German U-Boat Ace Werner Henke

Werner Henke

German U-Boat ace Werner Henke was a hero in more ways than one. He managed to achieve the rank of U-boat commandant [Korvettenkapitän] without ever entering the Nazi party or in any way belonging to any Nazi dominated organization. He was an individualist, even an iconoclast of the first order. He was not afraid to confront the party apparatus, the Gestapo or anyone else. He did it all, honestly, forthrightly, brave and convinced of his moral correctness.

Neither the Gestapo, nor the party, nor Navy regulations instilled any fear in this man. He fearlessly confronted authority when he knew they were wrong. He confronted and beat the Gestapo in defending one of his friends, he never wavered. Never. Neither did he in the face of numerically vastly superior enemy forces. This man achieved one of the finest records as a submarine commander, by himself recording more victories than, for example the entire Italian, French or Russian submarine forces in the war 1939 to 1945.

Imagine that, just think of that. It’s monumental!

That’s one man, one submarine. In American terms; that’s one hell of a “Weapons System.”

There were other German submarine commanders who achieved even more but what makes Werner Henke so special was his iconoclasm and his death. Not death in combat, not death by accident, not natural death, but cold-blooded murder by American scum-Navy personnel, none of whom were good enough to empty this man’s toilet bowl, none of whom were worth this man’s perspiration on his testicles. Just plain scum, cowardly filth, running amok, murdering a hero of proportions these cock suckers (to borrow an American hero’s preferred word, author and cold blooded murderer of children and unarmed men, Ernest Hemingway) couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

American shit, inspired by low life cowards like admiral (no less!) “Bull” Halsey (“If I’d meet a pregnant Jap woman, I’d kick her in the belly! That’s what I’d do, men!”, quote unquote this worthy paragon of American naval tradition)

While Henke was engaged in warfare, he picked up survivors, fed them, treated them decently and had his ships surgeon set their broken bones. He frequently provided them with food, water and directions to the nearest land fall! There isn’t an American submarine on record that did that. Not one. Let’s not even talk of the Russians or the Italians, those cowards who were afraid to go out into combat but stayed in port enjoying the bordello’s, while their allies, the Germans were permitted to pull their coals out of the fire. The “Mama Mia, Pizza-Pizza” boys are enough to make an honourable man puke.

U-boat ace Werner Henke sunk 24 merchant vessels and two war ships after 1942, a time when submarines had turned from being hunters into the prey being hunted. This record is unequalled in the annals of naval combat.


Had Henke been an Englishman, there would be orgiastic memorial parades held in his honour not to forget the monument in Trafalgar square replete with the cretin Queen reading a 3-minute speech to the inexplicable delight of the over-taxed, exploited “subjects” too stupid to know when they are being taken to the cleaners.

As it was, as a German hero he was murdered by the “Liberators” who brought “Freedom, Justice and not to forget “Democracy” to us all.


U-boat commander Henke became the direct victim of horrendous American propaganda broadcasts made by a Jew, a certain Ralph G. Albrecht. This American Jew scum who spoke German fluently made the most horrendous, utterly unfounded filthy accusations [1] against the German U-boat service and singled out, of all people Commander Henke as his first defamation victim. At the blood soaked hands of this talmudically inspired slime-bag, commander Henke became the first “official” war criminal, accused of murdering 285 people aboard an English vessel.

The entire story was fiction of the most evil sort and readily discernible as such. But once it had been planted, obviously it stuck. Jewish inspired propaganda was such, that it had permeated the entire world with an anti-German virus so evil that it must be equated with the Aids virus of today, ravaging entire populations. Only this Aids virus was even more insidious and unconquerable, since it was based almost wholly on pure talmudic evil, infecting the minds of the unsuspecting listeners without containing any relationship to actual events.

The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

This truism was never lost on the Jews of the world and they exploited it with a vengeance since pre-biblical times. For example, it states in the Talmud, their most holy book, that the Romans burned alive 16 million. Jewish children in one city alone! This sort of thing is actually being taught in today’s Yeshivas. The orthodox, this is to say, the most influential and rabid segment of the Jewish population fully believes such impossible absurdities with a fanatical religious fervour. Sort of like the “The Virgin Birth”, which is merely laughable and totally benign, whereas the Talmud is malignant in the worst sense of the word.

The Albrecht (any relationship to Albright, I wonder?) broadcast was filth which Commander Henke had himself heard. Upon his capture (he and his crew abandoned their U-boat which had been mortally damaged and was sinking) his American captors, rather than being decent men, informed Henke that they were going to extradite him to the British who were going to hang him for war crimes. The British had no intentions of doing anything of the sort and had never indicted him on any charges, being fully well aware of his honourable record.

This didn’t stop American low-lives in the prison camp of cynically torturing this honourable soldier and sailor with threats of a hanging and dishonour. Henke was aware of the fact that numerous German military personnel, whether guilty of any wrong doing or not, had been murdered by allied tribunals and rightfully feared the worst.

The mental tortures became so unbearable, that one day, he raced toward the camp perimeter, trying to scale the barbed wire fence. Upon this, an American guard murdered him with a machinegun, without prior warning.


This disgusting murder of an innocent, brave and worthy military opponent has been given all sorts of cover stories. The US Department of the Navy has even gone so far as to list two different camps as the location of the murder. The only constant in all the stories is that he was killed “while attempting to escape”.

Ya, right. A highly intelligent, tough, afraid of nothing German naval officer tries to escape by scaling a barbed wire enclosure in the year 1946 in Virginia, during broad day light in full view of a bunch of heavily armed military guards known to him as being little more than animals.

One would think the US Department of the Navy would at least have used a more imaginary plot. As it is, the scenario is positively insulting.

One of the camps, probably the one in which the infamous deed was done, has in the meantime been closed and all installations have disappeared. All witnesses are by now ancient wrecks suffering from Alzheimers or dead .

Even if they could be resurrected and their memories could be restored ( Spielberg is an expert in that discipline!), they’d lie like hell, because they were involved in the insidious murder of an honourable German soldier.

Werner Henke, German hero, highly decorated U-boat Ace par excellence, honourable seaman and soldier, victim of Jewish propaganda and character assassination, murdered by American lemmings, you will not be forgotten!


May you rest in peace.


Author: Gerry Frederics
Edited by: k0nsl


  1. Lone Wolf The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke – the noted book contains everything about the false accusations and the disgustingly untrue propaganda broadcast – it can also be read more about here:
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