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Sources of information, amongst many others: “Die Polnische Legende” by the German historians Freiherr von Richthofen and R.R. Oheim ISBN 3-88741-105-6, “The Enigma Of General Blaskowitz by the Polish/American historian Richard Giziowski ISBN-0-85052-554-3, “The Forced War” by the American historian David L. Hogan ISBN3-87847-008-8 and “An Eye for an Eye” by the Jewish/American writer John Sack ISBN 0 456-04214-7. Three volumes totalling 1943 pages of very small print (abridged version!) entitled “Die Vertreibung der deutschen Bevölkerung aus den Gebieten östlich der Oder Neiße” ISBN-3-423-03270-7. These three volumes are a compilation of documents treating the horrors of Polish and Russians abuses after WW2 compiled by the Adenauer administration. Dokumente polnischer Grausamkeiten. Verbrechen an Deutschen 1919-1939. The 300 pages text of this book contains on almost every page detailed descriptions of wrong doings, torture and murder as committed by Poles to ethnic Germans in areas which were originally German but “became” Polish after WWI. Also some information from the Danish website [defunct as of 2015] This website is in no way pro-German, but is an honest source of information. As far as ancient historical (territorial) remarks go, “The Germanic People” by the Canadian historian Francis Owen, ISBN-0 88029-579-1, and lastly The Image of the Germans in Polish Literature by Else Loeser.

In a frenzy to destroy the new, strong Nazi-Germany, a country which Hitler had created out of international/Jew-induced-and-created chaos within a couple of years, the English-speaking world, driven by the cognac soaked drunk Winston Churchill found a willing partner in super-chauvinistic Poland. Great Britain and its warmongering premier had also groomed Czechoslovakia to be part of the attack on Germany, but had not counted on the collapse of the Czech economy, its government and the subsequent incorporation into the German sphere of influence. It must be remembered here, that it was the Czech president who begged Hitler to intervene when his well-armed country began to sink into political and economic chaos. The Western-civilization-destroying machinations of Winston Churchill were actively supported as well by the American President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a man who suffered from an almost insane hatred of everything German since childhood. Roosevelt personifies the ancient proverb: “Beware of the Cripple”. It must be remembered here, that the American people were opposed to any anti-German activities as a general rule.

The chauvinism of the Poles is boundless and only equalled by the Czechs or the Serbs. It is coupled with a massive, perfectly justified inferiority complex vis-à-vis their German neighbours and a resulting wildly exaggerated, totally undeserved feeling of military and cultural excellence, if not outright superiority. Polish self-delusion is incredible and their chauvinism is nothing more than arrogance based on ignorance. The Poles have for generations been taught history, which is easily proven to be no more than ‘Polish Imagination’ practically without any factual basis. This is similar to present-day peoples all over the world being raised within the incredible dishonesty of the Holohoax religion, thereby making it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible to get through to any of them.

There have been Polish historians who have acknowledged this and have openly admitted the great debt their people owe the Germans, but these historians have neither been well-received at home nor in the rest of the world and their works have not been granted dissemination on a large scale. As a matter of fact, their writings have been largely suppressed.

There is a present-day Polish historian by the name of Musial whose honesty relative to Germany is admirable and absolute. He is actually being published and the largely Jewish anti-German haters have not succeeded in shutting him up. Not yet.

The profound perfidy of the centuries-old anti-German crusade in Poland is evidenced by their literature. In Polish literature the German neighbour, settler or fellow-citizen, is invariably denounced, defamed, insulted, lied about with Jewish Chutzpah , ridiculed and made the scapegoat for every ill Poland has ever suffered from. There isn’t a single instance of anything German being described in a positive light.

Polish literature as well as art, is replete with hate-filled words or images, always, relentlessly directed toward their neighbour to the west. Their art, mostly made up of occurrences which never happened, is to this very day being sold as postcards to Polish children and adults, thereby re-enforcing age-old prejudices, lies and irrational hatred.

German translations of Polish literature are always ‘dry-cleaned’. They either minimize anti-German rhetoric or delete it completely. One cannot find a Polish literary work in the German language which is an honest, factual translation. Thereby the average German has no idea of how he or his nation are represented in his neighbours land. This is the same tactic used by the Jews in their falsified translations of their Talmud. These profound, revolting dishonesties are actively supported by the Encyclopaedia Britannica, amongst others.

