yiddish Chutzpah — the truth, in facts, must be spread, loud and clear …

Please forward this article to all your friends, and to those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world, but can’t understand what is happening; teach them, and they will learn.


Author: Randulf Johan Hansen

Source: k0nsl-archives

Date: 6/28/08

Edited by k0nsl.

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