Expo magazine reveals: The spider in the virtual revisionist web

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Please keep in mind that the junk below was written by Daniel Poohl from the Expo lie factory in 2007 and does not reflect k0nsl’s opinions; in fact, only 25% of the content in this article has basis in reality — according to me, and I ought to know the truth better than this “Daniel Poohl” — the rest are fantastic inventions by Daniel Poohl and his lie factory Expo.






Many of the Internet revisionists hide behind aliases and conduct their business anonymously. One of the most important, and mysterious, is “k0nsl”. The Swedish anti-racist magazine Expo can now reveal that the man behind the pseudonym is Swedish and called Jonathan Andersson.

Writing under several different pseudonyms, the 22-year-old Jonathan Andersson has become a central figure in the online revisionist web. As the webmaster of CODOH Forum, he has a key role in the premier virtual meeting place for Holocaust deniers – a meeting place where he is also an active participant.

In addition, Jonathan Andersson runs his own homepage, the “Holocaust History Archive”; a revisionist “copy” of the genuine site “Holocaust History”. It is a fact that several famous deniers link to articles on Jonathan Andersson’s website.

Andersson has for quite some time eluded historians and writers specializing in the field of Holocaust denial. Using aliases such as “k0nsl”, “system33r” and “Julius Streicher”, he has been able to successfully start and run revisionist hate sites while remaining undercover.

He has also extolled the virtues of Holocaust denial in Internet forums related to completely different topics.

“The anonymity offered by the Internet makes it possible for people who trade in racial, religious and ethnic supremacy to safely market their ideas and beliefs,” says Ray Franklin, one of America’s foremost experts on Internet hate crime.

Apart from, for example, currently serving on the national Counter-Terrorism Training Coordination Working Group of the U.S. Department of Justice, Franklin runs a well-known website called The Hate Directory. It lists global hate sites, including Jonathan Andersson’s “Holocaust History Archive.”

“It is of utmost importance that we investigate the attempts made by these groups to disseminate their propaganda,” says Franklin.

Journalist Albrecht Kolthoff works on the anti-racism research project Redok in Germany. He has followed “k0nsl” and his activities for years without knowing who’s behind the pseudonym.

“This whole Internet scene is filled with disinformation, but we believe that “k0nsl” has been active for the past 4-5 years,” says Kolthoff.

“Of course, “k0nsl” cannot be compared to someone like Ernst Zündel, but he uses his Internet-related talents to promote something he believes will further the national socialist goals,” Kolthoff points out.

One of the reasons why Jonathan Andersson up until now has been able to keep his identity a secret, is his unusually good computer skills.

“He is a very talented and able person when it comes to computer programming, and has created hacker programs and ‘Trojans’ infecting computers all over the world,” Kolthoff explains.

Andersson himself claims to have been a member of the famous hacker group “Sm0ked Crew”, who during the early 2000s hacked companies such as Intel, Compaq, the New York Times and Hewlett-Packard. It is not clear whether or not he is a suspect in these crime cases.

Jonathan Andersson’s forum posts are characterized by a poorly concealed anti-Semitism:

The German civilian population who was the victim of repeated fire-bombs are “holocaust” victims a hundred times more than the Jews who were just sent to concentration camps (safe-keeping), where they learned how to work, how to be somewhat decent.

There was no “jewish holocaust”, no “gas chambers” and no “systematic extermination”. (…)

To hell with the “holocaust” lies and those who try to uphold them.

Albrecht Kolthoff believes that it is important to expose persons such as Jonathan Andersson: “The public has a right to find out about what kind of actors claim to ‘just be searching for the truth.’

“They use very nasty and dishonest methods to spread their ideas. If any one of them has done something illegal, we should be able to hand over these lunatics to the law enforcement.”

Expo has tried and failed to get a comment from Jonathan Andersson himself.

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Expo article in Swedish (original)

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