Never mind it was the German settlers who created the most lovely, well run and prosperous farms, villages and towns in Poland.

Never mind it was the German who introduced architecture and western civilization to the Polish people at a time when they were little more than barbarous hordes vegetating in the country side and being kept ever so stupid and exploited by their corrupt catholic clergy and aristocracy.

Anti-German hate has been stoked by the catholic clergy of Poland, including the present-day Pope, for centuries. The Polish clergy has not hesitated to claim German Catholics as being less ‘catholic’ than Polish Catholics. German Protestants, no matter how pious and benign, have been defamed as being devil-worshippers, pure and simple.

The Polish cardinal has stooped to infamous lows when preaching in the ancient German cathedral at Breslau, saying that ‘even the stones of the cathedral speak Polish’. Here is a well educated man, knowingly spreading a foul falsehood. It is not a matter of conjecture when I state the Cardinal knows perfectly well that he is lying – in the house of the Lord – about the very structure and origin of that house. Truly this is Jew-induced Talmudic evil incarnate.

After the collapse of the German armies in Poland in late 1944, the catholic clergy of Poland of which the present-day Pope was then a member having been a priest in Cracow, urged their parishioners to rape, plunder and beat to death their German fellow-citizens, people who had lived there for generations and who had contributed mightily to the welfare of the Polish nation. Many Polish priests (the present-day Pope too?) participated in a Jew-inspired, Talmudic blood-frenzy violating and murdering German women, children, old men and plundering on a heretofore unheard of scale.
It was customary for Poles to take from the arms of their frantic German mothers little children, in order to give them to infertile Polish couples.
This theft of German children and the accompanying, indescribable sorrow of their helpless mothers, was sanctioned and approved of by the catholic clergy of Poland. Since the Pope has never apologized for these crimes, it must be assumed that he probably participated in them, or at least approved of them.

Today, the world looks upon this Polish Pope as a paragon of virtue! This is obviously a Jew-designed perversion of history, since this very person should today, at his age and in his pitiful condition, be tried for crimes against humanity and he ought to be summarily executed.

It is claimed that the Popes mother’s maiden name was ‘Katz”. If true, this would explain his strange, criminal behaviour.

In 1945 the Poles and their bloody clergy delivered unto their secret police every ethnic German they could find, knowing the secret police in Poland was totally Jewish. The horrors committed by the Jews at that time fill books (“An Eye For An Eye”, by Jewish (!) author John Sack) and very literally make Auschwitz look like a vacation paradise. The evil present-day Pope has never apologized, nor has he answered any questions about his activities at that time.

The Poles have a well developed tendency to be horrendously cruel, so cruel as to defy description. They share this characteristic with the Serbs, the Czechs and the other Slavic peoples. The Czechs have committed acts so horrendous, it makes ones blood run cold.But the Poles have equalled them in more ways than one. These two peoples are truly ‘brothers under the skin’. Hateful to a degree which has twisted their very national souls, cruel beyond belief and furious when recognizing the huge cultural debt they owe the German people.

The Polish people have for centuries been divided into two groups – the very rich, landed aristocracy, well educated, multi-lingual (usually French and German, sometimes English) and feeling very superior to the other 90% who lived in abject, grinding poverty, never more than serfs. It has been the Polish aristocracy and blood-sucking catholic clergy who have for centuries mercilessly exploited their illiterate, pitiful countrymen. It could be successfully argued, that Poland for centuries has been nothing more than a country owned by 10% of the people, the other 90% having been no more than slaves on a level of that of the African slaves of the American South. While Poland was part of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, the Polish aristocracy and catholic clergy collaborated 100% with the authorities, living exceedingly well and travelling the entire breadth of Europe in uncommon luxury. No Polish clergymen or aristocrat ever suffered, even minutely.

The educational standards for the average Pole where exceedingly low, illiteracy being common. The aristocratic Poles however were educated either at German, French or Russian universities. Only during the past 80 or so years has this changed somewhat, but only a minor improvement of the general conditions cannot be found.

For the hopelessly poor Poles, the only joy besides getting drunk, was the hunting, terrorizing and occasional killing of the Jews, who had settled in their midst. Anti-Semitism was as much a part of the Polish peasants life as his misery, hunger, grinding poverty, illiteracy and servile submission to the Catholic clergy and his aristocracy.

