Gerry Frederics letter to Professor Chomsky

ARCHIVED/MIRRORED from ‘k0nsl holocaust detox centre’ (or Holocaust History Archive)

Dear Professor Chomsky! Years ago I was given a booklet written by you entitled ”What Uncle Sam Really Wants” and found it quite interesting, not that I didn’t know already what you had written, but I found it curious that a Jewish intellectual would write such a booklet. As you can guess from my e-mail address, I am a German nationalist who makes no (or rather sees no justification for) any apologies and it is with that in mind that I write you, hoping to receive a reasoned and civil answer, rather than the usual hysterical ”anti-semite and racist” howlings which regularly emanate from the camp of the Chosen. You are no doubt familiar with the late John Sack whom I met at a revisionist conference years ago. He seemed to be a very reasonable man, until one mentioned the Holocaust. It was then that he displayed a rather fanatical religious ”belief” in the matter. The same appears to apply to Professor Finkelstein, he of ”Holocaust Industry” fame. What is your position on this matter? Bear in mind Sir, that this odious question has been thoroughly debunked by numerous scholars with scientific and forensic proof of its none-occurrence. We all know about the round-ups and the work camps and the massive amount of deaths during the period February to May 1945 and no-one with an ounce of integrity doubts any of these things. But we also know the reasons for these tragedies and we know that the numbers of deaths has been insanely exaggerated to the point that they defy even the word ”absurdity”. We also know that more Germans perished in one night of bombings (Dresden and numerous other German cities practically all of which were citadels of civilization and culture the English or the Americans couldn’t even dream of) than did Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals during the entire war in all the camps combined. The official figures bear this out. But what is truly foul is the incessant defamation of all things German by means of patent lies, atrocity propaganda taught as history and used as a basis for countless Hollywood and TV productions which are perceived by the public at large as being based on true facts. Actors (Merril Streep, Michael Caine, Tom Hanks ad nauseum) who actually believe that the Germans are essentially evil, lend themselves to these horror movies without a thought as to the lasting psychological damage they are causing. Not long ago, Claudia Schiffer, the gorgeous, thoroughly degenerated German super model lend her voice to a program on German (!) international TV whining in a totally un-Germanic tone of voice that 6 million Jews were gassed by the Nazis – ad absurdum. No-one ever told this certified cretin that in the entirety of Europe under German control there lived only between 3 and 3.5 million Jews and that a large number of those fled to the Soviet Union, where many disappeared without a trace. If anyone would inform her of these facts, that person would be met with a blank, incomprehending stare. University of Lyon (France) professor Faurisson stated it quite succinctly – show me a plan of an actual gas chamber. That’s all. Just a plan. I add to this, show me a plan signed by Hitler or any other member of his government ordering the gassing of Jews, Gypsies or Homosexuals. Or better yet, show me the mass graves, graves of a magnitude impossible to hide. Please show me the 20.000 tons of bones and ashes which must have remained if the mythical 6 million Jews were gassed and subsequently cremated. Show me the mass graves at Babi Yar, or at Treblinka, or anywhere else – why are there none? Treblinka, forever howled about as a death camp has been examined in greater detail than is remotely reasonable (radar searching the ground to a depth of 6 meters!) and nothing has been found, not even the disturbance of the earth itself and yet, the Jewish camp screeches incessantly by means of the press, TV or the movies about these ”Death Camps”. The Polish Pope (thought to have a Jewish mother) prays for the dead at Babi Yar knowing fully well it to be no more than a monstrously exaggerated occurrence – and the dishonesty practiced incessantly has sadly no end. John Sack knew, Professor Finkelstein knew, Elie Wiesel knows, the forger Simon Wiesenthal knows, Steven ”There’s no business like Shoa business” Spielberg knows. And I suspect so do you, for I cannot imagine someone of your incisive intelligence and in-depth knowledge not knowing that it is all a never ending heretofore unheard of fraud of such titanic proportions that a normal, healthy mind cannot comprehend it. And therein lies the problem, it’s so monstrous, so horribly perverted, that people simply think, it must be true, for no sane person, much less millions of persons, could possibly concoct such a story and even increase it in intensity as time goes by. That in itself is contrary to natural law. If I am wrong with any of this, please inform me. As an amateur revisionist I am sincerely interested in the truth and gladly accept corrections since I am always on the look out for new information. Prove me wrong.

Gerry Frederics

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