Congress Pushing Bankruptcy Reform



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Dated 3/4/05.


In their never-ending crusade to impoverish and enslave the America People, the Jews of the banking industry and in the Democratic Party are attempting to pass yet another bill for disallowing the People to escape their clutches.


The bankers, who pretend to be honest businessmen, have sucked away hundreds of billions of dollars from the Government so that their failed international investment schemes do not put them out of the money-lending business. You see, the bankers have set up the laws so that only they are immune from bankruptcy. They can loan money at usurous rates to any government in the world but if the governments that they load to don’t pay — such as was the case with Mexico during the Clinton administration — then the government steps in and GIVES the money to the bankers so that they don’t go bankrupt!


How many of you who are in debt up to your eyebrows can expect the government to step in and give you money so that you can pay the bankers? No one? You see, when it comes time for the working poor and the middle class of America to use the bankruptcy laws to escape being swindled by the bankers, the hypocritical bankers want none of that. They want the People to be forever enslaved to them and to pay interest upon usurious interest for the rest of our lives or to hand over our real estate and other properties with which the bankers can further their thievery by selling our land and homes to the foreigners that the bankers insist be allowed to enter our country.


And so, the bankers and other Jews of the money markets are trying to get the treasonous swine known as politicians to protect the bankers’ investment and to prevent any escape route for the impoverished citizens.


Recently the cowardly traitors who are also known as American Congressmen – these same congressmen who make over a million dollars per year in retirement for the rest of their lives – have voted to disallow older people from getting special protection from the demon bankers by taking out a homestead on their properties before going bankrupt. Now, instead of saving at least a roof over their heads, the devil bankers get to seize everything for themselves.


Also, the Swine of Congress have disallowed people with serious medical conditions from going bankrupt. First, the Jewish physicians rape these people with huge medical expenses that they cannot possibly pay. And so, to be able to live with food and shelter, their only recourse is to go bankrupt and start again. Oh, no! Say the Jewish Money Lenders and Physicians. There will be no survival allowed. All assets are to be given to the Jews and let the sick people suffer and die in the streets like dogs. This is the teaching of Jewish Talmudic Law, that non-Jews are to be treated as animals and to be fleeced for every penny.


And as further proof that the treasonous Congressmen are your worst enemies, they have decreed in their recent bankruptcy law hearings that telling the truth is not required by the Jewish lenders. For example, if you borrow $2,000 on your credit card at 25% interest, the average person thinks that this 25% over five years is $2,500 dollars. A lot of money to be giving to the Jews for doing nothing except holding out their hands!


But it isn’t that simple. The credit card companies charge COMPOUND interest DAILY. So, at the end of five years, the compound interest on the loan is actually $6,000 dollars! Is it any wonder that the poor people can never get out of debt? Would they borrow at these kinds of swindling rates if they knew of it? No, of course not! Should they be warned of the trap awaiting them? Yes, of course! But will the Congressmen — who allegedly are voted in to office as worthy guides and leaders of the People — will they allow the People to understand how they are being swindled by the Jews? Of course not! These Swine Politicians have voted down a proposal that would require credit card companies to print on their bills how long it takes to pay off the loan when paying the minimum payment and what the total interest charges would be. And “our” politicians are attempting to make sure that when Americans go into the military that they come out with failed businesses and lost wages and medical bills that they can never pay.


Ask Josef Stalin if he is pleased with the way “our” American politicians are so excellent.


Those who have their local politicians FAX and phone numbers or addresses should write your craven “representatives” and oppose any changes in the bankruptcy laws.


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William Forrest

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