Franz-Roberto Commentary (p.1)

[box]Commentary between Franz and Roberto.[/box]

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Try a little less stupidity when misrepresenting my words. You act as defense attorney for a specific non-Jewish regime, moreover like a particularly slimy and obnoxious defense attorney. And also one of the most ignorant and incompetent, admittedly in a field where even the best defense attorneys tend to be slimy and incompetent individuals. »

I have not misrepresented anything you said, I only assumed you meant that racist state known as ‘Israel’ or a similar state occupied by the same people (the worst racists the world has ever seen, by the way). Have you ever listened in on a candid discussion amongst Jews? They’re incredibly racist.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m sure you have no problem with Nazi crimes. Why else the dedication in trying to whitewash the Nazis of their crimes, especially those committed against Jews? »

Whatever crimes were committed to any Jew the person responsible for it was punished by the Germans prior to 1945. So there’s really very little need to whitewash anybody’s supposed crimes, but I think it important to rehabilitate the character assassination done against the Germans. The crimes you always howl about are so pitiful that I wonder why you even bother maximising on something that is so laughable as this ‘holocaust’. But I guess you’re stuck with your darling Jews, and they are probably happy to have somebody propagating their tepid stories. Ah, how wonderful it must be. At least for now!

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Actually you don’t defend such behavior only where performed by people you don’t like and/or against people you like. Where it is performed by people you like and/or against people you don’t like, you go out of your way playing the particularly slimy and obnoxious defense attorney for the perpetrators, obviously (and unless you are way more stupid than I thought you were) because you condone those perpetrators’ acts. »

This is of course not true. I am not entirely sure what you think you’ll gain by lying about something like this. But then again, you lie just like some panic-stricken con artist forced to be strapped to a lie detecting device; you just can’t help yourself. You even published an article on your blog about somebody who claimed to have been a “holocaust revisionist” but he never even was that. Very low of you to engage in such transparent propaganda. And now you write this lie.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « No, I have no doubt that Jews committed horrendous crimes. »

Good. Too bad we are not forced to learn about those horrendous crimes in school, too bad we’re not forced to trek all over Eastern Europe and elsewhere to learn more about what your lovely, lovely darling Jews committed against all non-Jews. All we hear are – as you love to say – hollow screams of “Nazi brutality” and stupid stories about death in “gas chambers”. You see, when those holocaust enforcers shoved this nonsense down our throats in school day in and day out, I want those years back – and do you know, you’re just like them: a chicken hawk who prey’s on young people and want them to believe your horror stories.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m not a denier skunk »

That’s right, Bobo! You are something much worse. You also make yourself look really stupid by licking the ass of your darling Jews. You will gain nothing from doing that, see? Their stupid holocaust junkstory will be going down the drain soon enough, you’ll see.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I know that every nation and ethnic group has its violent criminals and its peaceful law-abiding people, and that the latter are always more representative of any nation’s or ethnic group’s character than the former. And please don’t project your adoration of certain perpetrators by claiming that I adore («darling») a certain ethnic group whose members were prominently represented among the victims of those perpetrators. »

This is a horrendous misrepresentation of my character. Oh, and you really do adore those Jews. What’s wrong in admitting that, Bobo? I have no problem at all with your love of them. You should also know another thing which I have repeatedly told you; just because one doesn’t love your Jews, doesn’t automatically mean that one hates them. I always told you that I don’t love them – and for that I’m a bad, bad villain! Hm.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Boy, one can almost hear the laughter of reasonable folks who read the garbage produced by your friends and my deconstruction thereof. »

Wishful thinking is also thinking, I suppose.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « an overinflated ego and an astounding capacity for self-delusion »

Yes, this is a very accurate description of you, my always so dear Bobo. It matches perfectly!
I could even do:

$person = "Roberta";
$response = file_get_contents(‘’.$person); /* yeah I know! */
$match = ‘/<overinflated>very<\/overinflated>/’;
if (preg_match($match, $response)) {
echo ‘Roberta has very big ego and prone to self-delusion grandeur.’;

I think that would work, yes.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Or do you not expect to achieve anything beyond giving the average reader the impression that «Revisionist» cloud-cuckoo-land is populated by self-deluded assholes with a big mouth and nothing to show for it? »

But the description you give does again match yourself rather than your opponent (me in this case), so why project this delusion upon me? I am not the one who propagates absurd horror stories every day from early morning to late night. In fact, I try in my modest ways to combat such stories.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Why, now you’re also showing your paranoid streak. Or your gullibility in believing the paranoid accusations made by others of your persuasion. Who is supposed to collect data about whom and use them to frame people in criminal investigations, by the way? »

I have been a member of that forum since it was launched and have been the victim of infringement of my privacy by administrators who sat and collected data on their opponents, most notably Andy Mathis did this. But I’m sure others did too. I’m very sure you did it. As for that forum today, I don’t know – but why would things suddenly just ‘change’?
Today, however, I am no longer a member. I cancelled my account.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « RODOH is owned by «Revisionist» Scott Smith »

So what! Scott owned the forum when you and Mathis harassed your opponents too. So what, it does not mean a thing, I’m afraid. This never stopped your foul tactics in the past, so why should it suddenly be fine now?

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Actually that’s the situation your friends are in right know. Pathetic little «Bob» is essentially reduced to bitching about supposed incompetent and/or deceitful calculation errors of mine and about why I did or did not follow certain links, go figure. »

You brought up ‘self-delusion’ earlier and here we see a prime example of it above. You avoided almost everything by Bob and tried to change subject repeatedly so I’m not exactly so sure about your little victory dance here, Bobo. From what I could glean of that discussion you were the one who got spanked…and quite hard too!
I can only conclude that you’re the only one with delusions here.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Last but not least we have «Franz» the cynic trying to be funny. »

Why do you think it funny when I tell you a basic truism like this: “You worship your darling Jews like a worker bee worships his queen bee.”? I do not understand what is supposed to be funny about that. Perhaps it is funny because you know that it is true. As I say, you’re perfectly free to love them. I don’t love them, as I say

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « And lying a bit more as he goes along. »

I certainly did not!

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m rather like a public prosecutor »

Eh, let’s see, you’re a failed, dishevelled, old lawyer with no future except sitting and pouring out words in praise of the ‘Chosen Ones’ (hey, doing so is racism!). But you may _think_ you’re like a public prosecutor, although I would add this to one of your delusions rather than the cold reality we live in.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « historiography as well as justice have spoken final verdicts about the criminal racist garbage known as National Socialism. »

Again, this is nothing but wishful thinking and erred delusion. You must be a very sad person, Roberta. A person with no prospect whatever, his only “reality” is those horror stories he keeps defending. Well you hang in there, old man! Your dedication is radiant proof of your unending love of the Jews, your darling, darling Jews. I find it rather cute!


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