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Dear friends,

Adolf Hitler wrote the following in Mein Kampf on the topic of the ‘New Phenomenon’:

“Into the rotten and cowardly bourgeois world and into the triumphant march of the Marxist wave of conquest a new power phenomenon was entering, which at the eleventh hour would halt the chariot of doom.”

Every western country has a clause in its Constitution giving to their citizens freedom of speech. This freedom has been highly respected by most administrations in various countries. However, one country, for the past 90 years, has been willing to go to war to “protect freedom and democracy” in any and every other country on the globe. That country is the USA, Its warrior president, “King” George W, intends to bring that freedom and democracy, and to protect it over all the world, so that all peoples can enjoy the same freedoms its own citizens have.

These freedoms were guaranteed to the people in their Constitutional Republic, established after they had won their independence from Britain. The first Ten Amendments in their Constitution explicatively guarantees all freedoms. It is interesting to note that it wasn’t until these Ten Amendments were added; Freedom of Speech becoming the First amendment, that finally brought the ratification of the USA Constitution in the spring of 1789 by the 13 colonies, which then became states.

It is a great surprise and disappointment to me as I learned that various administrations of USA, from time to time, have been attacking that freedom; and have actually taken it away from its citizens in times of war and other certain situations.

When the Scandinavian countries formed their constitutions between 1814 and 1825 they looked to the USA Constitution and the French Constitution of 1795, as a guide. In Norway free speech was granted in its Constitution of May 17, 1814, the right to free speech is in Paragraph 100. Also, one of the fundamental rights listed in the UN Charter is freedom of speech..

The largest country in Europe, Germany, had a free speech paragraph long before and during WWII, but after 1949, when Western Germany was put under the management of USA, Great Britain and France, the old German freedom of speech was taken away and replaced by a paragraph dictated by the Allies. After that, Freedom of speech in the land of philosophers and novelists/poets (Dichter und Denker) became very limited. Germans could talk about anything except discuss the holocaust and the good Hitler and the national socialists brought to Germany, including the building of more than 400 churches.

Over the last 50 years Germany had imprisoned every citizen that uttered, or expressed doubt regarding the holocaust or had spoken well about the Third Reich. Between 1994 and 2003 89,998 people were imprisoned in spite of the free speech right written into the UN Charter.

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Nearly every Western European country has included in their criminal laws, as Germany did, this same restriction forbidding the discussion of the holocaust, or to speak good about the Third Reich. As the Iron Curtain fell and the Eastern European countries wanted to join NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, they had to sign an agreement that their country would pursue the men and women who had worked for the Third Reich or fought on their side during WWII. Furthermore, these countries had to include new paragraphs into their criminal laws forbidding discussion of the holocaust.

Scandinavia has no paragraphs or laws forbidding any discussions. Sweden will in the near future make it a criminal act to doubt the holocaust. Should the European Union, EU, demand that all member countries include a criminal paragraph forbidding discussion of holocaust, Denmark and Norway will enact such paragraphs; although tough Norway is only an associate member of the union. Norway, however, has a criminal paragraph forbidding its citizens from uttering a negative attitude towards the many foreigners overrunning the country for the last three decades.

Before the USA Constitution was ratified, the First Ten Amendments had to be added. There was great dispute among scholars concerning the achievement, the intentions and the motivations of the men who made the constitution and secured its adoption. The scholarly opinion held that the Constitution was an almost perfect document made by wise and altruistic men under God’s Laws. It is believed that the Constitution rescued the United States from economic distress and near anarchy following the Revolutionary War.

The Constitution was not favored and opposed by certain men. I can only theorize why, although this may not the right time to do so. Could it be that the freemasons did not want the USA to have so many freedoms? I mention that because the first lodge in USA was founded by Jews from Holland in 1658 in Newport, Rhode Island. That lodge was held in the home of the Mordochai Campanell. For your information I will give the “dates” of some of the lodges organized in other colonies which broke with England in their Declaration of Independence: Massachusetts 1733, North Carolina 1777, Virginia 1780, New York 1781, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey 1783, Maryland 1787, Connecticut, New Hampshire 1789, Rhode Island 1791 and Vermont 1794.