To be sure, as always, every place on earth, the Jews gave plenty of reasons for the hostile attitude of the Polish peasantry – 1) usurious money-lending, 2) unusual filth even by primitive Slavic standards and 3) kosher butchering which is no more than the slow torturing to death of animals, a grotesquely horrible practice still practiced today wherever one finds the ‘Aids-Virus of Mankind’ underneath his skull cap.

Anti-Jewish hate understandably and predictably boiled over on a regular basis affording the illiterate Polish peasantry the only entertainment extant. In WW1 the Jews of Poland welcomed the German armies of the Kaiser as liberators, which they truly were. Pogroms had taken place on a regular basis, giving the Poles an outlet for their uncommon cruelty. As late as 1941, over 1600 Jews were murdered in a Polish village in one day of blood-lust. This pogrom had been blamed on the Germans (of course), even though no German of any kind had been anywhere near the village.

In the year 2000, it was finally admitted that it had been the Poles who had been responsible for the massacre. Even though Jewish scum-propagandists still attempted (in vain) to blame the Germans, despite the admission of the Poles and the forensic evidence which was conclusive. Another case of malicious Jewish anti-Germanism, as if one needed another one.

This raw, unmitigated Polish hatred of all things Jewish, explains also why so many Polish Jews either overtly belonged to the communist party apparatus or at the very least enthusiastically supported it. The entire Polish secret Police after WW2 was in Jewish hands. The entire country ended up under the heel of Jewish led apparatchiks who gleefully ‘sold’ the country to the Russians. Now the Poles were not only exploited by their corrupt clergy, but by the Russians and their Jewish apparatchiks as well.

The incredible misery of the life of the average Polish person during the past 400 or so years is hard to imagine. These appalling conditions, coupled with illiteracy, consciously supported by the Catholic clergy (ignoramuses are easier to lead and exploit) in addition to the disdainful way in which Polish aristocracy sold their own country down the river at almost every turn in history, was instrumental in rendering Poland unable to govern itself. This made it easy pickings for the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires.
To be sure, the Polish people lived better under Russian or Austro-Hungarian rule than under the harsh, unforgiving heel of the exploiting Polish aristocracy, but occupied they were, no matter which way one looks at it.

After the German defeat of the Russian armies in WW1 (1917), it was primarily Germany who created a new Polish state in hopes of creating a ‘buffer’ between the German Reich and Russia and in recognition of the right of the Polish people to self-determination.

In hindsight, it would have been far better to let the Russians keep the country. That would have prevented WW2, pure and simple. Alas, hindsight is better than foresight and we Germans, tried to do the right thing, only to be profoundly betrayed by the very nation we helped to establish. The betrayal was so gigantic, so profound, so unbelievable, that the German people who had lived in Poland for generations could not comprehend what was happening. It was all too surreal. What began to transpire in 1919 was a nightmare not even Kafka or Edgar Allan Poe could have dreamt up.

After Germany laid down her arms in 1918 (Germany was never defeated in a military sense) she was raped at Versailles. She was helpless and became the victim of her rapacious, unfair and plundering neighbours, neighbours who had promised to be fair and correct and who broke their word of honour, a well known English and French speciality. Huge chunks of ancient purely German territory were given to the new state of Poland under the most absurd, flimsy excuses imaginable. All human, legal, ancient and unquestionable rights of the German population (90 % or better) living in these territories were maliciously ignored by the victors in violations of all democratic principals.

During the so-called negotiations at Versailles, the British premier Lloyd George pointed to the new, re-arranged map of eastern Europe and said: “This will be the cause of the next war.”

American Major General T.H. Bliss, advisor to President Wilson stated quite succinctly that putting 2.1 million Germans under the heel of Poland will surely result in the next war.

The Jews who pulled the strings at Versailles gleefully and maliciously ignored these observations of course, since it had been the Jewish and British purpose to destroy Germany, regardless of consequences.

Poland, suddenly found herself staring at undefended German territory. True to form, they attacked undefended towns and cities, terrorized the helpless German population and drove over a million Germans out of their ancient lands in West Prussia and Upper Silesia. The year was 1919.

Neither of these areas ever, at any time in recorded history had been settled by peoples other than Germans. To claim otherwise is to commit history-gangsterism, a Jewish and English speciality. What I say here is historically, anthropologically and forensically proven. What the Jewish-British history-gangsters have been saying is utterly unsupported by any historical, forensic or anthropological research.

