Digerati’s grandfather

Digerati writes:

[quote] Let’s leave it. My grandfather told me what happens in concentration camps; he was actually there. He witnessed first-hand the atrocities that the Nazis committed. He had to watch the Nazis shoot his friends. He had to feign death for hours in a pit filled with dead, bloody corpses so he could escape alive.


“…After it was dark for a while, my grandfather slowly climbed to the top of the pile of bodies and saw that no soldiers were in sight. He crept in the shadows toward a forest on one end of the camp and climbed a fence. He ripped a lot of skin off from his arms and legs because of the barbed wire at the top, but he made it over and into the forest. It was days before he found his way out, at which point he was horribly dehydrated, completely disoriented, and was literally on the last string of life. Fortunately, some people apparently found him (he can’t remember this part) and brought him to a hospital. After he was treated, he left the country as quickly as possible.”[/quote]


[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #f94600;”] L [/dropcap]et’s see if I understand this story. The grandfather is in a concentration camp in an area controlled by the Germans. After almost being murdered and crawling out of the pit (some feat in itself) he is rescued by “some people”. He is brought to a hospital (presumedly under German control or at least under Gestapo surveilance) by these “some people” at great risk to themselves. He is treated, apparently without ID being produced or reports being made. So much for the efficency of the Gestapo in an occupied country or the lack of fear in the hospital personnel’s minds. Then, supposedly after treatment, the grandfather flees the country. Possible but not plausable.

Logic and rational thought when applied to the ‘holocau$t’ as alleged destroys the myths.

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