Find the “NAZI” in the crowd….


You’re a young photographer for a leading Jewish-controlled newspaper. Your assignment is to attend today’s pro-White rally in downtown Houston, along with your news reporter partner. You’ve been told to get graphic action shots of the “racists”, something that will grab the eye of Mom & Pop American in tomorrow morning’s paper. “Get the swastikas!”, Herb Edelstein, your editor, tells you. “And the Nazi flags!” he adds, chomping down on his cigar. “Oh yeah, and take plenty of shots of those freaky guys with no hair – whadda call ’em again?” You politely answer: “Skinheads, Mr. Edelstein.” Your editor chomps down harder on his cigar. “Yeah, them guys!”

You and your partner arrive in downtown Houston, and there’s pandemonium everywhere. Police armed with shotguns are lining the street, angry crowds are seething back and forth, and everyone and his uncle seems to be mixing together. Who should I photograph first, you wonder, bringing your Nikon to bear. It better be good, too, or Edelstein will have your ass with cream cheese and bagels tomorrow morning. No, you say, turning your camera away from one young woman wearing a black jacket and white blouse, she looks too much like the-girl-next-door, and besides, Mom & Pop American would never take her for a “racist” anyway, because she probably isn’t. Unknown to you, however, the young woman is a leading thinker in the white nationalist movement, but she doesn’t fit your stereotype of a “Nazi”, so you pass her up.

The crowd continues to jostle, and several hippy-looking types dart across the street, yelling obscenities at several other individuals. Confused, you whip your Nikon around uncertainly – is that guy in the cowboy hat part of the racist rally, or…. Damn, you think, he couldn’t be. Just some country boy caught up in all the madness. But again you’re wrong – the man in the cowboy hat is a millionaire rancher, and is one of the nation’s foremost contributors to the white nationalist movement. 

Then you look off to your left: “There!” Oh, baby, you think, Edelstein is gonna LOVE this! And for the next few minutes you’re snapping off photos like machine gun bullets, your camera’s shutter whining furiously as you capture some shave-headed buffoon wearing a brown shirt, Nazi armband, and holding – oh that’s perfect! – a genuine Nazi flag! Edelstein, you think, starting on your second round of shots, you’re gonna kiss my beautiful Irish ass once you see these pics!

Your reporter partner suddenly turns to you: “That group over there is also participating in the racist rally”, she tells you. You turn and look, and see what appears to be a crowd of college kids in casual clothing, a few guys in suits, even some women who look…well…kinda ordinary. “Should I get some shots of them too,” you ask your partner. She bites her lip, thinking. Then she says: “Nah, they look too much like the rest of us. If Edelstein sees ’em, he’ll toss ’em out in favor of those jerks over there marching in the cheap-looking Nazi costumes. 

You nod in agreement, and go on shooting the goofy-looking Neo-Nazis, visions of a raise from that Jew bastard Edelstein dancing in your head. And thanks again for making my job so easy, you think, looking again at the Neo-Nazis with the barest trace of a grin on your face….

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