Frederick The Great

The greatest statesman of his time.

The greatest monarch of his time, or possibly any other.

A great soldier, having been forced into that position by the forces which were bent on destroying Prussia, even then.

A great flautist. It is said that to find a better musician than him at the time was practically impossible.

A great composer, having written numerous musical works performed to this very day by the world’s best flute players.

His slogan was : “A chicken in every pot every Sunday” and he followed this through by building the best and fairest governed countries in the world in his time.

His vision included “Human Rights”, when the others didn’t even know of the concept.

He established the idea of “service” , as in “service for your country”. The cardinal difference between his “service” and that propounded sanctimoniously by today’s politicians is, that he meant it and established it firmly whereas today it’s a nice phrase, usually used by corrupt polit-scum who has lined their own pockets.

His “Service for your country” meant, that those who could afford it would “serve” without any form of compensation, only for the glory and out of patriotic feelings. This means that his entire government was unpaid, very literally serving the people.

He was totally un-corruptible, moral and honest to a degree today’s society can’t even begin to comprehend, no matter which country.

His sense of responsibility, morality and honesty hasn’t been equalled by any other monarch before or since.

His political, religious and philosophical tolerance is legendary.

The great Frenchman, Voltaire, spent many years on the court of Frederick, since he was persona non grata in his native France.

He spent his days writing some of his most influential works not in Paris, but at the Prussian court in Berlin the only place in Europe in which he was able to function without interference and without being in fear of his life.

Frederick, this example of magnificent, tolerant, moral and cultured manhood and royalty was German.

Compare him with the most famous and many content greatest English monarch, King Henry the 8th.

  •  Henry is famous for establishing a tyrannical, autocratic rule.
  • Dissent of any kind was answered with beheading, after usually trumped-up charges.
  • He is famous for having indulged in every hedonistic and egotistic activity at the expense of his people.
  • He is famous for having framed and betrayed his wives who had become uncomfortable because he had decided to fuck another.
  • After betrayal and framing his wives, most of whom were innocent of any wrong-doing, he had their alleged lovers tortured to death on the rack in the most inhumane manner imaginable.
  • He then followed this up by “convicting” his wives through forged documentation, bought and paid for witnesses using lies and subterfuge.
  • His wives were subsequently beheaded, while he was fucking his next victim.
  • While this torture, murder and legal perversion of (mostly) innocent women was taking place and he was fucking his next victim he was frequenting whores from one of whom he caught syphilis.

The only things Henry the 8th should be remembered for are his sense of egomaniacal injustice, his general foulness, his tyrannical behaviour and his undoubtedly incredible virility.
But they actually make movies about this perversion, putting him into a good light and painting his unfortunate women as sluts, ugly rejects and shrews.
He died ignominiously of syphilis, a broken, worn out old scum-bag. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

I haven’t exaggerated any of the above. That, folks is the most famous English monarch, next to Richard “The Lion-Hearted” and I could tell you some stuff about him that would make you puke, believe me.

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The manipulation of the British judicial system by Henry the 8th. has born fruit, since today in the year 2001 they still do the same thing, namely framing, lying and using false witnesses. I am particularly thinking of the infamous Irving-Lipstadt trial. Shame on you, great Britain you, who have sunk to the level of Jew-corrupted soccer hoodlums.



Friedrich der Große, however, will live forever as one of the most magnificent men who ever walked on God’s green earth.


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Gerry Frederics

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