George Washington swore the oath as USA’s first president on a freemason bible; it was the only Bible available at the time. Bill Clinton also took his oath using that same bible.

The First Amendment reads as follows:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there off, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to partition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Freedom speech and various US Administrations

In spite of this First Amendment many US administrations have ignored it in times of great disputes. President John Adams in 1978 did not want citizens to attack him over his funny war on France, found the time ripe to reduce citizens’ freedom of speech with the Sedition Act of 1798. In the Sedition Act newspapers were limited in their reporting. Not many representatives protested this limitation of freedom of speech against its citizens. Let us mention one, Thomas Jefferson.

This behavior has been followed in four tremendous crises in America’s past, when dictatorial powers were extended to, or assumed, by the executive branch: President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, Woodrow Wilson in WWI, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the crises of the Great Depression and WWII, all utilized dictatorial authority. .

When Lyndon B Johnson took USA into the Vietnam war there were no restrictions of free speech. Neither was there any limitation to what the newspapers could print. However, as the number of body bags rose, more and more citizens began to criticize the war, sorrowfully, their voices did not stop a war which they did not know why they were fighting.

Going back to the Middle East in 1967. Israel started one of her many wars on the Arab countries surrounding her. Whether or not the hidden powers did not want, or restricted the US newspapers to report, Americans would have learned how brutal the Israeli army was in their wars.

Legislation during War or in Warlike Situations.

None of the constitutions in the Western world countries have a paragraph or a law forbidding administrations or legislators to limiting the citizens rights during war or warlike situations. It is also sad to admit that none of these constitutions have paragraphs forbidding legislators or to exile politicians from writing laws which are meant to judge political opponents.

In Norway citizens have experienced this kind of legislation where exile politicians have written laws convicting their political opponents.

Why did the founding fathers not include a paragraph forbidding laws to be written during war or warlike time? I do not know, but scholars and historians have said that the intentions and the motivations of the men who made the constitution were wise and altruistic statesmen. Never did they think that the utilizing of dictatorial authority could weaken the effectiveness of their Constitution.

It would be wise for all nations to enact legislation that will stop overreactions from politicians, thinking they are patriotic, from making new laws in times when their nation is at war, or at the brink of war. The forefathers of our western countries did not think any future politicians would misuse the powers which the constitutions gave them to write new laws, or to hinder the politicians from over reaction in perilous time. Since history has shown that administrations and politicians tend to misuse their right to make laws, their citizens must stop them from enacting new laws in wartime or war like situations. But most of all we, the citizens, must demand of our politicians that they follow their own country’s constitution and not be persuaded by people with dual citizenships, or by the powers of other nations.

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I came across a song which I would like you to read. It was written by an American patriot, William Dudley Pelley, as President Roosevelt took USA into WWII. Pelley was imprisoned for ten years and before he was paroled he had to promise to stay out of politics for the rest of his life. So dear friends do not write songs about Jews, or how they force you and citizens of other countries, go to war on their behalf.

O’ haven’t you heard the news?
We’re at war to save the Jews;
For a hundred years they pressed our pants,
Now we must die for them in France!
So we sing the Doughboy Blues –
It’s helluva fate to choose,
To die to save the Jews;
But the New deal busted and left us flat,
So this war was hatched and left the Democrat,
To end our New Deal Blues

With a few changes to some words the song could fit in today’s crises.

In closing, and in the face of outright lies and jewish audacity, we can overcome by spreading these truths, and much louder….so please help by sending this message to your friends, and those who are aware that something is drastically wrong in this world.

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Randulf Johan Hansen



Dated: 5/14/05

Edited by k0nsl.


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