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In the book “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley we read of a world projected into the future. In this future historical setting we have a group of students, one of whom is commenting on the fact that the German language no longer exists. German is a case for those who are delving into former civilizations, like the Celts or the Akkadians according to Huxley’s book. For a German of course an alarming idea. We want to remain in existence.

Mr. Aldous Huxley has an impeccable pedigree, belonging to the Huxley clan, a mouth piece for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. As such he would know who is to live and who is to die. Germany has been singled out for extermination or at the very least disintegration by intermingling.
There are two major lies in this modern world, which have led to numerous other lies that are being bandied around these days. The first lie is that the Jews are God’s chosen people, the people of the Old Testament. The second lie is, that the Germans have killed 6 Million Jews in an event called “the Holocaust”, which is supposed to have taken place between 1939- 1945.

Once you scratch the surface, you discover that the Jews are a totally different race from the one they are commonly thought to be. The Jews in their great majority are an Asiatic people, namely Khazars from the line of Ashkenaz. They are not the offspring of Abraham, or even Israelites. This is the reason, why they are called Ashkenazi Jews. Nobody knows it better than the Jews themselves and it is noted down in the Encyclopedia Judaica. If you ask someone to give you an approximate description of a “typical” Jew, it is invariable someone with a dark complexion. I remember Jeff Belz at the “Adonai” Fellowship getting irate, because Jesus (the Jew!) was generally portrayed as blond and blue-eyed. He may well have been. When I look at medieval pictures from Spain of Sephardic Jews I see -surprise- blond people. They are obviously a different race of people to the Ashkenazim. These Ashkenazim are the Khazars that converted to Judaism way back in the dark ages.

Somehow the Ashkenazi Jews were able to convince the Christian world, that they are God’s chosen people. In the 18. century a race began on part of Christian nations to help the Jews return to their “homeland”, supposedly Palestine. Many nations started to establish holdings and hospices in Jerusalem. I have stayed at a Lutheran guest house, in the Austrian hospice at the Via Dolorosa and at Christ Church, the Anglican enclave in Jerusalem. They all believed to be fulfilling prophecy. The help was much to the detriment of the local Arab population, who suffered greatly, are still suffering and there is no end to their suffering. In fact there is no political solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict that I can see.

This desire to “help the Jews” began to permeate the whole of Christianity at all levels, eagerly snapped up by some quarters of Jewry. It was a golden opportunity to infiltrate into Western Civilization that had been closed to them hitherto. The merger began, the impossible marriage of the two religions, Judeo- Christianity. What shameful, surreptitious takeover of our Christian Faith! The Talmud maintains that Jesus is a bastard, boiling in excrement in hell. To the true Christian, Jesus Christ is the Saviour. How can they exist joined together!

The boundaries were really shifting. When after the second World War the story of the Holocaust made the rounds, the Jews held a trump card which they never seem to want to relinquish. You would think that even Jews would come to a place where they desire to live in harmony with former enemies, especially after having been paid untold amounts of money to make up for past hurts. No reconciliation is evident. The holocaust cow is being milked forever.

The Holocaust is an invention, which came into being well after the war. The collective memoirs and war accounts of Churchill, De Gaulle and Eisenhower, none of whom were friends of Germany, mention anything of Jews being gassed and 6 Million of them being killed.

With the scramble to serve God’s chosen Jews came the decline of Western Civilization. Dare I state that the Christianity of the reformers and martyrs ceased to exist at this juncture and became another Talmudic-Judaic enterprise. The Christian church of today is a kind of afterglow, of what she once was or should have been.

The merciless bombing of “Christian” Germany by “Christian” Britain is an atrocity that is difficult to surpass. No wonder Albert Schweitzer in far away Lambarene found it hard to explain to his childlike African charges how two Christian nations could be so ferociously at war.

Enter now: The Brave New German, “the International German”. (He even bears a certain resemblance to the “international” Jew) On his banner is written: “Thou shalt not love your own country, kith and kin, lest thou be not accepted.” And how he likes to be accepted, it’s the desire of his heart! He screws himself into the ground, groveling, to be like all the others. All, but German! Hard words, you say? German man, German woman, whom have you married, whom are you associated with, what music do you listen to, what are your tastes and preferences? You understand what I am getting at? I know I have been there. Have German things no appeal to you? You are well on your way to self-destruct. Remember Aldous Huxley!

One of the worst things you can do to the brave new German is to tell him that the Holocaust is a fabrication. Oh, he will move away from you and eye you with great suspicion. He believes with all his heart in the holocaust, hugs it to himself, it is his very own guilt trip, his masochistic fantasy. It is dear to him, how can he give it up? He would have to unlearn 60 years of holocaust education that has taught him just how bad he is, he, the brave new German. And goodness, he would have to begin to THINK.

I believe that each of us have a place in this world, a function to fulfill. Germany is in the centre of Europe, the centre of the white, Western Civilization. I have said this before and it bears repeating, in fact some things need to be repeated time and time again, until they strike home: Germany is the heart of white Christian Europe. Tear the heart out and life will flee. Regardless of what history books you have been reading and which country has been said to be the greatest, destroy Germany and all Western Civilization comes tumbling down. Europe has survived the French revolution it was rocked but was able to catch itself again. White Western Civilization was quite unaffected by the American civil war, it would have survived the Russian revolution, albeit with difficulty. But the destruction of Germany in the two World Wars found no replacement of the centre position. Just look at the situation in Europe and its worldwide repercussions and its an undeniable fact. The bulwark is gone that stood against the destruction of Europe. Germany stood against the Mongol hordes, the threat from the East, against the invasion of Islam by the Turks. Europe is now an open door to all who wish to wander in.

Why Germany? Why is Germany so important, you may ask. You don’t see it that way. “History” has been made the servant of the victors of wars. There has not been much favourable reporting in regards to Germany. I want to present the case of Germany in European history. After the demise of the Roman Empire it were the Germanic tribes that shaped the destiny of Europe, from the North of Iceland right down to Gibralta, North Africa and, yes, even to England (!) and from there to the New World. Wherever you find white people you will find the Germanic bloodline. You can trace it most clearly in the European Royal Houses. There are all inter-related. There is simply no arguing about it. And as I have said in another place, life is in the blood.

It is like a tree that puts out branches. The branches may flourish and bear fruit and think they are quite self-sufficient, but cut the tree down and all dies and shrivels up. Germany is the mother of white civilization, kill the mother and the others will be left orphaned. This is the undeniable fact in Europe. Europe is dying until Germany again takes its rightful place. There has to come from deep within the remnant of the Germans, who still want to be Germans, a remembrance and strength, ein “Urtrieb”, that will set things right again. I am looking forward to that day with longing.


Author: Gerry Frederics

Dated: 5/23/06


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