The human rights abuses, the murders, the plundering etc. committed by the Poles knew almost no end. It was utterly horrific. All of this was cynically witnessed by the “oh-so-benign, democratic, fair-minded and humanistic” French and British. The rape of Germany was on auto-pilot, fuelled by the Catholic clergy of Poland who delighted in seeing German women and children terrorized, abused, robbed, beaten to death and demeaned by the de-humanized Polish hordes. Needless to say, this was a lesson in ‘democracy’ the German people did not forget.

The Poles who owed their very existence as a country to Germany, not only raped, murdered and plundered with typical Slavic frenzy but they also:

  • Closed German schools
  • Prohibited the German language
  • Prohibited German church services
  • Prohibited prayer in the German language
  • Prohibited German names
  • Closed German newspapers and confiscated all printing presses
  • Closed all German cultural institutions.

While Polish territory was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian and Russian empires, their language, schools, newspapers and religious institutions all enjoyed complete, unfettered freedom. Never, ever did a German deny a Pole his right to his own culture. Never. The Polish hatred was something uncanny, something quite insane, not in any manner justified, totally unexplainable.

Not only did they commit massive human-rights violations, stole huge chunks of ancient, never-ever Polish territory sanctioned by the horrible Treaty of Versailles, but they began to rob Germany’s culture. It was at that time, that Polish academics (mostly educated in Germany!) started to publish an encyclopaedia. In this encyclopaedia historical lies ran (and run) rampant including the branding of Kopernicus as “Polish”.

This lie has been repeated by the Encyclopaedia Britannica (!) ever since. This is particularly vile because it is that Encyclopaedia which is being relied on world-wide for accurate and unbiased information. No one in his right mind pays the slightest attention to what a Polish reference work has to say, unless of course it relates to the shameless falsification and defamation of all things German.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica due to its standing in the world community has an obligation to be unbiased, but has opted to betray this obligation, in typical British manner since we are dealing here with a matter involving Germans whom to defame is a British, Jew-inspired speciality.

The name “Kopernicus” is traced back to Pomerania, a German territory going back millennia, never inhabited by Poles. The original name was “Kopernigk” He was born in the purely German Hanseatic City of Thorn. His father was German and his mother possibly Polish. This mixture was very common, Polish women having the well deserved reputation of being fine looking ladies. No one however is 100% positive of his parentage.

Due to this uncertainty, the prestigious German Brockhaus Encyclopaedia of 1936 totally omits any nationality for Kopernikus, being careful not to state something not 100% certain, unlike the Encyclopaedia Britannica which unabashedly prints utter lies regarding things German on a regular basis.

The very name ‘Pole’, ‘Poland’ or the description ‘Polish’ means ‘a person living inland’, ‘a country away from the sea’ or ‘something/someone coming from a place away from the sea’ in ancient Slavic. Never did the Poles settle an area even remotely close to the Baltic. In addition, they merely settled down, but never civilized an area. That was left to the Germans.

The Poles who understandably suffer from a massive inferiority complex have always, historically stolen things much like the Gypsies. The great Frederic Chopin is their sole contribution to culture and not even he was purely Polish but rather half French. He left Poland as a young man, never went back, hardly ever uttered a word in the Polish language, spoke French instead and enjoyed the tender attentions of the French writer Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin, known to the world as ‘George Sand’, while living on Mallorca, a Spanish island. Ignace Jan Paderewski, the great concert pianist is the only purely Polish contributor to western civilization.
His compositions, such as they were, have predictably not stood the test of time and are only being played very rarely in Poland, never in western countries being no more than poorly inspired copies of other composers’ works.

When the German population in the Polish-occupied territories demanded the right to self-determination as guaranteed by the League of Nations, the Poles’ answer was to call up their troops and mobilize their entire military.
In this they were cynically supported by the disgusting, warmongering drunk Winston Churchill, this unfortunate result of an illicit affair between his mother (a lady with a ‘reputation’) and possibly a Jew.

There is credible evidence of this dubious Churchill parentage. Today, his mother would have had an abortion and saved the world unimaginable horrors!

Churchill guaranteed Poland British protection, knowing fully well that this would be an impossibility, but he of course knew that it would give him and the British the pretext they had been looking for to declare war on Hitler-Germany.

