Crystal Premo on Irma Grese

Crystal Premo writes:

I think the Nazi era revealed that, given the appropriate circumstances, people like Irma blossom. People with the potential to be insanely cruel are all around us. Don’t we all know someone who has a darker nature? It has been estimated that sociopaths make up 4% of the human population. I have known many who are barely keeping those tendencies under control because they know the consequences. If the consequences are removed, the behaviors flourish. The Nazis threw open the doors for people like Irma. I have been shocked by what has emerged in the American culture recently. A lot of these people are in our government. Scary.

Okay, let’s see, first of all: what is ‘people like Irma Grese’? From my understanding of the history and from reading the available court material along with books published by so-called ‘holocaust survivors’, this girl — Irma Grese — never did anything illegal, nor anything which was against the law. She ran afoul of lousy accusations from revenge filled former inmates — people whom Irma Grese had looked after when she was doing her job as overseer. At one point she even cried out to one Jewess; ‘Don’t die! Your friends, the Americans, are here!’. And so forth. Anybody with a pea brain and the capability to objectively think for themselves can draw the conclusions from her encouraging statement. Mrs. Premo fails in that respect, however.


Under ‘the Nazis’ order was restored and one could only get employment in the SS (as auxiliary or overseer, in the case of Ms. Grese) if one had a clean record. No criminals were allowed – with only few exceptions, and only later on in that horrific war, when the Germans needed everybody who could be of use in the defense of the Reich.


Your personal anecdotes about American culture is irrelevant. If the American government would’ve had men and women of Irma Grese’s calibre the world and in particular America would be a much better place to live — you can be sure of it, Mrs. Premo.


If there’s an error anywhere in this text that’s because it was written spontaneously and hastily. I might add more to it at a later time.

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