David Irving as ‘holocaust’ Historian


David Irving is very much not a Holocaust Historian or even very much a military historian, he is in my opinion a Political and Biographical Historian who concentrates his efforts during the WW2 time frame. Even his military history work does not cover Eastern Europe where much of the Holocaust supposedly occurs. The only time he talks about the Holocaust is when it relates to his biographical subjects. Irving appears, while studying various leaders of that time period and their records to have found little or no evidence of a systematic Holocaust of the Jewish People. This has caused him to doubt the Holocaust story, which has caused some people to label him a Holocaust Denier instead of a Historian who has failed to find evidence of the Holocaust and admits to this fact. The fact that Irving avoids going deeply into the Holocaust Story is quite understandable. First because anybody who does publish about the Holocaust and expresses any doubts due to the evidence or lack thereof is ruthlessly attacked. Second because the Holocaust story constantly changes so it is hard to even know what the Holocaust was except for 6 million Jews killed.
  • When I grew up the Holocaust was different then it is now.
  • When I grew up Germans made lampshades, shrunken heads and soap out of Jews, now this is just stories for tabloid journalism and horror movies.
  • When I grew up there were gas chambers and extermination camps in Germany, now these are only located in Eastern Europe.
  • When I grew up there were 4 million killed at Auchwitz, now the number is 1 million and falling.
  • When I grew up there was a systematic plan made at the Wanasee conference that organized the mass murder, now every commander did things there own way and at no two camps or killing areas did the killers use the same method. This was because before there were explicit orders about how to carry out the killing, now it was all done with code words, winks and nods.
  • When I grew up there were gas chambers specially designed to kill people, now there are buildings crudely converted to killing.
  • When I grew up there were examples of Gas Chambers that you could see, now there are reconstructions that are sometimes not even located in the right spot.
  • When I grew up there were devices to introduce Zyklon B into Gas Chambers and exhaust the gas out of the Chambers, now there are crude holes in the ceiling of some rooms and no adequate exhaust for any of the rooms.
  • When I grew up there were crematories that burned the bodies in minutes with clouds of smoke and flame, now burning bodies in ditches is the preferred method. This is even though nobody can seem to find these ditches even though Archaeologist can find campfires from 5000 years ago; Holocaust promoters can’t find huge ditches from 50 years ago.

All of these examples of the Holocaust today were researched and proven by so called “Holocaust Deniers”. Now they are part of the main stream Holocaust story. Very few honest Historians would want to get involved with the Holocaust business if they can avoid it, since if you write something that is historically accurate you will be vilified. Then the Holocaust Promoters will take the research you’ve done and make it part of the never-ending Holocaust story with its 6 million number, while never acknowledging that you were right.


Author: Grapple
Edited by k0nsl.

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