Churchill had eager accomplices in his insidious, Jew-inspired machinations. The Polish Foreign Minister Lipski told the English ambassador Henderson: “I do not think of advocating peace. If war comes, there will be a revolution in Germany and Poland can march in.”

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” of August 6th. 1939, Polish Marshall Rydz-Smigly said to his army officers: “Poland wants war with Germany and Germany will not be able to avoid it even if she wants to”.

A toast was introduced in Polish officer’s clubs: “See you in Berlin”! There are hand-drawn maps extant showing the Polish border at the doors of Berlin as early as 1910!

During the months before the outbreak of military hostilities in late 1939, every Polish newspaper of importance and the Polish catholic clergy incessantly called for war with Germany, for the occupation of ancient German lands, for the expulsion of the German minority, they advanced anti-German hatred to a fever pitch, all while the Hitler government engaged every diplomatic means at its disposal to defuse the situation.

During the month of August 1939 alone over 2000 ethnic Germans were murdered in Poland without a single indictment forthcoming from the Polish judicial authorities. Ethnic Germans whose great-grandparents had settled these parts fled for their lives across the borders by the thousands, leaving behind all they owned.

Surely, if ever a country was pushed into a corner and very literally forced to go to war, it was Germany in September 1939. There can be no doubt. Considering the horrendous suffering the German minorities had suffered in Poland for over 20 years, no matter what German troops allegedly did in Poland was totally justified and only a blatant history-gangster and Jew-liar will deny this.

Pushed beyond the brink of that which can be endured, Germany invaded Poland in September 1939 to the joy of a drunken Winston Churchill who immediately and predictably betrayed his Polish ‘allies’ by failing to send the promised support. The ‘brave’ Polish government which had been guilty of forcing this war fled of course, not a one of them having the courage to fight.

The Polish military collapsed on all fronts despite the unquestioned bravery of their cavalry and some of their valiant infantry troops. Polish authorities behind the front lines began massacring ethnic German civilians in an orgy of blood-lust, particularly at Bromberg, were over 8500 German women, children and even priests were slaughtered wholesale during one Sunday. It is not known whether the Poles committed the mass-murder/tortures after or before Sunday church services. Scenes the likes of which not even a Jew-pervert could dream up were found by German troops entering the city:

  • Tortured to death and dismembered men with their bellies cut open and murdered German children stuffed into them
  • Pregnant German women gang-raped, vaginas torn open, breasts cut off, hung by their feet from rafters and their embryos cut out of their bodies. Autopsies revealed that these women had been fully conscious during their unspeakable ordeals.
  • Old men beaten to death
  • German babies with their skulls crushed.
  • And the list of horrors discovered by German soldiers has literally no end.

The present-day Polish Pope was at that time a priest in Cracow spoke not a word of protest.

No, this isn’t all. Far from it. After the collapse of the German armies in Poland late 1944, the Poles committed more human-rights abuses, more murders, more horrors, more rapes, more child-thefts, more thefts of personal properties, than can even be imagined.

They equaled their Slavic brothers, the Czechs. Their cruelty, unbounded hatred and inferiority-bred sense of injustice is almost impossible to imagine.

Today, the formerly gorgeous, flowering German cities and territories are disaster areas. The Poles have destroyed by neglect and ineptitude most things which at one time were representative of the highest achievable culture and civilization. ‘Polish’ industry, all, without exception formerly German is in a shambles, as is their economy.

They have the unmitigated gall to ask Germany for economic help, while still preaching hatred on the same sick scale as before. No Pole to my knowledge has ever asked for forgiveness.

On the contrary, former Polish President Lech Walesa, that paragon of virtue, that guest of presidents, that Nobel Peace Prize winner, recently, without the slightest provocation or justification advocated the annihilation of the entire German nation in a newspaper article published in Holland. No one objected. Not the President of the USA, not the British Premier, not the Dutch government, least of all the cowardly, Jew-sucking slime-government in Berlin.

There are history books extant which tell the tale, but none of them are generally available. The German documentation, which is massive, is locked away in some vault somewhere by the traitorous German government. It is hoped all will be forgotten, that Germans will never know. Sorry folks, but there is the Internet and there are people like me who won’t permit any of this to be forgotten. Ever



Author: Gerry Frederics
Edited by k0nsl

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